Allah has given opportunity to prove its boast “Pakistan the only country created for Islam”. By Hem Raj Jain


Golden (rather blessing in disguise) opportunity for Pakistan to serve Allah / Islam by taking initiative to usher the entire Muslim world (with OIC) into human rights friendly modern, powerful and progressive secular democratic world, by solving Palestinian problem.

--Pakistanis are never tired of boasting that Pakistan is the only country which has been created for Islam. Though the founding father of  Pakistan (Jinnah) was under delusion that he would be able to create a secular Pakistan (as is evident from his August 11, 1947 address to Constituent Assembly of Pakistan), the Islamists used him adeptly and created a theological Pakistan. Therefore in a sense Pakistanis are right when they say that other member countries of ‘Organization of Islamic Cooperation’ (the OIC of 57 Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh UAE, Syria etc) all came into existence on the basis of either ethnicity or territory or language etc but it is only Pakistan which has come into existence on the basis of Islam.

This is the reason Pakistanis always give when they say that “Pakistan means (‘ka matlab kya’) - La Ilaha Illallah” hence Pakistanis as per them are ‘justified’ in reacting intensely to any slight to Islam as is the case also with blasphemy controversy presently going-on in Pakistan which has resulted in a private member bill from a ruling party member in the ‘National Assembly of Pakistan’ for expulsion of French Ambassador whereas no other Muslim country has reacted so emotionally on this blasphemy controversy. Without going into the veracity of said Pakistan’s boast (and whether they are true to Islam or not) the Pakistanis should have known that one day Allah will give them an opportunity to prove their boast that “Pakistan is the only country created for Islam”. This precisely has happened when through on-going Israel-Palestine conflict Allah has given an opportunity to Pakistan to prove its boast by bringing the entire Muslim world of 57 Muslim member countries of OIC under one political arrangement especially given the fact that Islam is politics-based religion.

But in order to realize this mission, Pakistan will have to understand what I have been writing & saying repeatedly in various national and international media that :-

(i)- Most of the Muslims on this earth are merely reading the Quran without practicing its basic principles.

(ii)- Islam is the most modern religion because it worships the abstract which is in consonance with modern science & technology which gives preference to abstract over concrete (as father of modern science Copernicus proved in 16th century through observation & reasoning that senses are delusionary and Earth revolves round the Sun and not vice-versa)

(iii)- In democracy people are supreme and Islam is the only religion suited to democracy because Muslims can keep State power under their control through Islam.

In order to realize this mission, Pakistan should also understand that in the secular democracies, religion does not die but remains (as is the case with Christianity in Western world led by the USA) as a custodian of the values of the society which keeps it relevant to ‘this-worldly matters’ and at the same time concerned with ‘other-worldly-matters’. Therefore by realizing the importance of ‘human rights (generally as per ICCPR of the UN) friendly secular democracy’ for modern free mind (which only is the guarantee for progress of modern science & technology which is the most powerful tool for peace, progress and prosperity of the people with justice when used intelligently),  Pakistan should try to exploit the on-going gory conflict in Israel-Palestine for bringing the entire Muslim world of 57 Muslim member countries of the OIC under one political arrangement, as given below by understanding that in Islam the moral laws are supreme and have precedence over laws on any statute:-

(1)- It is settled law that martial (armed)  remedy should be taken when remedy under criminal law is exhausted. Hence it is unethical on the part of Muslims to expect Palestinians to try martial remedy before remedy by criminal law under UN by way of peaceful march for rehabilitation of Palestinians, is exhausted. In view of lack of interest among US-Muslims to get relief for Palestinians, the Pakistanis should take the lead to get relief for Palestinians first by way of peace-march of over 10 million people for offering arrest (about 5 million Palestinian refugees + about 5 million volunteers on one to one basis + other Palestinians fled from violence and are living in other countries ) into Israel-Palestine which is under the control of security forces of Israel, as mentioned at 

(2)- Martial (armed) remedy should be tried by Palestinians / Muslims only when either such peaceful march fails or Israel resorts to firing etc during offering of arrest by peace-march. Therefore Pakistan (the only Muslim country capable of providing military leadership to OIC) should first work for carrying out peaceful march for the rehabilitation of Palestinians as mentioned at   

(3)- During said peace-march of over 10 million people (for rehabilitation of about 14 million Palestinians in one State of Israel-Palestine) through the ‘Human Right NGO’  (registered in Pakistan and also in United Nations  under the banner of which this peace-march will be carried out) Pakistan will be able to organize (TO GREAT EXTENT) the entire Muslim Ummah (community) into a political ‘Jamaat’ (society)  under one authority (social) .

(4)- The organization of entire Muslim Ummah of OIC under one political authority will be accomplished if Pakistan resorts to martial (armed) approach to solve Palestinian problem if (God forbids) Israel constrains Pakistan to take it, as mentioned. Because it is important to understand that before going for martial solution of Palestinian problem, Pakistan will be justified in asking and will have to ask the entire Muslim world of 57 Muslim member countries of the OIC to come under one political authority of United States of “Federation of Secular Democratic Countries of Islam”.

(5)- (WHETHER) Pakistan will be able to bring entire Muslim Ummah of OIC under one political authority merely after said peaceful march to Israel-Palestine (OR) the martial (armed) remedy will be needed for it, ONLY ALLAH KNOWS and it should be left to providence & destiny. But one thing is certain that Allah has given an opportunity to prove its boast that Pakistan is the only country which has been created for Islam.

Therefore, if Pakistan does not initiate the process of  realizing the human rights friendly “Federation of Secular Democratic Countries of Islam” first (and hopefully final) by peace-march of over 10 million people to Israel-Palestine then what Allah does to such renegades, the Pakistanis need not be reminded because Allah is not merely Rehman-o-Rahim’ (the beneficent & merciful ) but much more.

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