USA can solve problems of Afghanistan & Chinese-democracy, if tries (under international laws) for FSD-UK & India. By Hem Raj Jain


Sponsor of UN, the USA is under legal obligation (under international laws) to work for FSD-Britain & India through UN to reverse illegal forceful population transfer during partition of India (ii)- UN or no UN, the USA can't bring success to ‘liberal secular Western democracy’ without having a world body (with teeth) for it (iii)- UK based political parties can easily rule FSD-UK & India

--The USA is reportedly planning for the evacuation of thousands of Afghan nationals whose work for the US is bound to make them Taliban targets when the American military withdraws from the country as reported at . But this is not such a simple solution of this problem for the simple reason that (in addition to highly likely massacre of minorities as recently happened in a school at Kabul in which mostly girls were killed) in the first place USA can’t identify (or get identified through Afghan government etc) all such Afghans who will be target of Taliban-violence (revenge) and secondly the USA should not forget the Pakistan factor which can get many Afghans (which it doesn’t like for example with Indian links) get killed by Taliban through such revenge .

Therefore the USA should review its decision of leaving Afghanistan in a hurry because it is bound to create avoidable gory situations as happened when Britishers left India in hurry (by partitioning India) which created problems that have not been solved till now. One more issue the USA should keep in mind while tackling the Afghanistan problem. The threat of ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’ (which has gained respect & attraction in Asia because despite being an Asian country it has made spectacular economic progress) to ‘liberal Western secular democracy’ is real. If the USA does not ensure peace, prosperity in the developing world with justice especially first in those countries which are practicing democracy (even secular like India) or in democratic Pakistan & Afghanistan then it will become very difficult for ‘liberal Western democracy’ to succeed against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’.

Fortunately there is one solution to both these problems which is legally expected too, namely by way of realizing ‘Federation of Secular Democratic (FSD) Britain & India’ if the USA can persuade / constrain (under international laws)  the UK and united India for it as explained below:-

(1)- Though Britishers had become weak due to World War I &II (as is evident from the fact that - had the USA not come for its rescue Germany in both these wars would have defeated Britain, squarely) but Britain was still quite powerful as far as ruling united-India was concerned.

(2)- Out of racial prejudice first of all Britain (which did not treat even Anglo-Indians properly) did not take interest in the politics of India and left politics of India in the hands of political humbugs like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, etc of Congress (practically the Hindu leaders), Jinnah, Liaqat Ali, Suhrawardy etc of Muslim League who trifurcated India (though any body who can’t protect the territorial integrity of the country doesn't know even abcd of politics). And then the Britishers allowed Indian leaders to conveniently forget that territories are decided by military power, that was the reason South was not given territory by Prez Lincoln during the US-civil war in 1861. Unlike the USA neither Hindus nor the Muslims raised guns against Britishers for independence still they were illegally (by telling lies that there will be no population transfer) granted territories by Britishers irresponsibly, on the basis of religion with devastating after-effects.

(3)- In a criminal hurry to leave India the Britishers (and Hindu leaders and Muslim leader who were in a hurry to gain power) engineered un-natural partition of India by telling lies to its people that there will be no population transfer and in fact in ‘Indian Independence Act’ there was no provision of population transfer. Though all these three leaderships knew that there would be horrible violence (which had already started before partition) for forceful population transfer.

(4)- As was expected about 1 million were killed and about 15 million forcefully displaced in most gory situations during partition which thoroughly communalized the Indian subcontinent. Muslims Pakistan & Bangladesh expelled about 20 % of their population (the Hindus) from each country. Hindu India also resorted to violence (though at much lesser extent) as Muslims population grew in India to now about 15% even more if Muslims illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are counted.

(5)- All these political frauds happened while India was a member of the United Nations. The USA dissolved the ‘League of Nations’ which was on European soil at Geneva and launched the ‘United Nations’ on the soil of the USA at New York. India became a member of the UN in 1945 even before its independence. Hence the UN / USA can not absolve themselves  from the responsibility of this bloodbath during partition in pre-partition India (present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) which was engineered and condoned rather facilitated by its acts of commission & omission mainly by the then British leadership (which had the power to avert it). The case of illegal partition of India is not debarred in the UN by time limitation because the similarly old dispute  / problem of Israel - Palestine is being discussed in the UN, and in its OHCHR etc.

(6)- In addition to thorough communalization of Indian subcontinent due to said illegal partition of India it is causing myriad problems in Indian subcontinent (including highly communal theocracy in Pakistan and less severely communal theology in Bangladesh and de-facto Hindu Rashtra in de-jure secular India). The plebiscite in united J&K [as mandated by Instrument of Accession (IoA) of J&K to India]  and plebiscite in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan under military pressure despite contrary resolution by Parliament / Jirga of Balochistan) are burning problems of this region which have already caused and are still causing huge loss of lives, blood, properties and even honor of women.

(7)- The USA should not find it difficult to achieve said FSD-British & India because -

(i)- Despite many excesses by Britishers and genuine complaints and grievances of united- India against these, the Britishers still command a lot of respect, even gratitude from united-India because whatever modern institutions and practices united-India has today, were introduced by Britisher. Moreover ‘the impartiality & efficiency of British administration’, the people of united-India still remember with nostalgia

(ii)-  As far as the UK, it is a wounded entity sitting in the corner licking its wounds and alone after BREXIT hence would like (with little persuasion by the USA)  to be once again with united India (of present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). In democracy people don’t rule directly but through political parties and UK based political parties can easily rule FSD-UK & India. As far as Afghanistan, once FSD-British & India is realized, it will gladly join it.

(iii)-As far as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are concerned these countries can be pressurized under international laws by (A)- Constraining them to accept dual-citizenship for about 80 million descendants of illegally displaced Hindus / Sikhs in their original motherland of Pakistan & Bangladesh (and similarly for forcefully & illegally displaced Muslims) (B)- Constraining India and Pakistan to organize plebiscite in united J&K and Balochistan ( C)- Repeal of ‘Citizen Amendment Act’ of India

(8)- The USA should understand that if it does not bring peace & prosperity in Asia / developing world with justice, without any further delay, then ‘liberal Western democracy’ is bound to gradually lose against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’. Especially in view of the fact that India which up till recent past was projected to be a success story has come-out to be a failures which is evident from (i)- Two third of India  is fully or partly dependent on farm income and farmers were committing suicide in hundreds of thousand due to non-remunerative prices of farm produce hence they are agitating for their livelihood (ii)- Corona - 2 wave has shown the hopeless medical infrastructure of India.

(9)- If any permanent member of the UN tries to Veto these efforts of the USA then the USA (by keeping the present UN in existence or otherwise) should go for another world body because whether the USA likes it or not it can't bring success  against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’ to ‘liberal secular Western democracy’ without having a world body (with teeth) in favor of it. This world body can get success easily & quickly if India can persuade its members to have Dollar as its currency with its central Bank in the USA and its branches in every member country of this new world body.

It is hoped in the interest of  solving the  problems of Afghanistan and for the success of ‘liberal secular Western democracy’ against  ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’, the USA will persuade / constrain post-Brexit UK, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for one political entity of FSD-Britain & India which will be joined by Afghanistan once it is realized. 

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