Despite direct support of two third India, knocking at doors of unwilling politicians raising questions about leaders of agitating farmers. By Hem Raj Jain


Two third of India  is fully or partly dependent on farm income and farmers were committing suicide in hundreds of thousand due to non-remunerative prices of farm produce hence they are agitating for their livelihood including by Dharnas (sit-ins) at Delhi borders since November end 2020. Farmers are demanding repeal of 3 controversial farm laws (legislated in 2020) and for ‘Legally enforceable Minimum Support Price’ (LEMSP) of presently 23 items (which farmers are demanding to increase to about 40 items including for fruits, vegetable, dairy products etc).

Farmer’s agitation is not picking-up in rest of India hence their leaders have been thinking that if a leader like the Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee  [known as political fighter and who established her fighting credentials through spectacular success in West Bengal elections (against massive campaign by PM Modi) by impressive results declared on May 2, 2021] can lead their agitation at national level then they will get success. Hence Farmer’s leaders of ‘Samyukta Kisan Morcha’ (SKP) went to her but on Wednesday June 9 Mamta (in a reply to media query about providing leadership to farmer’s agitation at national level) told that 

I don’t want to lead it’

Farmer’s agitation  has not made headlines in the media because (unlike at Delhi borders) farmers have not carried out Dharnas all over India (at Tehsil / Taluka, District and State Headquarters). Farmers can easily do it but are not doing so, which raises serious questions about the strategy and even the motives of the leaders of the farmers in SKM. Even national & international media have not raised and discussed this issue that when two third of India (which is fully & partly dependent on farm income) is directly supporting the demands of the agitating farmers then why farmers are knocking at the doors of the unwilling politicians to lead their agitation especially given the fact that there are many leaders in SKM who have track record of carrying out Dharnas successfully all over India.

This behavior of the leaders of the farmers in SKM is strange as given below:-

(1)- This policy of the leaders of the farmers is quite baffling given the fact that they also know that other sections of the society will also come in their support once they start agitation all over India because in India the people in elections always try to go with the winnable group (and which can be a better winnable group than the farmers agitating at India level with direct support of two third of India).

(2)- Farmers from Punjab have shown the way as to how to make Dharnas successful [especially the Sikhs who provided Langars (free food) with the support of Gurudwaras]. Now SKM can also do the same without spending money because farmers of nearby areas of Dharna Sites in all the Tehsils / Taluks of India will provide food items for the Langars at these Dharnas.

(3)- Farmers know that their main demand is about LEMSP and once it is accepted then the 3 farm laws will automatically become irrelevant but it is precisely the LEMSP where farmers know that it is not that easy for the government to accept it and for any politician (including Mamta) to get it from the government. Huge State-capital will be required by Government India to build infrastructure (like outlets, mandis, godowns, cold storages, transport facilities etc) for procuring most of these 40 items because despite laws for MSP the private players will not purchase these items at MSP as despite ‘Minimum Wages Act’ the private contractors pay less than minimum wage and get signatures on minimum wage of the poor laborers. Same will be the fate of poor farmers also (because average land holding in India is merely less than 2 Hectares which has also denied the benefit of labor laws to farm laborers, poorest of the poor).

(4)- In the present circumstance given the immoral & illegal stand of all the political parties, this huge-State capital is said to be difficult to get. Though this huge-State capital can easily be mobilized by recovering about Rs. 1,000 Trillion income tax (about 45 % of over 2,200 Lakh crore) from about one million fake farmers (as mentioned at  and )

(5)- Because these about one million fake farmers are politically powerful in every political party of India hence politicians do not demand the recovery of this huge State-capital though this huge-capital not only can solve all the economic problems of agitating farmers but will also convert India from developing to developed economy.

(6)- Because this huge-State capital has to be recovered from fake farmers it raises reasonable doubt that these leaders of the farmers of the SKM may be protecting them. Otherwise there is no reason why they THEMSELVES are not leading the farmers' agitation through said Dharnas all over India with a demand that LEMSP for about 40 items should be given and comprehensive infrastructure should be established for it with the financial resources of said huge State-capital of about Rs. 1,000 Trillion to be recovered from about one million fake farmers.

It is hoped that the leadership of agitating farmers (having direct support of two third India) instead of knocking at the doors of unwilling politicians will themselves carryout Dharnas all across India for mainly demanding LEMSP (with the facility of huge State-capital of about Rs 1,000 Trillion) so that not only the problems of the farmers are solved but India can also become developed economy.

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