Leader of free world the USA urgently needs new political party first to protect its people & THE State. By Hem Raj Jain


 In the last 18 months, first the Corona pandemic then the US elections 2020 and then Afghanistan have proved the USA as dysfunctional State (ii)- Earlier the Trump-administration and now Biden-administration are pro-China despite their public postures (iii)- Religion is custodian of society but US-Christianity unconcerned about the well being of the people.

The Biden-administration has in the end of May 2020 at-least done some drama of taking-on China about Corona (Covid-19) pandemic when Biden ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of the Coronavirus but Trump-administration did not do this much also. The corona (and its variants) have not only killed over six hundred thousands in the USA but have killed huge numbers all over the world and have dislocated the world economy.

The so called leader of free world  and the sponsor of the UN, the USA was expected to get constituted an ‘UN Inquiry Commission’ (UNIC) not only for getting investigated from where Coronavirus originated and how it spread in rest of the world by acts of commission & omission of various governments but also to suggest protocols & SOPs to be followed in future so that  such pandemic (or bio-war) does not take place (As there is a UN regime for stopping nuclear proliferation there should be a UN regime to regulate laboratories all over the world whichever deals with such viruses).

If China opposes such UNIC by veto etc then the USA should dissolve the UN or should launch another world body. After all the USA dissolved ‘League of Nations’ after World War II and launched the UN with its head office on its soil at New York hence it can launch another world body if the UN is not allowed to function in the interest of mankind in contemporary human rights (an important  Christian value) friendly world by its veto wielding members.

In the ongoing global cold war II of  ‘Western Liberal Democracy’ against ‘Authoritarian Chinese Democracy’ nothing can be a better argument in favor of ‘Chinese democracy’ than a political party (in turn) enjoying electoral support of about half of the USA, being helpless against alleged fraudulent 2020 elections.  Merely military, police and bureaucracy are not enough rather committed cadres of political parties are essential for any democracy but like in developing countries one of the major political party of the USA (having support of about half of the country) is not concerned about its political responsibilities regarding rule-of-law (as mentioned   https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3835  and https://chauthiduniya.com/nothing-can-be-better-argument-in-favor-of-chinese-democracy-than-a-political-party-in-turn-enjoying-electoral-support-of-about-half-of-the-usa/ ) . It will be wrong to assume that this is the problem only with the GOP rather it is now a part of US-political culture.

To what extent the civilian element of the State in the USA has been allowed to be divorced from the public concern is evident from my State of Minnesota too (where even if we forget what happened in 2020 end with an African American which resulted in nationwide agitations) I wrote to Governor of Minnesota and Mayors of Shakopee & Savage in Scott County and House Representatives from Shakopee & Savage (where I live with my children) to enquire whether I can purchase some government land (merely 1 acre) for constructing ‘Jesus-Jain Temple’.  The Governor of Minnesota and Mayors of Shakopee & Savage have not cared to reply, House Representatives from Savage gave automatic reply for acknowledging my letter (without giving any reply to my query) only the House Representatives from Shakopee graciously replied to my query but said that I should try my luck for buying 1 acre of land from some private person (or city) because State of Minnesota does not have any policy about it.

In any country the land for religious institutions / places like Churches, Mosques, temples etc (maybe as per population of their followers in the area), political parties, Social / human rights organizations and media (which is fourth organ of the State) should be provided by the government at reasonable rates but in the USA (not only in Minnesota) it is evident that the public interest services are also required to have lot of money with them before they think of doing any public service.

Nothing reflects the most irresponsible behavior of the US-administration (from Jr. Bush to Biden) then what they have done in Afghanistan post 9/11. Now the USA is coming out of Afghanistan (after sacrificing a lot of American lives, blood and money in Afghanistan) where a gory civil war (even as per veteran US military Generals and other officers) will be unavoidable if the USA comes out the way it is doing. What is objectionable is that the USA is thus leaving (one only hopes not intentionally) Afghanistan free for China (and its ally Russia) to exploit. Nobody is saying that the USA should be in Afghanistan forever but will the head & important members of these US-administrations ever explain why they never asked the government of Afghanistan to adopt a secular constitution.  It is not a rocket science:- 

(1)- Had the USA helped Afghanistan since 2001 through a secular constitution of Afghanistan

(2)-  Had  the US-Christianity demanded that it should be allowed to work freely and peacefully in Afghanistan even by allowing voluntary conversion of the Afghans to Christianity by ensuring religious freedom in Afghanistan as enshrined in human rights laws of the UN (including the ICCPR of the UN) through law enforcing mechanism & apparatus of the UN (including through military intervention by UN).

Then by this time after 20 years of the presence of the USA (and of its allies including NATO) in Afghanistan the people of Afghanistan would have become a shining example of the utility & efficacy of ‘Liberal Western Democracy’ in Afghanistan. But surprisingly no political party in the USA demanded such a secular constitution & freedom of religion in Afghanistan. There should be no surprise that under the theocratic constitution the bloodthirsty Talibans  (the militant Jihadis), who are still on the terrorist list of the USA, have gained ascendancy in Afghanistan.

If someone thinks that merely by launching a new political party the problems of the USA will be solved then he / she is living in a make believe world because the USA needs two more things. First, the US- election by voting in person and hand counting of votes without machines as demanded by former Prez Trump & GOP too (though merely lip service by them without any political action to achieve it).

Secondly, the amendment in laws about funding of political parties. It is a matter of common knowledge that elected representatives are likely to work for those who finance their elections. Hence elected representatives will work for the party only when the party will finance their elections. Moreover, corporations should not be allowed by law to give contributions to political parties. Because legal persons (corporations etc) are invoked only when natural persons are not available and when natural parsons (the shareholders of the corporations who are the real owners of the corporations) are there to contribute out of their dividends or otherwise then  there is no legitimate reason why corporations should be allowed to give funds to political parties and to their candidates (unless the USA wants dominance of vulgar money power in its political process)

Therefore in view of the above mentioned, the USA should urgently launch a new political party to not only protect its people & THE State but also to discharge its responsibility as a leader of free world which is leading the cold war II of ‘Liberal Western Democracy’ against ‘Authoritarian Chinese Democracy’

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