Jesus came as Saviour. By Pastor Nazir Shad Masih


I descended to Earth for there was a great spiritual need, and I took Mercy on men whom my opponent kept in fetters, and who could not resist, and cried to their God for a rescuer. But only a few still believed solidly and firmly that the Messiah would come as it was written - and those few waited for Him. In intense longing they waited for Him as a rescuer, out of the deepest need and affliction. And it was for them that I descended, because their calls for help reached my ears and because I did not want to disappoint them in their faith. And besides, the time had come for the mission of the man Jesus Christ. I wanted to redeem the whole humanity from the bonds of the opponent, and wanted to redeem those who had passed away as well but could not enter my realm before the great sin-guilt was paid, which was the cause of the existence of men on Earth. I myself descended to Earth in this man, to bring release to all people, and to free them from the fetters in which they had been bound since Eternity, and to open to them the path to my realm - the realm of eternal Peace and Bliss. When I descended to Earth, only a few people were ready to receive me, i.e., only a few recognized me - those that had led a life in love. Therefore, the flock of my adherents was small in spite of the fact that I incessantly strove to inspire people to activities of love, through which they could have recognized me as their God and Father since eternity. What made the misery so great was that there was little love amongst men; they were entirely in bondage to the one who himself was totally without love who faced Me as an enemy, and whom I wanted to fight in order to wrench by victory the souls that he held captive. Therefore I lived in selfless Love amongst mankind, for Love was the weapon that I wanted to use against my opponent, and that also gave strength to men to resist him. Without Love they were wholly dedicated to him. But he could not hold out against Love; Love is the only weapon that can vanquish him. However, at the time of my appearance on Earth, there was very little Love amongst men. Love was the only tie between them and I, their God and Father of Eternity, and this relation had to be restored if men wanted to hear My Word. My Word could no longer be heard by them because through their missing Love they had lost their faith in a God who wanted to speak to them. Therefore, I myself came to Earth to speak to them; to give them again a message of my will and to offer them again My Love-commandments; to preach to them again the Gospel - the divine teaching that would lead them to Bliss. But I still had to bring mankind abundant help: I wanted to set them free from the power that bound them, the power that weakened their will and prevented humanity from fulfilling my will. I wanted to redeem them from Satan`s power. And for this purpose I chose the form of the man Jesus, so that in Him I could accomplish a work of Love and Mercy that would free mankind from all misery. But all people who wanted to be free from their torturer had to stand by my side. Those who remained with him voluntarily, I could not rescue, but those who turned to me received the Force from Me to loose their chains. But this Redemption-Work also had to happen within the frame-work of the humans, because men should not be forced in using their will. They should be completely free to recognize or to refuse the Work of Redemption through the man Jesus - in whom I Myself was incorporated. Therefore I walked on Earth as the human being Jesus, and I prepared humanity for the great Redeeming-Sacrifice that should expiate the immense sin-guilt, on account of which they lived on Earth. But only few recognized me, and saw in me the rescuer - the Messiah that Seers and Prophets had announced again and again. The misery was overwhelming as I descended to Earth; but the Work of Redemption had been accomplished because my love was also over-helming, and Love expiated the sin-guilt by sacrificing itself on the cross. And this Love searches endlessly to bring help to humanity, to those who up to now had not found Redemption, to those who have not made use of the Graces of the Redemption-Work and therefore still languish in the net of the enemy - those who never can liberate themselves without help - those whom I never give up, however, but steadily influence by pointing to the Redemption-Work of the man Jesus Christ, Who, as "man", because of His Love recognized the spiritual need of His fellow-men, and offered the Sacrifice of dying under the greatest pain on the cross. And I will come always in the Word to men, and inform them about the supreme Love and Mercy-work of JESUS, Who received me, who through Love united completely with me, and who became the Redeemer and Rescuer from sin and death for all of you. Amen

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