Islam installed Taliban in power hence only by serving modern & progressive global Islam, Taliban would be able to remain in power. By Hem Raj Jain


It is not to belittle the efforts and sacrifices of the last 20 years, the Taliban have made in militarily regaining / snatching power in Afghanistan from the USA and its allies including NATO but it is also a fact that Taliban could come to power so easily, is not exclusively due to them but also out of some divine grace. If the USA wanted then it could have easily made the ascendancy to power for the Taliban almost impossible by analyzing the fall of the first city to Taliban in Afghanistan and then by taking corrective action. 

Kabul didn’t fall suddenly on August 15 but before that 7 cities fell one by one in Afghanistan. Had the US-Administration & Congress analyzed & questioned (the top brass of Afghan military & government) why it happened so about the first fallen city, the remaining cities including Kabul wouldn’t have fallen. Anybody who has not merely read the Quran but practiced it too, knows that miracles do happen in the lives of the people who follow the basics of the Quran with integrity. It happened with the Taliban also and because the Taliban is not a person but organization hence Allah wants to take some important work from the Taliban for the benefit of mankind that is the reason the Taliban got this divine grace. Hence the Taliban should become more humble and try to serve the modern & progressive global Islam (which installed it in power), as mentioned below:-

(1)- First and foremost (i)- The Taliban rightly has already given a general amnesty to all who worked or fought against the Taliban. The only thing Taliban leadership should ensure is that it is followed in practice. (ii)- As far as human rights of the women (on which almost the entire world is trying to disparage the Taliban) the only thing the Taliban should remember is that Prophet Mohammad believed in freedom of the women so much so that His first wife Khadija was His employer and She was doing a reputed & successful business in Mecca (iii)- The Taliban should avoid barbaric punishments to the people who commit various crimes in Afghanistan (iv)- The Taliban should not have any prejudice or animosity towards religious minorities including Shia -Muslims. At the same time the Taliban should deal with Shia Iran severely if it creates trouble in Sunni majority countries like Syria, Yemen etc. 

(2)- Islam is the most modern religion because it worships the abstract which is in consonance with modern science & technology which gives preference to abstract over concrete (as father of modern science Copernicus proved in 16th century through observation & reasoning that senses are delusionary and Earth revolves round the Sun and not vice-versa). Hence the Taliban need not bother about the present preeminence in science & technology of the Western world (which is giving unprecedented power to the Christian West). Because once the Taliban brings the entire Muslim world under one authority of ‘One military power for Muslims’ (OMPM) and by encouraging abstract over concrete then it will hardly take any time before Islamic world gain pre-eminence in technology & sciences (material, life related and social) 

(3)- The USA (the so-called leader of the free world) is not interested in providing leadership to the countries practicing ‘literal Western democracy’. Otherwise also Taliban believes in Sharia regime,  hence the Taliban can benefit from the political model of ‘authoritarian Chinee democracy’ where ‘Chinese Communist Party’ can be replaced with ‘Body of clergy of Islam’.  

4)- Islam is the only religion which believes in keeping State power (the apparatus of sanctioned physical coercion) under religion. Hence on priority the Talban should endeavor to bring the militaries of every Muslim majority country under the authority of one body of Islamic clergy (of Taliban). Because there are 4 major religious groups in this world namely Christians, Muslims, Chinese and Hindus. The 3 major religious groups have one military (Christian West through NATO and Chinese & Hindus due to their one country). This ‘fragmented military power of the Muslims’ is the main reason that hundreds of millions of Muslims are bleeding and weeping profusely from Myanmar to NAME (North Africa and Middle East). Hence first of all the Taliban should try for OMPM for Muslim majority countries especially to solve military related problems of the Muslims all across the world.. This OMPM can be on the pattern of NATO. 

(5)- The Taliban can achieve this OMPM only when first of all the Taliban tries to become a powerful nuclear country by realizing AF-Pak of Afghanistan & Pakistan as one country which it can easily do by solving the Kashmir problem as given below:-


(‘Instrument of Accession’ the IoA of which was taken by Pakistan through military pressure) and  in united-J&K as mandated (not merely by UN resolution but also) by the IoA of J&K to India. In both these plebiscites options should be there, whether they want to join India or AF-Pak. 

(ii)- In order to eradicate the region from the poison of communalism which has caused many wars in the past and will cause more in future, if not rectified) the Taliban should demand that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh should grant ‘dual citizenship’ for about 160 million forcibly & illegally displaced during partition the Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims and their children (illegal because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act’).

(6)- This OMPM should be used by the Taliban to solve the problems in the NAME region (Syria, Yemen etc).

(7)- The Taliban through OMPM should demand that there should be one State of Israel – Palestine in which all the displaced Palestinians (refugees etc) should be allowed to live as its citizens. 

(8)- In order to avoid unnecessary conflict with the US-led NATO, the Taliban in the first stage should not insist on Muslim majority Turkey to join this OMPM because Turkey is a member of NATO. Once all other problems of Muslim world are solved then depending on the then situation the Taliban can address this issue. At the same time in countries where Muslims are in minority (like the Uighurs in China) once the Taliban achieves AF-Pak and then OMPM, these countries will automatically start treating their Muslim population fairly and as per justice.

(9)- As per principle of Islam, the Taliban should insist on ‘no interest’ in Muslim world and instead of present national & international currencies (in which Muslim world is dealing) and which are based on fiscal deficits under the pressure of unbridled usurers (the interest earners), the Taliban should insist on ‘one currency for entire Muslim world’ with adequate asset back up of gold. This will be facilitated by contemporary practice of internet banking which is reducing the cash requirement of the countries hence gold requirement for asset backup of currency is also very less and can easily be provided / managed. This gold based Islamic currency will also constrain the USA to make course corrections in the asset back-up of Dollar (the reserve currency of the world) which will be good for the entire mankind.

It is hoped that now after coming to power in Afghanistan the Taliban will, as mentioned above, serve the modern & progressive global Islam for the benefit of entire mankind. Ameen!

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