Leader of SAARC, India should intervene militarily in Panjshir against Taliban when Pakistan doing it for Taliban. By Hem Raj Jain


The Government of India (GoI) has NEITHER taken any legal action against Indian print & electronic media if it has spread false news that Pakistan is openly intervening militarily in support of Taliban against the fighters of ‘Northern Resistance Force’ (NRF) in Panjshir of Afghanistan (as reported at 

https://www.hindustantimes.com/videos/world-news/panjshir-pakistan-air-force-dropped-bombs-via-drones-to-help-taliban-say-reports-afghanistan-101630909614845.html  and https://www.indiatoday.in/world/story/panjshir-bombed-pakistani-air-force-drones-smart-bombs-reports-1849570-2021-09-06  and    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh9S0vYb-qA and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH966Pfe5fQ  and https://english.alarabiya.net/News/world/2021/09/07/Pakistan-gave-military-aid-to-Taliban-in-fight-against-Panjshir-resistance-Report )  NOR its ‘Ministry of External Affairs’ and others have officially denied that these media reports are not true. This leads to the inextricable valid conclusion that Pakistan is intervening in Panjshir militarily in favor of Taliban and against NRF. 

In such a situation India as the leader of SAARC (of which Afghanistan is a member) is expected to intervene militarily to bring the situation to normal in Afghanistan which is all the more necessary because the world community including the West led by the USA (the so called leader of free world) is keeping quiet on this military intervention of Pakistan in Panjshir, as explained below:-

(1)- First and foremost India should understand that out of some global conspiracy (may be under pressure of global capital which is heavily invested in China) the USA has not only abdicated the responsibility of leading the ‘liberal Western democracy’ (which India is practicing) but for the last over one decade (since the Presidency of Obama) the USA is intentionally conceding military grounds all over the world to China-Russia combine, which is evident from following examples to name some:-

 (i)- The USA had already decided to treat Taliban not as enemy and spared them which later on came to light in February 2016 when in Senate Armed Service Committee to a question from Senator Lindsay Graham,  General Campbell informed that - “[What I would tell you is that our country has made the decision that we are not at war with the Taliban}”

(ii)- The USA allowed Crimea to be snatched from Ukraine in 2014 by Russia (without firing a single bullet) despite the ‘Budapest Memorandum’ (which treacherously snatched all the nukes from Ukraine) under which the USA is under legal obligation to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 

(iii) The USA (which was clamoring all along for the removal of President Asad) allowed Russia to send its military in 2015 in Syria which has consolidated the power of Asad though Syria is still suffering immensely in the name of Arab spring. 

(iv)- The International Tribunal in 2016 gave a favorable award to the Philippines with a ruling that China’s nine-dash line claim and accompanying claims to historic rights have no validity under international law but China refused to accept it and the USA did nothing for enforcing this award. 

(v)- The Corona pandemic allegedly originating from a laboratory in China (as per the USA) has troubled & harassed the entire world and may do so again if proper protocols & SOPs (for laboratories all across the world which are dealing with such viruses) are not established after detailed investigation. But the USA never tried seriously to initiate proper enquiry & investigation through the UN in this matter.

(vi)- Through toothless sanctions against Russia (after the Crimea episode) the USA has helped China to get cheaper oil from Russia. By neglecting the responsibilities under the non-proliferation regime of the UN about nukes (where no one should be allowed to have nukes) through meaningless sanctions against Iran (by intimidating India) the USA has again allowed China to import cheaper oil from Iran. 

(vii)- The media, members of Congress, NGOs and many members of administration of the USA  were saying openly that Pakistan was using US-money and otherwise to help, support and promote Taliban (which was killing the security forces and other of the USA and of its allies including NATO) but the USA did nothing worth the name to stop it and punish Pakistan for it. With the result now China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan are deciding the fate of the Afghanistan (under Taliban) which has left US ally the naïve India:- 

(A)- Not only high and dry after wasting dollar 3 billions in Afghanistan  (which is a huge money for a economically humble county India) but also -

(B)- With a situation where militant Jihadis (inspired by victory of Taliban in Afghanistan) may try even successfully to militarily snatch remaining J&K (including Ladakh) from India (this time not through terrorism but war) especially in view of the fact that the USA has left 300,000 trained security forces and arms, ammunition under the control of Taliban which will join security forces of Pakistan (with ‘liberate Kashmir from Hindu Kafirs’  war cry) for snatching Kashmir from India and which will be further facilitated in favor of militant Jihadis due to considerable alienation of Kashmiris (as was the case with Bangladeshis in 1971) due to what India did to J&K on and after August 5, 2019. 

(2)- As if this lack of political will of the USA to succeed in Afghanistan was not enough, the shear incompetence (born out of funny ideas about colonialism, sovereignty of the countries who can’t manage their political affairs etc) of the USA in disciplining an Asian country worsened the situation in Afghanistan as is evident from (i)- The failure of the USA to discipline the war-lords though Britain a much smaller country could in 19th century eliminate Thugs / Pindharis from India who were patronized / protected  even by local rulers specially Mughals and Marathas. (ii)- The failure of the USA to eliminate opium money to Taliban (which thrived on it) though Taliban itself (pre-9/11) drastically reduced opium cultivation on ethical grounds. Moreover in my native State of Rajasthan in India which borders the State of Madhya Pradesh opium production is considerable and smuggling also takes place (due to corruption of public servants and politicians in government and in opposition) but it is never allowed to become a law & order or security issue. Whereas the failure of the USA in Afghanistan is attributed considerably (even by the knowledgeable commentators in the USA and of its allies including NATO countries) to this opium factor.  

(3)- The commonsense wisdom informs us that ‘we should not go by what politicians say but by what they do’. All these above  examples (to name the few) are evidence that the USA is merely doing drama of fighting the authoritarian regime of China supported by Russia as Prez Biden recently said about Afghanistan (where he named China & Russia who allegedly want the USA to be bogged down permanently in Afghanistan) but in reality all the administrations of the USA (since Obama to Trump to Biden) are working to strengthen China & Russia. 


(4)- In the given situation India should immediately enter militarily in Panjshir and in entire Afghanistan in order to establish 'liberal Western democracy' in whole of Afghanistan, as explained below:-

(i)- India should understand that unless dual citizenship is granted to about 160 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who were forcibly & illegally displaced due to partition of India, the partition of India is a legal fraud and should not be accepted by India. Hence the GoI should demand this dual citizenship from Pakistan and Bangladesh

(ii)- India should again demand plebiscite in united J&K (as mandated by IoA of J&K to India and also by UN resolution) and in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan under military pressure) by making both these territories free from outsiders. 

(iii)- India should enter Afghanistan militarily not only through its territory of PoJK (including Gilgit-Baltistan) but India should also allow Balochs to open their office of government of Balochistan-in-exile in Delhi and along with such Balochistan government should enter Afghanistan militarily as and when needed.

(iv)- If Pakistan and China are not bothered about nukes of India and are harming the vital interests of India then there is no reason why India should be bothered about the nukes of these. Otherwise also, India should leave some job for the USA also to do (in order to avoid nuclear-flare up in Indo-Sino-AF-Pak region) to justify its title of leader of the free world.

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