Road-map for Afghani-Islam & Taliban for solving Afghanistan problems through legal route for mini-SAARC. By Hem Raj Jai


 Chances of success of Afghani-Islam & Taliban will increase immensely if function in competition with US-based religions (ii)- India being its largest member country, the mini-SAARC will come into existence only when India feels the need & urgency for it.

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Afghan Americans (who along with other Americans) are engaged in rescuing Americans and Afghans (who helped / assisted Americans during their 20 years stay in Afghanistan) and in other related human right activities, have shown interest and sought clarification as to what is the road-map for Afghani-Islam & Taliban for solving Afghanistan problems through FSD-MSAARC ('Federation of Secular Democratic  mini-SAARC') comprising Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This road map is in five (may be six) stages, as given below:-

(1)- First of all the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should understand that not merely Hinduism in Kashmir failed its followers, even others did the same after partition too. Sikhism could not protect the Sikhs in 1984 mainly due to the reason that it didn’t prevent terrorists from occupying 'Akal Takht' at Amritsar. . Islam didn’t protect its followers when in East (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan the Bengalis, Pashtuns, Balochs, Sindhis, Muhajirs etc have been killed immensely by Punjabi dominated Military. Thousands of innocent Muslims were killed in post Babri-Masjid-demolition riots / massacre in 1992-93 in Mumbai / Maharashtra and in 2002 in Gujarat which could have been avoided had Islam asked Muslims to file petition in SCI for restoration of legally expected status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid (which it is not doing even now though it can effectively eliminate rabid & institutionalized communalism which is being promoted by Hindutva forces in India). Hence Afghani-Islam (which will protect its followers) is the need of the hour for mini-SAARC region.  

(2)- For this to happen, in view of the popularity & support among Muslims all over the world of Afghani-Islam & Taliban (due to their victory out of 20 years of Jihadi struggle in Afghanistan) the Afghani-Islam should try to bring about 700 million Muslims of these four countries of mini-SAARC under its influence by raising its flags at the Mosques in these four countries and (on popular demand) by replacing the clergies of such mosques in these four countries who don’t subscribe to the religious creed & beliefs of Afghani-Islam.

(3)- Simultaneously the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should launch registered political parties in all these four countries with one common name of ‘South Asia Political Party’ (SAPP) in which the followers of Afghani-Islam should be asked to join in maximum numbers. 

(4)- The Afghani-Islam & Taliban should know that India is the crucial factor for realizing FSD-MSAARC hence simultaneously the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should ask their follower Muslims (and others) to file writ petition in Supreme Court of India (SCI) under article 142 of the Constitution for complete justice for (before any final judgement) the restoration of legally expected status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid (which was demolished in 1992 in presence of the observer of SCI itself) by mentioning that otherwise it will be criminal contempt of court by the SCI itself for lowering the authority of the court under section 2 (c ) (i) read with section 16 of the ‘Contempt of Court Act’.


(5)- In this writ petition it should also be prayed that the Court should direct the Government of India (GoI) to requisition ‘UN Peace-Keeping Force’ (UNPKF) in case Hindutva forces are suspected to be creating large scale riots in the country (If India can send its security forces for maintaining peace in other countries through UNPKF then the security forces of other countries can also come in India for maintaining peace through UNPKF). The SCI will not deliver the judgement directly on this article 142 writ petition and instead will first grant stay on the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya which is being constructed after the SCI judgment of 2019. Given their past record the Hindutva forces are highly likely to trigger communal riots all across India and if the GoI and the SCI fail to either call UNPKF or to  maintain peace even with the UNPKF then the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should invoke Jihad by their followers (in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) including by border crossing in order to protect the Indian Muslims from communal oppression by Hindutva forces (In addition to relying on UNPKF the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should also move the ‘US Commission on International Religious Freedom’ the USCIRF for protecting Indian Muslims against Hindutva communal forces). This is bound to agitate the world community which will ensure the realization of the said ‘FSD-MSAARC’ 

(6)- Though it will not be required but if for argument sake the SCI doesn’t entertain this Article 142 writ petition then the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should give a call to these 700 million Muslims to send as many people as possible to offer arrest in 'jail bharo' (fill the prison) movement before the SCI against the destruction of rule of law in India by the SCI by coming under the pressure of Hindutva forces in a legally objectional way. 

At the same time the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should understand that :-

(i)- Religion is the custodian of the values of the society even in a secular country. The developing world could not progress satisfactorily despite the USA sponsored UN for the simple reason that US-based religions have not gone out in these developing countries and left everything on the traditional religions being practiced in these developing countries. This also made the traditional religions of developing countries lethargic and non-creative in the absence of competition. For example the USA wouldn’t have failed in Afghanistan if US-based religions (US-Christianity etc) had established churches for thousands US Christians and their families who were working in Afghanistan (because then the US-administration would have know the ground reality & problems of Afghanistan much better than what was provided by its intelligence agencies hence would have arrived at effective solutions ).

(ii)- As I mentioned in my said article the Islam is the most modern and powerful religion (because it worships the abstract) hence it need not be defensive before other religions. Rather Islam should try to win & survive (which it can easily do) in competition with other religions. Hence the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should be prepared to work among many religions where conversion will also be allowed freely as per the choice of the adult citizens.

(iii)- The Afghani-Islam & Taliban know that without the help & cooperation of the USA they will not be able to achieve what is best for the Afghans. Moreover if the US-based religions (US-Christianity and others) function in Afghanistan then they will be able to bring the support of the USA (its Administration, Congress etc) for Afghanistan hugely much more than any one else can do (including the Afghani-Islam & Taliban themselves).

(iv)- These are not only Muslim countries which oppose conversion but under the pressure of Hindutva forces the Hindu majority India also does it (by taking the absurd excuse of coercion, allurement, conspiracy like love-Jihad etc) because it knows that majority of Hindus will prefer conversion if Hindus are allowed (out of their choice) to convert to some progressive & modern religion. Therefore the Afghani-Islam & Taliban should demand from the UN (directly and also  through USCIRF) that the human rights of freedom of religion should be ensured in entire FSD-MSAARC region even with the help of UNPKF if necessary.

It is hoped that the Afghani-Islam & Taliban will try to solve Afghanistan problems through legal route for mini-SAARC which will also bring peace, prosperity and justice to the region and ultimately to SAARC region and then by example to entire Muslim world

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