Instead of playing victim card, Balochs / Naela should mobilize US-women to establish matrilineal political order not merely in Balochistan but globally. By Hem Raj Jain


This refers to an interview of Professor Naela Quadri Baloch to ‘The Alternate Media’ ( ) in which whatever Naela has said is no new revelations [namely persecution of Balochs by Pak government especially by its military (including their crimes against women, children, old people, also through forced organ harvesting, missing persons, mass graves), objectionable exploitation of the natural resources of Balochistan by Pak Govt, even Chinese exploiting the women and natural resources of Balochistan with the complicity of Pak Govt and the UN is also not coming to the rescue of Balochs because China has huge influence over UN, India (including PM Modi) also giving merely lip service, SAARC, Middle East, Iran etc are also not doing anything for the cause of protection of human rights in Balochistan etc etc]. 

But what is new in Naela’s interview is when she said that - “[ The first urban civilization of human beings came in Balochistan which was matrilineal society. The matrilineal societies are quite normal and even in animals it is practiced like in elephants, whales etc.  In matrilineal societies the paternal or maternal grandmother leads the group out of their wisdom. Even today in some societies like in Tibet this system is being practiced because by nature women is not a weaker sex. Rather the laws, customs and especially religion [hence secularism and updated religion (if needed) is necessary for matrilineal societies] are being used  to convince the women that they are weaker sex. Baloch women have a geometrical mind, as is evident from the embroidery they make (which is displayed in Naela’s drawing room also) hence they are quite capable of leading the matrilineal societies.]”.

But what Naela has said suffers from a fundamental weakness and that is the reason the Balochs are suffering the way Naela has narrated. Naela is talking about matrilineal societies and not about matrilineal states. Because in the contemporary world only the State has three powers of sanctioned physical coercion (namely, military, para-military, police ) and in the modern world another overpowering competent institution is the political party (which ensures all these three institutions of sanctioned physical coercion remain under mandatory control).  Therefore in this globalized world unless Balochs work for competing matrilineal states all across the world they can’t get relief. Fortunately for Balochs,  presently there are bright chances of the success of these matrilineal states in many countries of the world if they (and Naela) mobilize the US-women for this cause as mentioned below:-

(1)- First and foremost Balochs should understand that unless their cause is supported by powerful people they wouldn’t succeed and presently the people in the USA are the most powerful. Moreover the two major parties in the USA (Democrats and Republicans) are male dominated parties that is why they never seriously projected woman as US-President (whereas in many democratic countries women have been the CEOs like in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada etc).

(2)- Balochs (especially Naela who is a citizen of Canada hence can come to the USA any time without visa-formalities) should mobilize US-women politicians to launch a new ‘US Matrilineal Party’ (USMP) which is very easy. The USMP will work globally for a competitive matrilineal political system first by sending USMP President in White House through 2024 elections which is also very easy if the USMP declares in its constitution about policies initially concentrating on four regions / places (namely, the USA, mini-SAARC & China, Middle East & Iran and the UN) as given below:-  

(i)- As far as the USA - (A)- Legal persons are invoked when natural persons are not there hence in order to avoid double taxation the corporate tax should be abolished by USMP because dividends are already taxed. Moreover income tax should be replaced with consumption tax where profit minus investment in recognized sectors will be taxed also with an objective of reducing the present huge income-disparities (B)- The USMP should remove the influence of vulgar money power on the US political / electoral system by realizing that elected representatives work only for those who finance their elections. Hence the USMP should finance the elections of its candidates. Moreover shareholder are there who are the real owners of corporations hence contributions by corporations to political parties and their candidates should be banned (C )- All the office bearers of USMP should be elected by party members (men & women) and territorial  office bearers should have office in each territory (namely Cities, Counties, States and Nation) with party flag and board / banner on it. (D)- the USMP should demand  ‘gun with non-lethal bullets’ (so that the offender, after being shot, can be handed over to police for further legal action) as a fundamental right which is the most crucial precondition for the success of matrilineal State. (E)- Without global currency globalization is impossible. Hence US-Dollar should be made global currency (with proper asset back-up) with its central bank in the USA and its branches in every UN member country (F)- US Govt should provide incentive (through tax cuts, subsidies etc) to those US corporations / business / industry in other countries which will employ minimum (say) 15 % employees from US citizens.

(ii)- As far as the mini SAARC (of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan which doesn’t recognize Durand Line) & China - (A)- The USMP will ensure Plebiscite in united J&K [by getting united J&K free from outsiders] as mandated by 1947 ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) of J&K to India, in addition to as per 1948 UN resolution. And also the Plebiscite in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken in 1948 by Pakistan under military pressure despite contrary resolution by Parliament / Jirga of Balochistan) (B)- Unlike Indo-Pak border / territorial dispute which is political, the Indo-China border / territorial dispute is legal hence it can easily be resolved by referring it to ‘UN Judicial Commission’ (which China, being a permanent member of the UN, shouldn’t be allowed, by the USA, to refuse) (C )- In the interest of eliminating communalism from Indian subcontinent the USMP will work for ‘dual-citizenship’ (of India and Pakistan and Bangladesh) for about 160 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who were forcibly displaced during partition and for their descendants (D)-For calling the bluff of Islamic fundamentalists, ​​the USMP will ensure a referendum in Pakistan. The main demand (the expulsion of French diplomats as per its November 2020 agreement with Govt) of its political party TLP will be opposed by the overwhelming majority of Pakistan (because they don’t want further deterioration in the already dismal economic situation in Pakistan). Hence this referendum will put Pakistan on the path of becoming constitutionally a secular country. 

(iii)- As far as the middle East & Iran - (A)- The USMP will work for one State solution of Israel-Palestine where all the displaced Palestinians (registered refugees and others) will live in this one State as citizens (B)- The USMP will ensure elections under secular constitution and under supervision of ‘UN Peacekeeping Force’ and ‘UN Election Commission’ in trouble countries of Syria, Yemen etc (C )- The USMP will not grant any divine right to any country (like P-5, Israel, India, Pakistan) to have nukes and will ensure denuclearization of all the countries (including Iran) in a time bound period.

(iv)- As far as the UN - (A)- The USMP will work for eliminating veto power to any country and instead for granting voting right to every UN member country commensurate with its contribution of men (including military) money and material (including military) and its record about human rights (B)- For replacing optional protocol OP-1 with mandatory protocol MP-1 of ICCPR so that even the victim citizens can move the UN to intervene also military in erring countries in case of serious violation of human rights of their citizens (C )- In the interest of winning Cold War - II of ‘liberal Western democracy’ against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’ the USMP will not support separate alliances and groups like QUAD, AUKUS,  G-7, G-20, ASEAN, SCO, NATO etc and every global problem should be solved through UN where secular democracy & rule of law should be encouraged in its member countries with carrot & stick approach. 

It is hoped that instead of depending on the fluffy & wooly sentiments and  meaningless expectations from the apathetic world community, the Balochs / Naela will endeavor to gain adequate political power in the interest of establishing matrilineal political order in the world which only can protect the human rights and bring succor & relief for the people of Balochistan who are claimed to be still practicing the norms & values of matrilineal society.

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