Mother's Day. By Rubina David


Women don't just wake up one morning and decide to leave.

They leave little by little, simple things at first, little things, you pay no attention to....

They leave a little, every time they are misunderstood.

A little every time, they are made unimportant, underappreciated, not heard, and not respected.

They leave a little every time their feelings were made unimportant. Every time you shut her down, when she was feeling something specific, and she just needed your understanding. A little but, Everytime you refused to communicate, we leave a little.

Women leave a little, everytime the problems, can't be discussed, or they are never fixed. Everytime they were made to be lonely, when they needed somebody. Everytime they were made to cry, with no one to wipe their tears they leave a little.

Women leave a little, everytime their kindness is taken for granted, everytime their effort made goes unnoticed, everytime their opinions were made invalid, they leave a little.

They leave a little, everytime they are undervalued, unappreciated or unseen. Everytime they begged for connection, everytime their heart ached for passion that wasnt given, everytime their hand was not met with yours.

We leave a little, with every word left unspoken, for our voice was broken, and we knew you wouldnt listen no matter how much we said.

We leave a little more, everytime our stability was shaken, everytime our world was breaking, everytime we cried the tears that you never seen....

Women leave, a little, until they leave completely...

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