when US-Christianity has failed as custodian of values of contemporary society the ‘Great’ USA may give-up universal adult franchise. By Hem Raj Jain


Generally prosperity brings peace but Christian West (Europe & European origin countries) is different. During World War I & II (after getting prosperity due to unprecedented progress made by them in about 300 years in modern science & technology) the Christian West caused immense loss of lives & blood and other sufferings not only for itself but for most of the world. 

Now through the Ukraine war the Christian West is again trying to cause immense loss of lives & blood and other sufferings not only for itself but for most of the world with a major difference that this time it will be more catastrophic due to nuclear factor (nukes with many countries) and globalized world due to IT revolution. 

Russia (and its transformation USSR) which gave maximum lives & blood for itself and for its allies during World War I & II will not mind again giving immense lives and blood for itself and taking immense lives and blood of others for its ‘motherland’ (carved out of Ukraine through on-going referendum). Hence the world community should take the nuclear threat by Russia seriously as mentioned at:-


Moreover if the Ukraine war converts into World War - III the USA will enter it with utmost fury due to one more reason. Some States of the South (which could not secede during 1861 civil war as no other country supported its independence) in World War - III can separate with the support of Russia & China especially given the fact that in Texas demand for independence has already been raised and Confederate flag appeared before U.S.Capitol recently in 2021 as reported at  https://www.newsweek.com/texas-secede-us-2023-gop-pushes-referendum-1717254  and https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/how-confederate-battle-flag-became-symbol-racism

Anyone who is living in the USA knows that the way things are going-on in the USA where many businesses don’t find labor / workers hence have curtailed their business at the same time many are unemployed and even getting freebies. Moreover, the hard laboring working class [majority of whites and mostly economically humble and watching helplessly the lucrative jobs going to non-whites including immigrants, the jobs which they (the whites) can easily do with proper education & training policy of the government] don't have much say in the present electoral political system due to the number of non-whites in the population. 

Add to this the general grudge among whites (articulated mainly by former Prez Trump who is still the unchallenged leader of the Republicans who MAY occupy White House & majority in both the houses of the Congress) that these were mainly the whites who (from independence struggle in 1776 to the post World War II period) made the USA ‘Great’ whereas the non-whites (African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans etc ) are not contributing enough in retaining the status of ‘Great’ for the USA hence the slogan ‘Make America Great Again'. 

Therefore in view of the fact that the US-Christianity has failed to function as a custodian of the values of the contemporary society of the ‘Great’ USA, to some it may sound to be a far-fetched idea but one should not be surprised if the things don't improve then the USA may give-up universal adult franchise and may adopt (with suitable amendments in US Constitution) an electoral system where only whites (the men and women mainly from European origin) would be allowed to vote.

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