instead of sending SOS, Ukrainian-Orthodox Christianity should request the US-Orthodox Christianity to end Ukraine war satisfactorily, through the military power of new participatory global body led by the USA,. By Hem Raj Jain


Without patronizing a political party in the USA, the US-Orthodox Christianity can’t realize this mission. 

One can understand the expressed fear of Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk of potential Russian attacks on churches located within occupied territories in association with Orthodox Christmas services, as reported at . But it wouldn’t bring any relief to the people of Ukraine unless the Ukrainian-Orthodox Christianity joins hands with US-Orthodox Christianity  to end the Ukraine war satisfactorily, through the military power of new participatory global order led by the USA, as explained below:-

(!)- Though the USA and NATO COUNTRIES are providing military equipments, arms, ammunition, intelligence and training to Ukraine military in war against Russia as accused by Russia as reported at Russian FM: US, NATO directly involved in Ukraine conflict and USA IS GIVing more military aid to Ukraine ( as reported at  to fight Russia till last Ukrainian. BUT   it wouldn’t bring any relief & Succor to the people of Ukraine unless the USA gets  boots on ground in support of Ukraine which the USA can easily do through the military power of new participatory global body led by the USA.


(2)- Nobody  expects the USA, (A country of about merely 330 million people) to put the US-boots on ground in Ukraine and at other theaters of war across the globe but the USA, the Leader of the free world, itself is to be blamed for its such predicament. Though after world war-II, the USA Launched a global order through the ‘ United Nations” with its head office on US-soil at New York but the USA wrongly gave veto powers to 4 other countries which not only rendered the UN Dysfunctional  (Where two permanent members CHina & RUSSIA have been  opposing practically every military related move of the USA) but it also kept other member countries from contributing military resources ( Men, money and material to the UNSC). THIS mistake of the USA is all the more surprising given its history where  the 13 colonies of the USA fought the war of independence in 1776 against the UK on the stated principle that “No taxation without representation”  then how could the USA expect military contribution from other member countries of the UN when they had no say in the UNSC against the permanent veto wielding countries.  


(3)- THE Ukraine-Orthodox Christianity should request the US-Orthodox Christianity to mobilize the people of the USA on streets to demand from the White House And from the US_Congress that- “[after urgently dismantling the UN, a new rule based participatory global order should be launched immediately by the USA where no member will have veto power but every member will have voting right commensurate with its contribution of men (including military), money, material (including military) and its record of human rights (including about secularism, democracy and freedom of religion including conversion out of free choice)]”. 


(4)- THe US-Orthodox Christianity will succeed in this project only when keeps the following in mind


(i)- MORE than the other people the politicians work more on the principles of pleasure and pain. Hence the incumbent of White house and  of the US-Congress will listen to the US-Orthodox Christianity only when it can create / threaten palpable  damage to the political power of two major political parties of the USA namely the Democrats and the Republicans which it can easily do it if patronizes a political party which will contest elections for local bodies, State Legislatures and for white House and for US-Congress. 


(ii)- Religion is the custodian of the values of the society ALSO  in a secular country. Moreover christianity is nothing if it doesn't work in the interest of working class and for economically humble people. Because other Christianities in the USA namely the Catholics and Protestants have failed to live up to  these christian values  (as demonstrated by JESUS ( from woking class himself a carpenter), during ‘Cleansing  of Temples’ episode and during His trial (where Jesus illegally without jurisdiction was awarded death penalty by crucifixion under pressure of money debauchers / money exchangers) the US-Orthodox Christianity should restore these Christian values in the USA by patronizing a political party.


(5)- Such Political party will become instant success if it ensures periodic  organizational elections in the party where every territorial office bearer (at local, county, State, regional and national level with office in concerned territory with party flag and banner / board on it to facilitate party's political interaction with people of the territory ) will be elected by territorial office bearers of one lower level (at local level by party members). At the same time, the election of party candidates should be financed by the party because elected representatives tend to work for those who finance their elections. These steps will go a long way in ushering the people of the USA into global Ummah, without which religion  has no meaning in a democratic country. It is also in accordance with Christian value of 'Kingdom of heaven’ which was repeatedly  given higher value (By Jesus during trial ) than ‘Kingdom of earth’ through  democracy which keeps the State under influence & control of the people through their religion. 


(6)_ Because the two major political parties namely the Democrats and the Republicans have failed to work for the economically humble people of the USA (who are substantial part of the population) the said new political party patronized by  the US-Orthodox Christianity will quickly succeed in the elections of the local bodies, State Legislatures and for  White House and for US_Congress. THIS will make easy the task of the US-Orthodox Christianity to constrain the constitutional authorities of the USA to launch the said  new participatory world body which will first end the Ukraine war satisfactorily by militarily retrieving from Russia the 5 regions of Ukraine (which Russia has annexed by its Parliamentary resolution despite ‘Budapest Memorandum” ) namely  Crimea, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Donetsk and Luhansk. 


Therefore instead of sending SOS, Ukrainian-Orthodox Christianity  should request the US-Orthodox Christianity  to end Ukraine war satisfactorily, through the military power of new participatory global body (Of liberal global order based on secular democracy engaged in cold war- II against  ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’) led by the USA, generally as mentioned above.

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