Again out of un-Islamic cowardice Indian Muslims not moving SCI for taking cognizance of BBC documentary on allegedly questionable role of Modi about 2002 Gujarat riots. By Hem Raj Jain


GUJarati Muslims (Victims of 2002 communal rights should take advantage of BBC documentaries.   (ii)- In view of  publicized clean chit by SCI to the then CM Modi about 2002 Gujarat riots the SCI is legally bound to take such cognizance for restoring credibility of the SCI regarding wider Ayodhya dispute matters (iii)- Indian Muslims out of some global conspiracy may be wanting  to destroy secularism and rule-of-law in India if don’t move the SCI for justice. 

As per this BBC documentary the report of a United Kingdom inquiry showcased in the documentary refers to the events as a “systematic campaign of violence” which has “all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing”, and places direct responsibility on Modi. as reported at

At the same time the supporters of incumbent Prime Minister Modi are saying that the SCI has already given cleanchit to Modi about his role in 2002 Gujarat riots as reported at hence the charges levelled in this BBC documentary against Modi has no legal meaning.

But what is surprising is that the Indian Muslims again out of un-Islamic cowardice are not moving the SCI for taking cognizance of this BBC documentary on allegedly questionable  role of Modi about 2002 Gujarat riots.

Evidently the Indian Muslims and their leaders are still suffering from Un-Islamic cowardice and hence again are not moving the SCI as they did earlier as mentioned at .

Indian Muslims rather should immediately petition  the SCI and should mention in this petition that - “[because the credibility of the SCI due to said so-called clean-chit (widely publicized in India media) by the SCI to Modi has come under suspicion hence the SCI is under legal obligation to immediately take the cognizance of the said BBC documentary in order to restore the credibility of the Supreme Court in the eyes of 1.4 billion people of India without which rule-of-law in India has no meaning especially in view of (i)- The wider Ayodhya dispute which is responsible for 2002 Gujarat riots also and in which the SCI didn’t come out with flying colors because first it allowed judiciary to search evidence of Ram temple at disputed site and then by excavation by the ASI (Thus inciting religious emotions of Hindus)which is legally objectionable in any civil title suit and then allowed judiciary (including itself) to give final verdict in title suit without first restoring the legally expected restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in presence of the observer of the SCI itself and (ii)-plenary powers given to the SCI under Articles 141, 142 and 144 of the Constitution of India and which were enough for the SCI to deliver justice in Ayodhya dispute]”.

Gujarati Muslims (Victims of 2002 communal rights) should understand that take  BBC documentary has provided them a golden opportunity for getting justice because BBC only reported whereas enquiry was done by UK High Commission in INDIA hence government of UK WILL also be made party in this petition in SCI> This means that government of UK Will try very hard (INCLUDing by moving international form if not satisfied with court verdict) to protect the credibility of its said enquiry report and it will immensely help the Gujarati Muslims in getting justice. 

IF India Muslims and especially their religious leaders (who are never tired of telling the Muslim that it is Kufr in Islam to be afraid of any other than Allah) still don’t move the SCI, as mentioned above then it will be legitimately construed that Indian Muslims out of some global conspiracy want to destroy secularism and rule-of-law in India.

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