Tomorrow is never safe as gun deaths rising awfully in USA. By Erina Haque


Gun violence is a contemporary global human rights issue. Anyone can be affected by firearm violence worldwide, but the rising trend of gun-related injuries in several states is alarming in the USA. The country is witnessing a surge in gun violence as the gun purchase rate has reached its highest level in 2021 and 2022. As a result, gun deaths are rising horribly in the USA and non-whites are becoming major targets. It is not only having lasting impacts on victims and their families but also deteriorating the overall human rights situation in the country.

Regarding this, a young man from an expatriate Bangladeshi community in the U.S. has been gunned down by miscreants in the Missouri state of United States of America (USA) early Wednesday. The victim is 22-year-old Romim Uddin Ahmed, a student of Computer Science at a local college and simultaneously working at a gas station. It is believed that the motive behind the crime was to rob the victim's car and cash.

Bangladeshi journalist Mohammad Manjurul Haq, who resides in the United States, said that Romim was working at the gas station when a group of miscreants tried to break into his parked car. When Romim intervened, a gunman targeted him and fired. He was later taken to the hospital by the police, where he was declared dead. This is a clear sign of gun-related violence. Romim Uddin Ahmed, however, can serve as a symbol for those who are affected by the severe legal and security situations in the US.

When it comes to promoting or patronaging democracy and human rights across the globe, the United States of America (USA) shows up faster than anyone. But the same country displays utter negligence toward its multicultural society. Unfortunately, the country is facing a lot of human rights violation issues domestically at the hands of law enforcement agencies. The rising trend of extrajudicial killing in several states also provides an unsafe situation in the USA.

As mentioned earlier, extrajudicial killing by law enforcement has become a new trend in the USA. Arif Saeed Faisal, a young man from the Bangladeshi community who was residing overseas, was shot, and killed by police earlier this year in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The sole child of the family, Faisal's killing was thus characterized by many as a "racist act by white police officers."

American society is innately racial and racially discriminatory. The nation's black residents have endured appalling prejudice for a very long period. According to the Washington Post, black Americans are killed by police at a rate that is more than double that of white Americans. Black Americans, however, make up less than 14% of the country's total population. 

After George Floyd was choked to death, authorities in the United States killed Bangladeshi brothers Ramim and Faisal, setting a precedent for extrajudicial executions and human rights abuses. The time has come for the United States to stop caring about other countries' protection of democracy and human rights and instead concentrate on enhancing its domestic law and order.

Numerous figures demonstrate the disturbing rise in gun-related violence, including extrajudicial executions and hate crimes, as well as the systemic violation of human rights. Along with these, police violence is becoming a daily problem for US society. Additionally, the government is failing to start or enact efficient policies. A culture of impunity is equally prevalent in the case of extrajudicial executions. The guardian of global human rights appears to be struggling lately at home.

Among wealthier and developed countries, the USA is an outlier when it comes to firearm violence. It seems the US government has allowed gun violence to become a human rights crisis. Wide access to firearms and loose regulations lead to more than 39,000 men, women, and children being killed with guns each year in the USA. Due to the gun culture, the USA has topped in civilian guns owing in the top. It now has 120 guns per 100 population, a number even higher than Yemen, a country currently in one of the worst civil wars of recent times. 

Although there are many human rights violations and ethnic violence in the US, they are advising on human rights in other countries, including Bangladesh. It seems in the national sphere, the U.S. itself has questionable actions that go against human rights and tends to bypass the existing international laws and norms when it comes to its interests. Therefore, the U.S. itself is a violator, and it is currently not able to "lecture" others about human rights. To be the "lawmakers" of human rights, the U.S. must give up its violations, duality, and "immoral" aspects of its policy that raise questions against it.

Each year, approximately 40,000 Americans are killed by gunshot wounds, which is roughly equivalent to the annual rate of traffic deaths on American roads and highways. With the murders caused by guns, the accidental deaths caused by guns, and the law-enforcement killings caused by guns, the average comes out to more than 100 Americans killed by bullets every day. The same number of deaths will happen tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and every day until lawmakers come to their senses and do something about it.

Following this, the USA must maximize the protection of human rights, creating the safest possible environment for most people, especially those at the most significant risk. If a state does not exercise adequate control over the possession and use of firearms in the face of persistent gun violence, it could breach its obligations under international human rights law. It is yet to make a very progressive decision regarding stricter laws. So, the US should focus on its domestic condition while promoting the same policy in its human rights and foreign policy.

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