NYT before eulogizing HIndutva- BJP- Modi should have known their power structure is nothing more than house of cards. By Hem Raj Jain


US-christianity is not interested in becoming global religion hence let Islam do so in the interest of establishing a new global order (ii)- Despite anti-Muslim nationalism of 'Hindutva' forces in India , MBS & Sheikh Al- Issa can easily make Islam the dominant global power if they work for establishing a new rule based  global order by using 700 million Muslims of Indian subcontinent (iii)- Islam can become global religion because it cares for blacks and browns too and not merely for whites 

This refers to an article in a prominent newspaper of the USA the New York Times (NYT) as given at https://www.nytimes.com/2023/07/18/world/asia/india-diaspora.html . In this article the NYT has  tried to project Hindutva/ BJP- Modi as an unstoppable  rising power in the world on the support of Indian diaspora in the West including and especially in the USA but it is unbelievable that a prominent media house of world’s super power USA namely the NYT can be so cut-off from the ground reality in world’s largest democracy of 1.4 billion people India that it has failed to understand that the power structure of Hindutva forces (Which is based on anti-Muslim Nationalism) is nothing more than house of cards and if Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) & Sheikh Al-Issa of Saudi Arabia jointly work in tandem for establishing a new rule based  global order by using 700 million Muslims of Indian subcontinent then they can easily make Islam the pre-dominant global power as explained below:-

(1)- First and foremost the NYT should understand that the Hindutva forces have erected its power structure in India where they are ruling at center and in many States of India by manipulating the rule of law in India which became possible due to un-Islamic cowardice of Indian Muslims and irresponsible attitude of Christianity. Therefore the entire edifice of power structure of Hindutva forces will come down  crashing and crumbling flat on ground  the day two legal proceedings are filed in courts of competent jurisdiction (i)- First  by Indian Muslims in the SCI.  Two petitions in SCI one for Babri Masjid and other about BBC documentary as mentioned at https://bangladeshchronicle.net/without-relying-on-the-us-muslims-cannot-get-justice-from-the-indian-state/  .  In this matter MBS & Sheikh Al- Issa of Saudi Arabia can play an important role by helping Indian Muslims to shed their un-Islamic cowardice and file these two petitions in the SCI (ii)- Second by Indian Christian in national and international courts against perpetrators (the State authorities) of genocide of 2008 in Kandhmal, Odisha and of  2023 in Manipur. In this matter also MBS & Sheikh Al- Issa of Saudi Arabia can ask the Indian Christian leadership to be alive to get justice for the victims of both these genocides which is as explained below.

(2)-  The biggest problem the Christianity is facing in the SAARC region about conversion as per freedom of religion is that the new entrants to Christianity are harassed and persecuted under the influence of majoritarianism . Hence it is intriguing why the Christianity didn't pursue the case of the genocide in courts (national and international) of competent jurisdiction especially when violence against Christians at Kandhmal  in 2008  is genocide as per UN definition of genocide (as mentioned at https://www.un.org/en/genocideprevention/genocide.shtml ). Similarly mass violence in Manipur is genocide as Fr Walter Fernandes is openly accusing Prime Minister Modi, Home MInister Amit Shah,  Chief Minister BIren SIngh and Hindutva forces of genocide of Christian Kukis in his interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx2qLhvprZM But Christians are not moving  moving Courts for prosecuting Constitutional  authorities and legal authorities (the officers of security forces who are responsible for maintaining law & order under section 130 & 131 Cr.P.c even without requisitioned by executive magistrate) for genocide .

(3)- Still the importance of Saudi Arabia (by virtue of having Mecca and Medina on its soil and the land of origin of Islam) in mobilizing Islamic world is evident to the entire world and in present day Saudi Arabia the importance of MBS in shaping the policies of Saudi Arabia is also quite known to the wold. But one more person from Saudi Arabia is also very important namely  Sheikh Al-Issa who recently visited India as reported at https://www.hindustantimes.com/analysis/why-is-the-visit-of-muslim-world-leagues-sheikh-al-issa-to-india-important-101689143671989.html#:~:text=After%20having%20intensive%20discussions%20with%20Prime%20Minister%20Narendra,non-Islamic%20religious%20dignitaries%20in%20India%20till%20July%2015. .

The NYT should have known that the Indian subcontinent or the extended SAARC or 'Akhand Bharat' has 700 million Muslims and if MBS and Sheikh Al-Issa start mobilizing these 700 million Muslims of Indian sub-continuet as suggested for US-Christianity at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/exclusive-reports-details/272#:~:text=%282%29-%20But%20the%20USA%20need%20not%20worry%20about,will%20rapidly%20convert%20to%20Christianity%20as%20mentioned%20https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pakistanchristianpost.com%2Fopinion-details%2F4153 then Islam can eaisly become global religion. . Here it is pertinent to mention that because US-Christianity is not interested in becoming a global religion Islam can easily become so if MBS and Sheikh Al-Issa  seriously try for it. They will succeed for the simple reason that Christianity  bothers only for whites of European origin and doesn’t bother about blacks and browns of Africa, Asia and South Americas whereas as Islam doesn’t have such mental barrier. 

(4)- Muslims can easily bring the Indian subcontinent under their dominance and rule because Muslims ruled India for many centuries from Sultanate in 13th century to Mughal rule from 16th to 18th century and Hindutva forces for the last 100 years (since the time the father of ‘Hindutva’  Savarkar wrote ‘Hindutva’ in 1924) in Hindu majority India has been making the Muslim the center of political and cultural discourse in India by projecting Muslims as politically domineering & to-be-feared community. It goes without saying that MBS and Sheikh Al-Issa will have to ask the Muslims to do the following for getting success in this historic project :-

(i)- The Muslims of the Indian sub-continent to launch their national political parties in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and their Media and both in these countries will be patronized by clergy of Islam in these countries as mentioned in above PCP article .

(ii)- Similarly tHe Muslims in the USA should launch their political party and media in the USA and this political party should contest 2024 elections in the USA for US congress and White House.

Therefore if  MBS and Sheikh Al-Issa of Saudi Arabia jointly work in tandem then they can easily make egalitarian Islam the dominant global power if it works for establishing new rule based participatory human rights friendly global order in view of the fact that the existing global order of the UN sponsored by the USA in 1945 has been demolished by Russia (with the support of another veto wielding country China) through Ukraine war

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