The need for interfaith dialogue in Pakistan. By Dr.Emanuel Adil Ghouri


A thinker has said very beautiful words about religious fanaticism that people fight wars, die and kill in the name of religion but do not follow the teachings of religion.While religion should be reflected in your character, speech and behavior

Having strong feelings for religion, considering other religions to be weak, burning their places of worship and property, harming human lives by suicide bombings in mosques, churches and schools is not a service to religion nor has anything to do with the glory of religion. Such people need religion and interfaith education

Pakistan is an Islamic country, I will discuss the importance of inter-religious dialogue in an Islamic state. The importance of inter-religious harmony in Islam is very clear.The first Islamic state in the world that came into existence was the state of Medina. If we look at its history, we see a clear picture of inter-religious harmony.Along with Muslims, Christians and Jews also lived in this state .All religions and their places of worship were respected to maintain peace and harmony in the state.Not only this but the safety of their lives and property was ensured.Treaty of Najran. Treaty of Medina. Treaty of Conquest of Jerusalem. The agreement of Saint Catherine and the letter written by the Holy Prophet to the Christians in 640 AD, which is running in the form of advertisement on the media today.Arrival of the Muslim delegation at the court of the King Najashi.The visit of the Christian delegation to the Holy Prophet invited this delegation to perform their prayers in the Prophet's Mosque.We have taken a shining example of inter- faith harmony.

Even in the radical age , its encouraging tradition is found in the Christian states .St. Paul's Cathedral Church in the American city of Boston is a church where Muslims offer Friday prayers since 2000.

St. John's Church in London and in Berlin, the German capital, the church turns into a mosque on Fridays for muslim prayers. such attitudes call for world peace and respect for religions, but we do not find such an example in Pakistan

After 21 churches were torched in a single day in the Jadnawala tragedy, people held Sunday services on the street outside the destroyed churches But this message from any imam of Jarda Nawala mosque is not present for the worship of our mosque.However, it is very encouraging and a source of strength for inter-faith harmony that the leaders of religious parties Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Jamaat-e-Islami and Ulema Council of Pakistan visited the affected settlements and expressed solidarity with the residents.This is the best attempt to bring the people of both religions closer. If only such a beautiful spirit had existed at the time of Shanti Nagar Gujra and Joseph Colony, then the Jaranwala tragedy would not have happened.

Some organizations of the Catholic Church in Pakistan are active in interfaith dialogue, often organizing events in collaboration with scholars, not only this, but also organizing Iftar dinners and Eid Milan parties in the month of fasting.Scholars also suggest that Christmas parties should be organized on Christian fasting days and Christmas, it increases mutual love.

NGOs receiving millions of dollars from abroad for interfaith harmony should also play their role, it is necessary to hold monthly meetings of the Union Council at Tehsil and District level.The message of peace, love, brotherhood and respect should be conveyed from the mosque, temple, church and Gurdwara.Added a chapter on inter-faith harmony in the education curriculum

To end extremism, we have to fight steadfastly on all fronts

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