Prez Biden’s leniency towards killing by govts in foreign countries may someday lead to another Kashogi this time on US-soil even of US-citizens by India. By Hem Raj Jain


India is  allowing ‘Tibet government in exile’ on its soil but China has not tried to kill any supporter of ‘independent Tibet’ in (even an enemy country) India then why should India try to kill separatists and their supporters in friendly countries like the USA and Canada.  

How much Prez Biden is unconcerned about the life of the people who are killed by governments in foreign countries (because the victims are  considered threat to these criminal minded governments which don’t respect the fundamental right of free expression of the people  despite human rights prescribed / demanded by the UN of which they are members) is evident from the fact that One month before the election, Joe Biden [who has served as Congressman (Federal law-maker) for longest period and with legal background hence had full knowledge of  the US Laws / constitution while making this commitment] promised to ensure accountability for the murder of Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who two years ago was lured into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, where he was killed and dismembered by Saudi government agents (as mentioned at ) but now the legal position of  Biden-administration (US State Department) - is that Saudi Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS, cannot be sued while he is head of Saudi-government, -  highlights the Biden administration’s failure to seek accountability for MBS’s role in the brutal murder of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. ( as reported at ).

This is not an ordinary matter rather it has serious implications for US citizen in view of the fact that now India (supposedly a friend of the USA) is reportedly trying to enact another Kashogi this time on US-soil by getting murdered even an US-citizen on US-soil because Pannun a Khalistn supporter is considered by India a threat to India as reported at . Some Indian supporters may say that government of the USA (like government of Canada with which relation of India worsened as mentioned at on the basis of intelligence provided by 5-Eyes of which the USA is also a member and this killing is even lauded / condoned by many Indians as it is seen to be done in a way its role model Israel does as discussed at ) is giving shelter to Khalistani separatists hence their elimination is justified but these misguided people don’t understand that India is also allowing Tibet government in exile on its soil at Dharamshala, in the State of Himachal Pradesh but China has not tried to kill any supporter of ‘independent Tibet’ on Indian soil despite India  all along endorsing ‘one China policy’. As reported at and  

Biden administration seems to be thinking that it has discharged its responsibility because Separate from the diplomatic warning, US federal prosecutors have also filed a sealed indictment against at least one alleged perpetrator of the plot in a New York district court,as reported at  but this lack of commitment to rule of law is patent of democrat- administration as it also didn’t produce Osama Bin Laden (allegedly responsible for 9/11 at New York) in New York court  (which would have exposed many complicits in the USA and in US-administration) though Ldean could have been capurtred alive and could have been produced before New York court (as mentioned at ). This time also instead of giving a sealed envelope to court Biden-administration should have produced the accused before court for public trial (which could have exposed the network of Hindutva forces in the USA especially of its criminal minded people)  by getting him even extradited if he has fled to India from the USA. 

Also it is evident that Biden-administration doesn’t understand contemporary India and its political leadership especially (i)- India since 2014 where India is being ruled by Hindutva forces which uses communal nationalism as an easy road to power  (ii)- The track record of PM Modi who gained his political power by getting killed even innocent people (Muslims) in 2002 in Gujarat under his watch as Chief Minister which was accused even in BBC documentary (which has not been opposed / taken objection to by the GOI in the SCI)  as mentioned at and (iii) - Though Nathu Ram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi  was not a member of RSS of Hindutva forces but was influenced by Hindutva ideology (that is why RSS was banned after assassination of Gandhi) and presently there are any number of Asian Indian Americans in the USA who are ‘Andh Bhakt’( blind supporter) of PM Modi and Hindutva forces who will go to any extent even of killing a US-citizen even on US-soil if the GOI / Hindutva forces considered the victim (including  Khalistan supporters) as threat to Hindutva India.

Therefore, it is hoped that Prez Biden will start taking the life of US-citizens seriously especially if it is threatened by foreign governments (even so called friends of USA) and that too on US-soil.

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