Selfish & irresponsible global leaders of Muslim Ummah may be duped by Prez Biden’s assurance of ‘temporary’ halt in military activities of Israel in Gaza during Ramadan. By Hem Raj Jain


No doubt the responsibility for starting the killing and injuring of innocent people in Gaza lies with Palestinians where Hamas, their organization of militant Jihadis attacked the Israelis on October 7 which has been condemned by every right thinking person all across the world including by many Muslim leaders but when in  retaliatory strike Israeli overreacted which was termed as genocide of Palestenians as repoerted also at  Muslim leaders not only blamed Israel but also the West led by the USA for such Genocide ( as reported at )and at this time the entire world (which had been already suffering and living in fear due to on-going Ukraine war ) feared that it may not lead to another war this time between Muslim countries and Israel with catastrophic effect on entire world. 

Moreover the Global community also hoped that the leaders of Muslims will also ensure that this time the chronic & ghori Israel-Palestine problem will be resolved by the world community so that the periodic bloodsheds in Gaza are stopped once and for all. But now that hope has been denied because now the stoppage of military activities by Israel will be only during the month of Ramadan from coming 10th March to 9th April (as reported at )  This means that  there will be again periodic bloodsheds in Gaza in future after April 2024.

What is most unfortunate is that the Muslim Leaders all across the world will start dancing on the said  meaningless assurance of Prez Biden and these Muslim leaders highly likely would express their satisfaction on the stoppage of Genocide of Muslims (Palestinians) at least during the holy month of Ramadan (and these over-smart Muslim leaders may even claim credit for this Ramadan truce) which means that these Muslim leaders don’t mind if Muslim Palestinians are subjected to genocide during other times of the year.

One can only hope that these Selfish & irresponsible global leaders of Muslim Ummah would categorically issue statements that they would be satisfied only when permanent solution to the problems of Palestinians is achieved which can be only through ‘one State solution’ based on right to return and not through meaningless ‘two State solution’ as mentioned at

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