If the Dalai Lama wants control only over civilian element of the State in Greater-Tibet. By Hem Raj Jain


India should know the divide & confusion - [Tibetans want only more autonomy whereas US-Congress delegation is interested in  “Independent Tibet”].   (ii)- The USA, China and India should also not oppose  rather be happy over such “non-violent-mass -movement” by the Dalai lama in Greater Tibet (iii)- If the Dalai Lama doesn’t want military solution to Tibet problem then why is he in India and not in Tibet ? (iv)- BY taking advantage of new US- Tibet Law, the Dalai Lama should ensure that vhe and his followers (tibetan diaspora) are not arrested arrested by China when they enter Greater Tibet to carry out this “non-violent-mass -movement” 

Everybody knows that government in exile is always established mainly to ultimately pursue the independence of the country for which it is the government (in exile) but Pointing out that they are asking for autonomy within China and not independence, Tibetan spokesman Tenzin Lekshay said the Tibetan administration in exile did not represent a separatist movement, as reported at https://www.voanews.com/a/us-lawmakers-meet-dalai-lama-as-china-slams-visit-/7661821.html . This means the Tibetans are trying to be over-smart by being equi-vocal about independence of Tibet. 

The ‘ Government of Tibet in exile’ at Dharamshala is a factor in unnecessarily further souring the relation of India with China whereas there is no need for the Dalai Lama  / Tibetans to remain in India for establishing /  running ‘ Government of Tibet in exile’ if they want only civilian control of Greater Tibet while leaving defense and foreign affairs to China as per ‘middle way approach’ as the Dalai Lama said that - “[The Central Government of the People's Republic of China has the responsibility for the political aspects of Tibetan’s  international relations and defense, whereas the Tibetan people should manage all other affairs pertaining to Tibet, such as religion and culture, education, economy, health, ecological and environmental protection; as revealed  at https://www.dalailama.com/messages/tibet/middle-way-approach ]”. The Dalai Lama can easily achieve this proposed political  arrangement (of only civilian control over Greater Tibet) if he (as Mahatma Gandhi did against Britishers)  goes to Tibet to lead a non-violent-mass-struggle to realize it. This non-violent struggle should not be difficult for the Dalai Lama to lead (which will also garner international support for him in this non-violent mass movement) because he is known and has been projected (by the Western World) as an “Apostle of peace and non-violence”.

China should also be happy if longstanding  Tibet problem (which has brought the entire world on the brink of World War- III especially after US-Congressional visit to Dharamshala in the wake of “Bipartisan Tibet Bill” which will become law after Prez Biden signs it ) gets solved through the said “non-violent -mass-movement” in greater Tibet (‘Tibet Autonomous Region’, the TAR + other areas of China claimed by Tibetans as part of Greater Tibet)  by the Dalai Lama.  

At the same time the USA Should also support this “non-violent -mass-movement” in greater Tibet by Dalai Lama because the important members of Congress delegation US-Congresspersons McCaul and Nancy Pelosi though have said about ‘Freedom of  Tibet” as revealed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHRyrIaBxjM ) but it is not easy to achieve it militarily.  Everybody knows that China will not give freedom to Tibet without offering a tough military fight and  in such eventuality is it not proper that someone (from the US-establishment) asks Rep. McCaul & Pelosi that -- "[Are Tibetans ready to wield arms to achieve the independence of Tibet and if they are ready for this then how many Tibetans (as soldiers) will join this war and how many soldiers Tibetans expect from other countries (especially from the USA and India) to join this war to achieve independence of Tibet militarily]" ?.

India should also be happy over this “non-violent -mass-movement” in greater Tibet by Dalai Lama because it is intriguing why the US-Congress-bipartisan-delegation   

came to India to meet the Dalai Lama (which has dragged India in the controversy and which has a potential of further souring relations of India with China) when in this month itself the Dalai Lama is already scheduled to go to the USA for medical treatment.  It seems the USA Is trying to rope-in India (having about 4,000 Kilometer border with China hence an important country in case there is war with China) in military alliance with USA & its Western Allies for the highly likely war with China over independence of Tibet. This task of roping-in India will be easy for the USA given the fact that India is already under obligation to assimilate Tibet in India (even militarily) when India, in very near future, renames (especially, if with the approval / consent of Dalai Lama) 30 places of Tibet as mentioned at https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/India/in-tit-for-tat-move-india-to-rename-30-places-in-tibet-in-response-to-china-s-arunachal-provocation/ar-BB1o0l0R .

After so much fanfare & anti-China publicity (during the visit of the Congressional delegation to Dharamshala) the USA would like to be seen by the world community to have made some welcome difference in the Tibet situation with this new US-Tibet Law which was not possible otherwise before this Law. Hence by taking advantage of new US- Tibet Law, the Dalai Lama should ensure  (though the USA) that he and his Tibetan followers (including tibetan diaspora) are not only not arrested  by China when they enter Greater Tibet to carry out this “non-violent-mass -movement” but are also allowed peacefully  to carry out this “non-violent-mass -movement” in the full presence of international media and international human rights organizations preferably registered at the UN for human rights purposes to enforce human rights as enshrined in the Charter and other laws like ICCPR Of the UN.   

It is hoped a better sense will prevail among everyone concerned and the Dalai Lama (after his medical treatment in the USA) will go to Tibet to lead “non-violent -mass-movement” in greater Tibet (to achieve what he wants namely the civilian control of Greater-Tibet by Tibetans while leaving defense and foreign affairs to China) so that the entire world can breathe a sigh of relief over elimination of the possibility  of World War - III over military conflict for independence of Tibet.

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