People must appreciate President Musharraf on his promise of transparent election. By


The nation has given its verdict. Many an unexpected surprise has been sprung upon some of the political stalwarts considered invincible. In spite of the apprehensions and fears in most parts of the country by and large the turnout of the voters was better than expected. People have rejected the previous rulers and the PPPP and ML (N), along with some other political parties, have been given the opportunity of serving the country selflessly and with dedication, which I hope they would.
The people must also appreciate and give the credit where due that President Musharraf has kept his word of making the elections free, fair, transparent and peaceful. The big hue and cry about rigging proved to be much ado about nothing. The elections were peaceful also as no large-scale disturbances or suicide bombing took place on the elections day. However, the peace was marred at a few places by the political rivals by killing around 35 persons and injuring more than a hundred.
Looking ahead, though it is an obvious case of a hung parliament yet, one hopes that all would rise above the self and serve the nation with a new resolve and dedication, forgetting their differences and not indulging in the politics of the revenge. Now is the time to fulfill the promises made to the nation, take the country onto the road to progress and show it to the world that we too are a civilized democratic country.

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