Flame” of Stephen Gill is ray of peace in darken cloudy nights of terrorism explosion. By Nazir Bhatti


When sound of explosion of dynamite and roars of mortar is deafening society and dance of death by terrorists is threat to our liberty, the “Flame” of Dr. Stephen Gill is sprinkler of peace. In rising blaze to swallow humanity, “Flame” leads to end terror and fear of terrorism. It was unique experience to read longest ever poem written on terrorism and an ultimate solution towards peace in “Flame”
Flame is recent book written by Stephen Gill, who has authored many volumes to express his vision of peace on globe. During current disastrous geo-political situation in different parts of world when majority of writers prefer to be critic to earn fame, Stephen Gill seems a voice in wilderness but in truth he is real champion of peace.
The peace poetry in present era is a rare commodity when majority of poets are cashing sounds of nightingale and silent on burning olive leaves in cruel intentions of terrorists. The destination chosen by Stephen Gill to prevail peace by his poetry shall be valuable addition to efforts of leaders who struggle for it.
I wrote poetry during my school age and passionately read poetry of famous Urdu poets. I was fond of poetry, which was short in verses because that indicated full control and command of poet on his poem or sonnet. It was amazing to read “Jazirra” a collection of poems of Stephen Gill, which was in such short verses that few words contained span of story.
Flame is a long history of peace expressed in every verse in few words, which makes “Flame” a masterpiece of “Peace Sculptor” of Stephen Gill. I do not know, Why Stephen Gill is still a blossom in wilderness when he deserved to be renowned envoy of peace of esteemed organizations and on peak of fame
I appreciate Stephen Gill on his campaign for peace on earth by his poetry. The “Flame” shall be ever remain a famous book in poetry.

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