Take a Step: By James Kushi


To be a Christian in Pakistan is not a good experience. Every other day we are the victims of human rights violations, atrocities and hatred. The Muslim majority looks us down upon. As a result of the gloomy history of the Christians in Pakistan, the word "CHRISTIAN" in Pakistan is attached with these things:
A: powerlessness,
B: voiceless,
C: illiteracy,
D: respectless job,
E: easily vulnerable entity,
F: sourceless,
G: hopeless.
Normally we take this situation as a result of the surrounded Muslim majority. At some extent it is true but our own leaders are also doing their best to keep the nation in this pitiable condition in Pakistan. Our leaders are rising to the step of progress but the step they are using is not a common step but they are rising to success by putting their feet on the necks of the Christian community. I want to explain how it is happening.
1. To make progress you should have these things:
a. Capital,
b. Education,
c. Technical skills,
d. Opportunities.
The bad luck with us is we lack all these things.
For example, if we have some property we can sale that property to invest that money in some business. We the Christians in Pakistan have neither business nor property. How it is possible for us to invest the capital in some business and make capital?
Education is another source of progress, but this source is also accessible if you have money. The Christians are leading a life of extreme poverty and not able to give their children education. The way to have a bill of hundred rupee is so hard and tough for a Christian that even a small children and women have to strive for the survival of the family. The shocking thing is that their are hundreds of Christian schools but they are only for rich Muslims. They are so expensive that it is not possible for a poor Christian to stand before the gate of a Christian school. The profit these institutions are earning is only for some privileged families. Only a few people have made the whole Christian nation in Pakistan a hostages, every thing is in their hands. They make the voice heard to the world that is in favor of these institutions. The names of these schools are so pious but these schools are enigma on these names. If you ask a principal who is normally a religious leader that why don’t you give chance to the Christian students then you have to face harsh words and even threats. But normally a Pakistani Christian cannot dare to ask this kind of question to such a leader. I wonder that these schools are the assets of poor Christian who is living in remote village and leading a life of slavery. It is for him to send his children and give a better life for the coming generation but “no” he is not considered a human being because he is poor and the result is before the world that the Christians in Pakistan are the poorest and the most deprived people in the world. Only some privileged families are accumulating money with both hands and the whole nation is helpless.
The technical skills can give you a chance to lead a life of prosperity and progress. With your skilled hands you can have an easier way to earn, but unluckily our young generation lacks this also. Mostly our Christian community lives in villages. Mostly the head of the family is working hard to make both ends meet. But as soon as a child is able to walk he is also forced to join his parents in this slavery. His poor and uneducated parents have no consideration for the better future of life. Their life is circling round the basic needs of life for the survival of life. In such circumstances how it is possible for the young child to learn some skill and change the destiny of his life.
Every person who is living in Pakistan and his religion is Christian he is aware of the fact that we are kept behind in every field of life. If a Christian youth is little bit educated he is not encouraged to have some job than only one of a sanitary worker. It is thought that only this is a suitable job for a Christian. He has to face a strange kind of hatred and enmity when some one reads his name that ends with Masih. Our religious and political leader intoxicated with their wealth and power. They think that a normal poor Christian is destined to live only this kind of life. Normally a poor Christian is being hatred by educated and richer Christians. There are some hateful names used for them by their own Christian brothers.
These are the facts, which we are not ready to face? We do not want to show the world the true Christian of Pakistan because it is against the interests of some exploiters who are plundering the nation and doing nothing for the betterment of the nation.
I suggest that in Christian institutions there should be 50% Christian students and their education should be free. These students should not be from the rich or privileged families but from the poor families and from the downtrodden people, so that we could give them a hope that they are not alone in their struggle for a better life.
To make a change at a grassroots level Christian schools should be opened for the Christians living in villages. If not possible monthly scholarship should be granted to the poor students. They should be guided encouraged and consoled. We should pick the hand to make a poor to stand.
Loans should be given only for the education and for technical skills.
Christian banks should be established to use our money for the betterment, progress and prosperity of the Christians.
Seminars should be arranged to create awareness in the Christian community.
I hope everyone who is reading this if have sympathy for the downtrodden and destitute Christians in Pakistan will consider these matters and do something for the revolution in the lives of the Christian nation.

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