Sooner the Martial Law is better to save the country. By Shafiq Khan


In last 100 days, after 18th February elections, the leaders of Nawaz League, Peoples Party, Lawyers, Judges, Civil Society, Ex-Servicemen and leaders of the parties who didn't take part in the General Elections, Like Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Imran Khan have literally taken the country to a bankruptcy and height of frustration. Top of that, American leaders, press & media, Congressmen, Senators, Think Tanks, NGOs and other civil organizations in the United States have played with the Pakistani politics like a prostitute. There is not a day, when some asshole from the United States lands in Islamabad uninvited, struts around on the streets of Pakistan like a brothel, meets government, opposition leaders, personalities of their choice and freely woof and yap like a rabid dog and flies back to Washington. The interesting part of all this is, the same Nawaz leaders, lawyers, Civil Society, Ex-Servicemen, same Hamid Mir, Geo, Jang, anti-Musharraf commentators and analysts, who curse the United States day and night for supporting President Musharraf, now publicize and quote their statements just because now these are against President Musharraf. World knows that the United States has only one agenda for Pakistan, "to destroy Pakistan as soon as possible by a bloodbath through a Civil War".
The limit is that Pakistan has been hostage through the hands of Lawyers, Retired and Deposed Judges and wasted interests in the country for last 15 months (after 9th March 2007) and President Musharraf did everything opposition demanded to him but they come out with one point or the other. It is 110% corrects that every single (mentioned above) is doing a hypocritical politics of a personal agenda, personal vendetta and selfish goals.
The most hypocritical, mean, selfish and ugly politics is being done by Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Shareef. While Nawaz Shareef has put the country at stake because of his animosity with President Musharraf, Mr Zardari is avenging the dead bodies of Z.A Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. Plus, this idiot Zardari has no interest whatsoever with Pakistan as he has pocketed hundreds of Millions of Dollars and cleared all of his criminal cases through the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).
I also want to divert the attention of Pakistani people that I have not seen the poorest puppy toy dog like Yusuf Raza Gilani. As he made record having the highest number of votes in his support in the National Assembly, same way, he is the most idiotic, duffer and "Yes Sir Man" Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is worse than Rafiq Tarar and Phajja Chaudhry. He did nothing in last 3 months, except raising hands for prayers, performing inauguration ceremonies and works like an "Statement Issuing Machine". The real powers sits with Asif Zardari and Nawaz Shareef.
The country is not only in confusion, turmoil and uncertainty but is quickly heading towards poverty, hunger, lawlessness and disintegration.
The point is, if everybody is working to castrate Presidential powers and is taking regarding Parliament, that means, the real Prime Minister would be a 'jackass' and Nawaz Shareef and Asif Zardari would hold the powers by Remote Control. In case of both these fail who would bring the balance when the President is castrated and Army is not taking part in politics? The ultimate result would be, the people on the streets would rule their 'areas' by looting, robbing, burning people alive, killing and doing ambushes!
The bottom line, if the destiny of this country is Martial Law, "why to bring it when nothing is left, why not today"? President Musharraf may not hold the office of the Chief of the Army Staff, but he is still the Supreme Commander of the Arm forces.

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