30 Days Prayer Focus for the Muslim World drafted: By Jeanne Swartz


Dear Christian friends, I am writing today to ask you to join in this major effort called the 30 Days Prayer for the Muslim World, starting this 1st September. (Following are excerpts from the official 30 Days booklet)
This prayer focus coincides yearly with Ramadan (a holy month to Muslims). The prayer movement, coordinated internationally, calls upon Christians to make a concerted but respectful effort during this time to learn about, pray for and reach out to Muslim neighbors – across the street and around the world.
It is not the intention of this prayer effort to disparage Islam or Muslims in any way. We recognize that humans and the Muslim world are far too complex to simply or easily condense or explain with a mere booklet outlining prayer points. At the same time, as Christians, we long for all the world's people to have an opportunity to understand the grace of God incarnated in Jesus Christ.
To this end, we seek to inform ourselves, pray and support respectful opportunities to make God's grace known among Muslims.
Each year a new illustrated prayer guide booklet is published in a number of languages and locations around the world. There is also ability to sign up to receive a daily prayer on specific topics or people group by email. There are also activity books designed for children from early reading level thru middle school years. Why not consider buying these books to help educate your children about the many countries and people around the world, and start building in them a heart to share the Gospel with children their own age who do not yet know the
Lord. From there they will continue to grow and learn how to be effective witnesses through out their lives, and surely some will become the next generation of missionaries to be sent to these countries!
(Personal Testimony about effectiveness of this Prayer Focus)
I have participated in this prayer personally for the past 8 years and can tell you that the experience is overwhelming. To be able to learn about many different country cultures and they way they understand and practice Islam, and more important to read testimonies of Muslims who have come to know and accept the
Lord Jesus Christ, and see how the Lord is working in their lives is exciting and gives great hope that the Kingdom of God on earth, as outlined by the finger of God in the Holy Bible, surely is coming to fulfillment.
So many people seem to think that it is impossible for God to move the hearts and minds of Muslims. But I ask you to consider that the earliest writings of the Bible clearly outline that Ishmael's descendants truly ARE meant to be children of the Lord God Almighty, I AM. (Genesis 17: 18-20, Psalm 72: 8-11)
And God's plan as outlined in the Bible shows that each of us, the average Christian, surely is designed and expected to play a part in bringing the kingdom (Matthew 5: 13-16, John 12: 23-26). We can each do that by sharing the Gospel directly when possible and praying DAILY for the many living near us and around the world who still may not have heard the saving name of Jesus (1 Peter 3: 12, 1 Timothy 4: 4-5).
If you are still hesitant, ask God to prepare your heart by reflecting on the points below:
- please humble me to understand and appreciate that other cultures are a gift
from You, Lord
- Lord, please make me willing to lay aside any prejudice, feelings of cultural superiority or nationalism that keep me from understanding Your love for all people
- Lord, when you have prepared me, please provide opportunities for me to be bold and share Your love and salvation plan of Jesus being the Way, the Truth and the Life and the only way to eternal salvation with Muslims around me who are seeking the truth.
I can only end by continuing to urge you PLEASE to join in this prayer focus that will take place this year from September 1 through October 1. You can simply add the few prayers to your daily prayer, or consider forming small groups who will commit to meet and perhaps even do a Christian fast one day each week. Perhaps you will choose a specific topic or people group to focus on together from that week's prayer selections. May God lead us all to a deeper understanding of His loving mercy and grace. And may all nations be blessed through Him and call Him blessed! Get full details at www.30-days.net.

Peace, L'chaim! Jeanne

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