Ahmadi Muslims claim Jesus Christ in Kashmir? By Watson Gill


Dear Brother and Sisters in Lord Jesus Christ. We are facing invisible adversaries around us. What a senseless theory of Ahmadi´s Qadiyani´s about the Jesus Christ .They are busy with there shameful desire. As we know about there so-called affirm! Love for all hate for none. Actually they are proud to be the part of Cross breaker. There books are full with blasphemies words for Jesus Christ. In one side they vociferously cry that they are facing injustice in Pakistan, the Pakistani Government, Media, and religious leader are interfering in Ahamdi religion .And the other side they intercept in Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist religion very proudly. I receive one video from one Ahamdi Scholar .The title is “Did Jesus died? This is Documentary from BBC TV.
I saw that Film. The film is base on imagination of Historian, researcher and theologians. And they talking about the death of Jesus from different angles
According to the film some historians and theologian have very different and controversial concept about the Jesus in New Testament. . According to them the Jesus Christ was crucified because he was a fundamentalist Jews agitator. After 2000 years many modern scholars and theologians and even some treating for the priesthood now seems to doubt the historical accuracy of the gospels .Possibility’s are Jesus was rescued from crucifixion and migrate to southern France.
And even been people believe the Jesus survived and escape to the mountain kingdom of Kashmir where he died in age of 80years.
One historian and Christian theologian said! I do not believe the god or goddess or anyone ever come from heaven and produced the divine baby’s. Neither the Jesus set the right side of the GOD.
They adds the man nails on cross could not die with his wounds. But he dies with suffocation. If some hang by the arm on cross his chest compress .it hard to breath .his body weight is on legs .and after some hours there is pain on leggs and then he will unable to breath. The only way for quickly death breaking his legs and making that impossible to breath.
They mention one of English writer Samuel Butlar theory! The Jesus awake after his unconsciousness And disciples think that was resurrection.
They took healing herbs in to the Jesus Tomb. Professor James Tabor said that was recitation not resurrection. But he add that if you want to press the language that would be resurrection.
Friends, in film I did not find any strong reason to make this film .the film was base on just imaginations. Could be, would-be, maybe, I think, possible. Do you know these all words only use when you are uncertain?
I compare the statement of these Historians, Theologians and I have some question in my mind.
Q1 As they admit the Jesus was an agitator against Roman Empire. and we know the Roman Empire was the strongest Empire at that time How could possible for Jesus to escape from them?

Q2 1st we saw in New Testament the Chief soldier certified that Jesus is died. But how would be fearful and coward disciple took his body without the authorization of Jews and Roman authority?
They had system at that time registration of the body. How the dicsipels could took his body without the Jews religious Authorities? Remember, The Jews Religious leaders was enemies of Jesus .and that was the Challenge for them

Q3 The Jesus tomb was scared. And putting stone as a seal. The stone was peace of soiled rock with weight of 2ton. And the guard were posted at the tomb .See Mathew 27, 62, 63, 64 .It was impossible to wounded and unconscious man took by there fear disciples.

Q4 Can we trust to Historian, Theologians,? How One historian said the Jesus escaped to south France? Other said Jesus goes to Kashmir. And more interesting one group of historian and archeologist claimed that they find the real tomb of Jesus. So how we decide the witch historian or theologian is correct in his study?

Q5 Can Ahmadi´s prove from any holly book where Jesus calls by the name of Jose Asif?

Above all we believe on Jesus Christ .He is our savior. He gave his life for our sins. He died on cross. His rib was pierce with spear. And after three day’s he resurrect. And He set on the right side of God. God bless you.

With in day of two you can see my video’s on youtube.com about same subject.

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