Overcoming Difficult Trial Sharing From South Korea. By: Angela Watkins. USA


Peter is studying Theology in South Korea and for some months now Peter has been sharing his sermons with me on Friday's before he preached them on Sunday's. I usually review the message and scriptures and then share with Peter my understanding as w

Peter starts off by stating: This passage teaches us the life of four young men who maintain their faith and witness the truth in their terrible situation. To under stand this passage better I want to explain you the background:

You know the Israel people were the chosen Nation of God to revel the truth to others. Despite the fact that God guide, provide them they decide to depart from the truth of God. It was to their disobedience that God allowed Nebuchadnezer to conquered the nation of Judah, and become His colony. So Nebuchadnezer capture not only the land but took its people, he was so clever that he choose some wise, intelligent, and clever youths. These youths are to spend three years that means their lifestyle, food, religious belief are to be changed to Babylonians. Their names that represent spiritual meaning were changed to idol gods' names. The changing of these names was a scheme of the devil to gradually wean these young men away from their land, their religion, and their God, and to lead them little by little to adopt the religion and the habits of the heathen people among whom they would be living in the future months ago.

The schemes of the devil are very tricky, when he want you to slide away from God he cause you love and admire the most essential things in life and gradually you founds your self no where. But always remember that nothing in this world can substitute the great love God has already put in you.

Both of these young men proved to be great blessings to the homes in which they lived, and because of their devotion to God, because of their charter and their unusual abilities, both were promoted to positions of power, honor and glory. The secret of their success and blessings was there loyally to their God the-God of their fathers, the God whom they knew personally. There are times in our lives when God will test us personally in our faith.

The first thing Satan did in his attempt to lead Daniel and his friend astray was to cause them to be commanded to eat the dainties of the Kings table and drink the wine from the Kings cellar, to the average youth, such a temptation in the house of a King would be extremely attractive and appealing. Daniel and his friends, though prisoners, were exalted to most honorable position -they were invited to sit at the kings Table
They could have found many excuse for yielding to the King's command. They could have considered the fact that they were captives, and as such they had no choice but to obey their captors. As prisoners from other country they would be forced to adopt the pagan habits or lost the favor of the King. Their strong argument could have been "WE are not responsible for the judgment that came upon us. We did not commit the sin. We are suffering for the sis of our fathers, and God will not hold us responsible.

They could have said after all what would be so sinful about eating the KINGS MEAT? We see in Vs.8 Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself…. Knowing that he/they must not yield to the kings command. Daniel did not know what his stand might cost him, but Iam sure he knew that it could easily cost his life. But the day he purposed in his heart that he would not eat the king's meat nor drink his wine was the crowning day, the day of crises. When he took his stand that day, the rest of the way was not hard to plan and follow.

How I wish like we, as believers today would purpose in our hearts to obey the Lord. Even though we would supper persecutions, hard ships, poverty and hunger. Thank God many have not sold out; many are willing to suffer, and many have purpose in their hearts that they would not defile themselves with the religious trends of the times. The question today t GOD is asking us is; what is your stand as individual child or daughter of God- God uses any one of us to change our neighborhood societies and nations. Hence we are all call to leave positive live before our God knowing that in any circumstance HE has not abandoned us.

I, Angela reviewed Daniel Chapter 1 and I would like to share that Daniel was the fourth of the greater prophets. Daniel was carried captive (Daniel 1:3) to Babylon around B.C. 604 or 605 to my understanding and named Belteshazzar.

The Book of Daniel encourages the people to trust in God who controls all history and events. The Book of Daniel is prophetic and has on record hope to God's people during trials, tribulations and troubled times. Daniel wrote the book of Daniel and the record states that God is all powerful and overrules human power.

Daniel and his friends remained true to faith and refused the king's dainties (Daniel 1:8). Daniel and had the gift of visions and interpreting dreams (Daniel 1:17).
God rewarded Daniel with great learning (Daniel 1:20).

On September 3, 2002 I shared online in a devotion group about a dream I had sometime ago and the word "Daniel" came up and ever since I began to notice how Daniel would continue to come up.

I had a dream some time ago that I shared with Mr. John E. Jones and I myself dreamed about the man in white - I am talking about Jesus/Yeshua.

I thought to myself why am I having the same dream that some of the Muslim World is having for I know Jesus.

("The Man in White" is being seen in dreams and visions by thousands of Muslims today. Read about how God is working today in the Muslim world to bring them into "full submission" to God www.IsaalMasih.net

It appeared in my dream that I was sitting in the backseat by myself and I had a driver/chaffeur.

I was being driven to my place of destination by a man that I did not know, nor did he turn around and let me see his face. This man kept his cap on.

There was a conversation going on and the man was driving me to my destination and I do not know that place either.

When the man was getting close to my destination he told me he handed me a card for myself, the others I could pass out and give to others.

The card the man gave me for myself all I can remember had "DANIEL" on it and I put this card in my purse for I was to keep this one and the other cards I was to pass out but I do not know what was written on them. The man did turn around and give me the cards and I did see his face then, just before I got out of the car.

When I arrived at my place of destination there was a deceased undertaker conducting the meeting/conference.
Now I am down to my trip to St. Louis to visit my daddy.

I did go to Worship Services on Sunday and after services I was talking with Rev. Dr. Curtis Crosby, Pastor of the Rose Hill Missionary Baptist Church and to get to the point He told me that I want you to Study about Stephen & Philip.
Let me share some research on Stephen "Acts 7" records Stephen's before the council after he was accused of blasphemy. At the close of Stephen speech "Behold, I see the heavens opned, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God" (Acts 7:56).

The Son of Man spoken of by DANIEL the prophet had arrived from God "dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages, should serve him."

Angela Watkins.

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