Nothing Wrong To Recognize Israel. By T.H Shah


Israel flag first time waved in the meeting of International Renewable Energy Agency held at UAE which shows designation of equal status to Israel by Arab countries and also its implicit recognition by large Muslim countries of the world. It is to be noted that on official level, no diplomatic relations exist between UAE and Israel. There is much confusion and political complications concerning recognition of Israel by Pakistan, and most important is an element of religion which can infuriate public emotions particularly religious political parties. The issue at hands should be understood objectively rather than subjectively as Israel fulfils the criteria of being a state.
From theoretical perspective of political science, Israel fulfils all the four elements necessary for making state which include territory, population, government and sovereignty. Even an ordinary student of political science can understand this concept and can’t refuse of terming Israel a state in fullest sense of the word. Why Pakistan is hesitant of recognition of Israel is the ignorance of the masses at large and negative perceiving of religious principles which is realistically the result of religious political parties who continuously poison the people ears in creating hatred as well as antagonistic feelings against the Jewish State which is fiat accompli on the earth.
The large number of peoples in Pakistan is leading life below the poverty line, hardly able to have access to basic amenities of life. They are absolutely deprived of basic education and children of these hapless families are enmeshed in child and bonded labour. The slogans like Israel is enemy of Islam, America is the cause of all evils in Pakistan; and that Jews are main foes to the Muslim furnish good quantity of materials for the hawkish elements to play with the emotions of these innocent people; and in result they find course in the corridors of power. All the politics of religious parties in Pakistan successfully functions on the premise of anti US and anti Israel feelings.
Those opponents of recognising Israel also present the logic of Anti Palestinian and the Arab cause. Pakistan is the only Islamic atomic power in the Muslim world and it is supposed that in case Pakistan recognises Israel, it will become shorn off Arab support in financial and political matters particularly on Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India. Pakistan is also big recipient of Saudi oil and large chunk of financial aid goes to Jammat-e-Islami for propagating the Wahabi version of Islam. In result, Jammat-e-Islami always spearheads any such movement and agitation directed towards the revolt against Israel and USA; while in doing so they remain oblivious to the treatment with the Babri Mosque at the hands of so-called secular state of India which is recognised by Pakistan in spite of its open antagonism. On delving deeper, the policies of Saudi Arabia and other Arab States of Middle East completely centre round bolstering the interests of United States and Israel in Gulf region. It is commonly believed by most of the people in Pakistan in particular and in the Muslim world in general that behind atrocities and inhumane killings of Palestinians by the Israel is the helping hands of USA. If it is so then why USA is retaining massive military bases in Gulf States? Why the incumbent government of Pakistan is providing full logistical support to USA in its war against Afghanistan even if USA is big supporter of Israel? Above all, is it Israel who is inflictor of heavy casualties upon the peoples of tribal areas in NWFP under Drone attacks which indiscriminately kill women and children?
To deal with all international disputes and problems have been provided the forum of United Nations where Muslim Ummah needs unity and collaborated efforts to voice the concerns of Palestinians and Kashmiris’ right of self-determination. Mere so-called revolt against Israel is not going to solve the problems. It is common observation that whenever any strike or agitation is launched against Israel or USA in Pakistan, the silly people start wreaking harm to the goods and property of their own country which show the extreme level of ignorance of our peoples. Instead of making the policies welfare-oriented boosting development in the country, handful of the group of hawkish elements in society is playing with the emotions of the innocent people in the name of Jihad and enmity of Israel in Pakistan.
Peoples of Pakistan should know that there is absolute democracy in Israel and USA, no feudalism exist, and courts are independent in their judgement. The parliaments are not occupied by feudal, industrialists and corrupt peoples like Pakistan where political criminals get refuge under the cover of NRO. Is it not the fact that our leaders and policy-makers have not benefited from the knowledge of science and technology of USA and Israel and instead exploited the peoples under the name of shallow slogans and demagogic speeches? Behind sugar crisis, wheat crisis, energy crisis, gas crisis and other issues of such nature is it Israel or the follies of our indecent political leaders?
World is changed, we can not move forward with such decrepit thinking in global village; it is duty of the educated community especially of intellectuals to make the people aware of the facts and bring to fore the realistic side of the problems they are faced with. The onus is also on the religious leaders to shun obscurantist attitude and present the enlightened and liberal facet of Islam before the people; and that Israel is a state and fiat accompli on the earth; so nothing wrong to recognise Israel.

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