Israel on the Brink: How You Can Help Defend Our Ally. By Gregg Roman Director MEF

The night is still and quiet at this early hour in Tel Aviv. Most are asleep, unaware of the gathering storm. But in a hotel room, sleep eludes me as reports from the Wall Street Journal and Times of Israel blare warnings of an impending Iranian strike against Israel.

For the past 36 ho


10th Indian student dies in the USA in 2024. Some Indian American should urgently go to India to get petition file in SCI. By Hem Raj Jain

IF hate / racial crimes are responsible for some of these deaths of Indian students and if this trend is not checked then the larger Asian Indian American community in the USA is also bound to face the  heat (of such hate /racial crimes) sooner than later. (ii)- Therefore there is a wak


Blinken’s assurance of “Ironclad Commitment” has no meaning when Chinese security forces are attacking Philipino's Boats in Philippines' waters . Instead the USA Should launch a “new rule based global order. By Hem Raj Jain

Like other previous US- administrations the Biden administration is also CLUELESS about launching & running a global order where even smaller countries and people of all member countries will be able to protect their interests & rights ONLY through international laws and NOT with the grac


Bowser is no bull dog of Black rights but is play kitten of billionaires like Leonsis. BY AHMAR MUSTIKHAN

A medic who has been fighting the opioid epidemic affecting the Blacks under the very nose of mostly White Supremacist rulers of the U.S. has sent a rejoinder to a Washington Post columnist not to put dirty developer-friendly Mayor Muriel Bowser in the same basket with the legendary “ghanst


The chasm between TB and HIV continues. By SHOBHA SHUKLA, BOBBY RAMAKANT

“The two worst global health problems have combined forces well. But the institutions addressing them have miserably failed to put their act together,” wrote Dr Tim France, a noted global health thought leader, in an op-ed article titled “The chasm between TB and HIV” whic


Historical Review: Interwoven Past of Allama Mashriqi, Bhuttos, and Zardaris. By Nasim Yousaf

A historical review of Pakistan's political landscape reveals intriguing connections that have shaped the course of the nation's history. Delving into the intertwined past of Allama Mashriqi, the Bhuttos, and the Zardaris uncovers fascinating relationships that have often remained unexplo


By issuing perfunctory & toothless statements like on Kejariwal’s arrest the Biden administration unnecessarily invited the snub and insult on the USA from India. By Hem Raj Jain

The USA got the snub from India because despite being leader of the free world which sponsored the UN in 1945 the USA (i)- never understood that human rights are not an internal matter of any UN-member-country and (ii)- Never tried to develop a mechanism of the UN which will provide effective rel


As many as 2,700 American soldiers are guarding ‘Mr. Bone Saw’ illegal rule of Saudi Arabia. By AHMAR MUSTIKHAN

At least 2,700 U.S. soldiers are guarding one of the most despicable de facto rulers ever of the Saudi sheikhdom, Mohammed bin Salman, according to Saudi expert Doug Bandow. This is in addition to an elite private army that America’s No. 1 mercenary Erik Prince had helped train for the Saud


Peace crusader Medea Benjamin, others blast State Dept. Lu’s as a liar at Congress hearing

Washington DC: (By AHMAR MUSTIKHAN0 Just like the U.S. never supported Pakistan dictators — Generals Ayub, Zia and Musharraf — and had no role in ouster of the most popular premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and subsequent hanging nearly half century ago, Assistant Secretary Donald Lu had no


Palestine & Kashmir: Similar Struggles of Occupations: By Dr. Imtiaz Khan

Since 1990 Indian forces have unleashed a reign of terror against the freedom loving people of Kashmir who are demanding the implementation of more than 16 substantive United Nations Security Council Resolutions. The acts of savagery by the Indian occupation army are increasing every day and till


Black History Month founders join call upon Hilton Hotels to do justice in Deep South

Washington DC: (By Ahmar Mustikhan) Not many know but Hitler was all praise for White Supremacy in the U.S. and borrowed some of the precepts of his hateful Nazi ideology from Jim Crow. Front page news on the Montgomery Advertiser 5/15/1916 praises the Mississippi Senators for ridding the south o


Both, the USA & India are wrong on CAA. Instead they should try militarily to rehabilitate about 160 million descendants of forcibly displaced Hindus & Muslims in their native land of undivided India. BY Hem Raj Jain

 Instead of spatting over non-issues like CAA, both the USA & India should address the basic issues of human rights (ii)- It is understandable if HIndus left their native land in Pakistan but surprisingly even Sikhs, in the face of violence, left Pakistan, most of which they ruled and we


Second International Day to Combat Islamophobia. By Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Chairman, World Forum for Peace and Justice

Today, the United Nations is observing the Second International Day to Combat Islamophobia. The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on March 15, 2022, which designated 15 March as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia. “It calls for a global dialogue on the promotion


Prez Biden’s hollow boast in 2024 SOTU about ‘US leadership in the world’ wouldn’t convince people in the USA unless launches a ‘ new global order. By Hem Raj Jain

Whether Prez Biden likes it or not without making US-Christinaity a global religion to help the US-establishment  new global order can’t be established (ii)- In this age of Cold war - II the People all over the world of course want the USA to be the leader of the free world but Pr


It is not natural disasters but manmade barriers that block access to TB care. By SHOBHA SHUKLA, BOBBY RAMAKANT

It is not natural disasters (like hurricanes or storms) which block access to TB care services most times, but manmade barriers that fuel injustices, inequities, greed, and risk factors that put people at risk of TB disease and death.

 Since these are manmade barriers, it is we who

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