Violence against women and girls is not cultural but criminal. By SHOBHA SHUKLA

 Violence against women and girls remains the most pervasive human rights violation around the world. It manifests itself in many forms: sexual violence, physical violence, emotional and psychological violence, harmful traditional practices, socio-economic violence, and other forms of gender


Infinite Hope and the Power of Mercy. BY JEFFREY IMM

Our fellow human beings reach for courage in the difficult times and the difficult age we face today. To the many suffering, endangered, or living in mortal fear around the world, the idea of concern for universal human rights may seem naive and absurd. But while we live on this Earth, we are tau


Build the world we want: A healthy future for all. BY SHOBHA SHUKLA

 So goes the theme of this year’s (2022) Universal Health Coverage Day. Air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat are the three basic necessities to sustain life. But the poor quality of any of these can lead to unhealthy outcomes, which we are seeing in today’s world in the


Without Nawaz’s return opportunity, provided by Imran to quit assemblies, can’t be used by Shehbaz to make Pakistan genuine democracy. By Hem Raj Jain (

Allah only knows when will Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif will understand that whatever traction of public opinion the PTI Chief and former Prime Minister Imran Khan is getting is mainly due to the fact that former PM and PML- N supremo Nawaz Sharif has been portrayed by PTI as corrupt


Doha Misused FIFA For Pushing its Extremist Agenda. By Manish Rai

 FIFA world cup is currently going on in Qatar, which indeed is the first Arab and Muslim country to host this global megaevent. Although Qatar is a country of just three million mostly expatriates from South Asia but it will welcome around three million visitors for a month. An estimated fi


Closing window of opportunity to save the medicines that save us from sexually transmitted infections. By SHOBHA SHUKLA

 Antimicrobials have been widely used to fight diseases, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), for nearly 80 years. Penicillin, the world’s first antibiotic, was used for the first time to treat and cure syphilis in 1943. However, bacteria that cause STIs have fought back s


Moment of truth: Will Thailand lead from the front in combating antimicrobial resistance?. By SHOBHA SHUKLA, BOBBY RAMAKANT

 Do we not dread an unfortunate situation of being infected with an incurable (or difficult to treat) disease? We saw how COVID-19 (to which there is no cure yet) jolted not only the global health security but also economic and social security worldwide.

 When medicines stop w


Pak Army Should Go Back to Barracks By Manish Rai

The ouster of Imran Khan as the Prime Minister in April this year has led to an unprecedented backlash against the country’s all-mighty military establishment. People are now openly expressing anti-army sentiments on the streets after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan directly


Fork in the road: Will we protect medicines that protect us or deal with incurable diseases?. By SHOBHA SHUKLA

As the world observes the annual World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) from November 18 to 24, the spotlight is once again on preventing antimicrobial resistance that is not only devastating human health but also threatening the sustainability of our planet earth. Will we protect the medicine


Bangladesh countering KNF separatism and militancy for ensuring peace and stability in CHT region By Saminna Akhter

At one time, separatism reared its head strongly. Mistrust and suspicion arose between the ethnic minors in Chittagong Hill Tracts and the Bengalis. However, through the 1997 peace treaty, the hills became calm. The atmosphere of disunity and mistrust created between the minors and the Bengalis i


STREAM study gives hope for better treatment of drug-resistant TB. By. SHOBHA SHUKLA -

 Description automatically generatedWhen TB bacteria becomes resistant to most effective anti-TB medicines, then it no longer responds to them. As a result, drug-resistant TB becomes harder to treat, treatment is longer and outcomes are not satisfactory, and toxicity and side effects are dee


Myanmar-Bangladesh’s growing trade and business ties in 2022 Year. By Samina Akhter

According to reports of pro-government media outlet of Myanmar, Global New light of Myanmar, Myanmar’s export has been surpassing imports in the cross-border trade with Bangladesh and 8,620.7 tonnes of exports to Bangladesh was estimated at US$10.733 million between April and October in the


Muslim land-grabbers capture Christian Community Centre and violently beat family who protested!

London: (by Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet Chowdhry) A Christian Community Hall  was locked by the son of Muslim Man who later claimed ownership without authority. 

Christians were kept out of their own building for 24 hours after police refused to take action.



Why does Myanmar, Bangladesh pursue military diplomacy? By Samina Akhter

After mortars landed in Bangladesh during attacks against the Arakan Army (AA) in Rakhine State, border soldiers from Bangladesh and Myanmar's junta promised to mend bilateral ties on Sunday.

The Rakhine region of Myanmar, which borders Bangladesh, has seen a number of airspace viol


Imran’s long march with implications beyond Pakistan should be allowed with proper security and law & order. By Hem Raj Jain

Ref:- (i)- Imran's call on Friday to agitate for the resignation of the three the PM Shehbaz, Interior Minister Sanaullah and Maj. Gen Faisal (allegedly responsible for attack on Imran & PTI leaders) is ridiculous (ii)- Responsibility for security of long march was on Punjab government ma

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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