Pakistan, the land of institutional hatred and Islamic zealots. By Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA

In the land of Pakistan hatred continues to grow. This hatred, inspired and ignited by Islamic extremists, is directed against all moderates and all faiths. To make matters worse the institutions inside Pakistan, notably the government, judiciary and police, are also part of the problem in this la


True democracy needs to challenge Islam! By Lee Jay Walker

In the past America, the United Kingdom, and other Western democratic nations could blame the Cold War on supporting despots like Suharto or despotic nations like Saudi Arabia. Yet after the demise of the Cold War, then this no longer applies and democracy \"in your own country\" is not good enough


Who is Christ? By: Khalid Soomro

Political parties and religions propagate their doctrines and the biographies of their
founders through books and the Internet; they try to present their principles in bright colors and exciting propaganda.
The Son of Mary stands gently beside this propaganda. He introduces himself to whoever desi


The Sermon on Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost by Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, Rector at Christ Episcopal Church Wisconsin, USA

Isaiah 5: 1-7, Psalm 80:7-14, Philippians 3: 14-21, Matthew 21:33-43
There is no pain more familiar to many of us than the pain of rejection. Rejection comes in many forms and it can come from various sources, friends, family, a lover or work place. Sometimes rejection comes from our friends. P.


Apostasy from Islam in Pakistan. By Dr. Stephen Gill

Islam is divided into two main sects of Sunni and Shia. Sunnis form the majority in Pakistan and also in Saudi Arabia. They prescribe execution for an apostate from Islam.
Next to Sunnis there are Shias who are mostly in Iran. Shias are about 12 percent in Pakistan. Shias also prescribe execution


Nepal: The case for sanctions and extension of restrictive measures

1. Overview
A delegation of the European Union (EU) Troika is scheduled to visit Nepal from 4 to 6 October 2005. The EU Troika had last visited Nepal in mid-December 2004 and had met the proxy government headed by Sher Bahadur Deuba who is presently in jail.
Despite the intervention of the United


Statistics of Simple Names in the Old Testament Used for Designating GOD. By: Khalid Mansoor Soomro

1. The SIMPLE NAMES used for God in the Old Testament
Name in Hebrew Meaning Frequency
Jahwe the LORD 71,2 % 7620x
Elohim God / gods 24,1 % 2578x
El God 2,8 % 300x
Elowah God 0,5 % 55x
Shaddai (incl. 4x El Shaddai) the Allmighty? 0,5 % 53x
Jaah the LORD 0,4 % 48x
‘Eljon (incl. 2x El


Youhana LBW. By Masood Hasan

While one is delighted to learn that the ranks of the faithful have further swelled with the arrival of test star, Yousaf Youhana, the conversion business having spread into cricket, the manner in which the switch has been conducted gives it a strange and unpleasant twist. This business of what fait


For India and Islam: Maulana Azad’s Vision of Religious Pluralism. By Yoginder Sikand. India

More than fifty years after ‘independence’, India is still struggling hard to come to terms with religious plurality. It is here that the example of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, one of the leading lights of the freedom movement, and one whose legacy is today little known, is particularly va


Yousuf Youhana and Pakistani Christians. By Stephen Bahadur

Pakistan has been established since 1947 and during last 58 years Christian Minority in Pakistan produces only one Yousuf Youhana. Is it possible? Obviously not! Because there were many talented Pakistani Christians in the past who had all the abilities to represent Pakistan at the International Lev


Answer to questions of Dr. Stephen Gill by Jonathan Samson, Melbourne, Australia

The news of Yousef Youhanna’s conversion to Islam has sparked a hot debate among Pakistani Christians all around the world. Many questions have been raised in order to find the reasons and the facts surrounding this event of great per potion. I am one of those Christians of Pakistani origin


Adil Gill comments on Mazdak,s article published in Dawn Karachi in August 13,2005

I feel Mazdak does injustice in the paragraph quoted below and some of what flows from it. A little reminder of history may also be helpful.
Mazdak wrote "For instance, while Jesus taught us to 'turn the other cheek' if slapped, the Old Testament encourages Jews, and later, Christians, to seek veng


Answer to Dr. Stephen Gill’s questions on Yousaf Yahona. By Bishop Timotheus Nasir

With due respect, I would like to answer Dr. Stephen Gill’s questions on apostasy of Yousaf Yahonan.

Question No. 1. Did they (Christianity community) pray to God, so that Yousaf Yahona could be selected to the cricket team?

Answer No 1. Yes, before Yousaf Yahona’s selection ever


God's Love Toward a Radical Muslim

I am no more than an ordinary man who has been spending life as if knowing nothing. I was born in a wealthy Muslim family in Pakistan, but when I was a few months old, I was carried to Saudi Arabia by my father. When I was about six, my mom passed away. As I grew older I had so many questions like a


Interfaith Harmony, why one sided? By Bishop T. Nasir

As a Pakistani national or/and subject, I am proud of my President General Pervez Musharraf’s speech at UN General Assembly on Interfaith co-operation., peace and harmony among all major religions in the world. I know my President’s moderate views on religious issues and his quest for

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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