Reverend Parvez Masih and the Blasphemy Laws. By James R. Reese, Knight Grand Officer.

Rev. Parvez Masih is not in jail for a crime of violence. He has not been charged with stealing or fraud. Nor is he suspecting of dealing drugs, breaking any traffic laws, or even littering. No, Rev. Parvez Masih is in jail for a crime most of the world cannot even comprehend: the crime of "ins


Lahore or, the Islamic gale Commentary by David Warren

(In the traffic circle that lay between them stood the gun, Zam-- Zamah, familiar to readers of Rudyard Kipling's wonderful tale, Kim.) My father earned a Pakistani wage, later, when he worked for the United Nations, we were rich and in my early childhood we could hardly afford to live the life asso


The ISIC Briefing. Human Rights and Human Wrongs. Sharia can't be an exception to international human-rights norms. By David G. Littman

The debate centered on which "rights" - political, economic, and social - were to be included among the Universal Instruments. In the 1960s, with the arrival of a large number of third-world states that had not been present in 1948, there were discussions as to whether new states were bound by those


Why are you bent upon to destroy Pakistan? AN OPEN LETTER TO QAZI HUSSAIN AHMAD, Amir-e- Jamat-e-Islami. By Bishop Timotheus Nasir.

I shall take up this statements mad by you latter on. At this time I want to take you back in the history of Islam and Pakistan. And yet before I take up the history of Islam and Pakistan, your own history and the history of the Islamic religious/political parties. Your predecessors Jamat-e-Islami a


Why Christians live in FEAR? By Bishop T. Nasir.

Though every nation got involved in war against terrorism, the Christian world and Christians of the world have not come out of the dilemma of fear and terror. The so-called Christian America and other Christian states have spent billions of dollars to ensure safety, yet some where in the world an a


Ahmed and Cook different in names, same in deed. By Swaali

Professor Ashtiaq takes delight in making ignorant remarks about the heads of two great nations, namely US and UK. They are worse than moron and are delirious, impatient, are some of the ways Ashtiaq describes them. It's curious that some Pakistan papers pour out similar invectives.

Perhaps thi


Editorial on INS. By Geoffery Cook.

I am, also, a Christian as the editorial writer. I actively serve in my Episcopal (Anglican) Diocese as a laymen on two committees plus a parish committee -- all related to human rights in one way or the other. As a South Asian expert, I have been trying to spread information on the plight of Chri


Just and unjust war. By Ishtiaq Ahmed. Moderator Asia Peace.

As we approach 27 January 2003 the big question in everybody's mind is: what will the UN inspection team say about Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction? All peace-loving and fair-minded people hope that no punitive action is taken against Iraq until and unless its guilt has been


The End in Sight. By Rt. Rev Dr. Major Timotheus Nasir.

This man who had preached against Christianity and the local Christian community, had openly declared "War on Christians" had already stoned the houses of Christians, And had given a "Fatwa" that "each Christian killed will ensure "Jannat" (paradise) for the killer. On of his son is reportedly fight


From India To Pakistan. "Let us raise our voices but" by Pastor Justus Chandrabose, Kerala, India.

John was inspired to leave his home and to be in the wilderness. According to human thinking this was really foolish. But the work and the deeds of God is beyond human imagination. God wanted John to spend sometime in wilderness. He left all he had and was left there all alone.
Wilderness is a pla


SIGNIFICANT TRENDS AND SITUATIONS OF 2002 THAT COULD IMPACT 2003. By Elizabeth Kendal. WEA Religious Liberty Commission.

"The Religious Liberty Commission of World Evangelical Alliance identifies global trends to alert people to the ongoing struggles faced daily by believers worldwide," states Rev. Johan Candelin, Executive Director of the commission. "Christmas is a time to meditate on the mystery of God and His gif


"Do Christian deserve death?" An Open Letter to PM Pakistan by Rev. Dr. Rashid Gill from Canada.

Moreover, it is interesting to know that you have been renowned player of hockey. We genuinely expect that you shall also show sportsman spirit in the game of politics.

Dear Sir I am writing this note to draw your attention to the killings of innocent Christians living in Pakistan. This is not th


BIRTH AND DEATH OF JESUS - PROVED. By Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc. UK.

Why the Virgin Birth? - The answer is very simple to the twice-born people of "spirit", who are capable of "perceiving" and "intuition" based upon logical reasoning. At the same time it is well beyond the apprehension of the once-born people of "flesh", who are capable of "seeing" only and they b


An Indian Muslim brother on " Pakistan minorities"<br>Mr.Ibrahim. India

The recent success of the MMA in the elections has nothing to do with Christians at all. Their gains were made on the opposition to the war in Afghanistan and the presence of foreign troops in Pakistan. No country in the world, certainly not the United States, would allow foreign troops into their c


ON THE NEW YEAR.... By Dr. Stephen Gill

they have grown in strength
in the gloom of violence.
If nights were replaced by days
just by thinking,
the corners of darkness
would have been lit by now.
Eaters of stale crumbs
in the mornings
should have been welcomed
by the appetizing smells
of fresh and warm foods.
The hours of suffe

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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