"X'MAS SPIRIT' Peace poetry. Dr. Stephen Gill. Canada.

I see her
in the festive rush
that is tiring
and cards
which people have no time to send
but they do.
I see her
in the sounds of Joy
to the World
and Jingle Bells
cranked out of loudspeakers
in malls and street corners.
she is missing
from the victims of wars
which seem to be ro


Gloomy Christmas 2002. By Bishop Timotheus Nasir

The Church leadership, eager to join the "main stream" of Pakistan Political System and to get equal status with the Muslim majority. Our identity as Pakistani Christian was finished and we became "None Muslim Pakistanis". What happened after becoming "None Muslim Pakistanis" the politicized church


New Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams: Theologian, Bishop and Poet. By Joseph Gelfer. London

The aspect the surprised me most about Rowan at the time, and now the media at large, is his receptiveness to less-than-orthodox ideas and attitudes. Even if someone of his position does have unusual opinions (and I suspect that's a rarity) you would expect them to keep it a bit hush-hush. Rowan app


Overcoming Difficult Trial Sharing From South Korea. By: Angela Watkins. USA

Peter starts off by stating: This passage teaches us the life of four young men who maintain their faith and witness the truth in their terrible situation. To under stand this passage better I want to explain you the background:

You know the Israel people were the chosen Nation of God to revel


A History Forlorn. By Kenny Lee Kian Yee. Malaysia.

Hitherto, when reflecting upon the schism of the Christian community, this sorrowful reality is often contemplated with the company of bitter tears and melancholy. It seems all a paradoxical truth that in the consumption of theological faith that the risen Christ had -in intellectual and spiritual e


Elections 2002 and Pakistani Christians. By Asif Mall. UK

When we study the history of the Christian representation is the National (Legislative) Assembly of Pakistan; we find out that Christians were given 4 seats in the Pakistan Legislative Assembly in 1947, when the house was of 48 seats. This means that Christians had 8.3% representation in the Nationa


How caste operates theologically 'non-caste' cultures?<br>By Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Moderator Asia peace.

What we also know is that despite having theologies, which are not caste-dependent South Asian Islam, Christianity and Sikhism also practice caste in different ways. The general rule is that the superior caste or biradari does not give its daughter to inferior biradaris but is usually willing to tak


The Second Coming of Jesus.<br>By Angela Watkins. USA

The good news of Jesus was and is to be shared, preached, spread to all Judea and Samaria (Acts 8:1-25), From African (Acts 8:26-40), From Asia "Saul of Tarsus" (Acts 9:1-31) Peter in Western Palestine, From Europe "cornelius of Italy (Acts 10:1-48) and The Judean Church mission was to the Gentiles


Beginnings, Births & Origins of HIS - TORY. By Angela Watkins. USA

Let journey back in time between 1446 and 1406 B.C. and visit the writer of the Book of Genesis which will be Moses (author of the Pentateuch/The Torah first five (5) books of the Holy Bible). Keep this thought in mind "ALL MANKIND IS PRECIOUS."

Genesis 25:1 "Then again Abraham took a wife, and


"TOLERANCE" By Dr. Stephen Gill. Canada.

Tolerance has become more valued in the present situation that is going almost beyond control in some countries, particularly in the region of South Asia, for religious and ethnic reasons. Their formation of an unholy marriage between science and fanaticism is digging a grave for the quest for harmo


Tampering of Objective Resolution is condemnable. By Rev. Dr. Rashid Gill, Canada.

But it is unfortunate that some negative elements that were against the creation of Pakistan at the first place did not keep silent even after the creation of Pakistan. As and when they got a chance, they tried to unstable Pakistan. Sometimes, they objected that the creation of Pakistan at the loss


From India - To Pakistan. "We are not divided" By Justus Chandrabose. India

Jesus has many disciples in both nations who are paying a great price for their faith in Him.

Christians take many efforts to live by facing perils, persecutions, and tribulations. Moreover they are even rejected from social and legal justice. Christians are not respected as the citizen in their


The RSS Justified Massacre of Sikhs in 1984.<br>By Shamsul Islam.Asiapeace.

Hundreds of Sikh religious places were destroyed with countless commercial and residential properties owned by Sikhs. It has been a general belief that Congress cadres were behind this mayhem. This is true but there were other fascist and communal forces also which actively participated in this mass


The Terror Targets Christians<br>Guest Writer: Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed

Pakistani Information Minister Nisar Memon condemned the attack, saying those who carried it out were enemies of Pakistan. He also extended the assurance that Pakistan's cooperation with the world community in the war against terrorism would continue. In subsequent statements, the police and even Ge


Islamic Terrorism - 7 Things That You Need To Know & What You Need To Do.<br>By Pastor Jim Croft. USA

7 Things the Islamic experts won't tell you!

1) About Islam's worldview - The Muslims of Islamic states, and many within the USA, have the tradition of a worldview that divides humanity into two opposing halves. Dar al-Islam, The House of Islam, is the zone where Islam rules. The other side is

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