J Salik and his book.

By Dr. Stephen Gill (Canada)

Around the city after blackening his face; another time, he carried a coffin with him. He is known for crucifying himself on the cross, and calling a press conferences while bleeding from his head. He is also known for walking barefoot to attend sessions of the


Blasphemy Laws And Minorities.

In 1927 amendments were made to this formulation and Section 295- A was added. According to this, punishment could be doled out to those who had the "deliberate and malicious intention of outraging" the religious sentiments of any class of citizens, by words written or spoken, or by visible signs. T


The Philosophy of The Boycott of Local Bodies Elections by Professor Salamat Akhtar

It is a glaring fact that The Local Bodies Elections play a vital role in the development of democratic and human values in a democratic state. These institutions have double importance. They are the Centers of Leadership training and at the same time they enable the elected members to solve various



I am writing it with very sad that after highly and unforgetable secrifies Of old missionaries the future of Christianity is not bright here. Specially in Remote areas. It has various reasons. There detail you can see as under.
1-Lack of Education
It is an established realty that no nation Can sta


Separate electorate and minorities

Regarding the brave participation and support in Pakistan movement by the Christians of sub continent of India and by the elected leaders through separate electorate under 1935 act of India of unionist party on costing favorable vote in roundtable conference and Boundry commission. The separate elec



The leadership of Bughti is the soul
and spirit of JWP and its role in political system of Pakistan is so vital and
effective the no movement in restoration of democracy is complete in Pakistan.
Its based in Quetta the Provincial headquarters of Balouchistan. Balouchistan
being smaller in popu

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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