US-Palestinians should be happy not fooled by ceasefire rather should mobilize bi-partisan support for ‘one-State-solution’ with 'right of return'. By Hem Raj Jain

No doubt it is good news when unnecessary loss of lives, blood and properties have stopped after 11 days of senseless periodic (after every few years) fighting when Israel and Hamas agreed a ceasefire on Friday in a truce, mediated by Egypt. But people will be living in fool’s paradise if t


Allah has given opportunity to prove its boast “Pakistan the only country created for Islam”. By Hem Raj Jain

Golden (rather blessing in disguise) opportunity for Pakistan to serve Allah / Islam by taking initiative to usher the entire Muslim world (with OIC) into human rights friendly modern, powerful and progressive secular democratic world, by solving Palestinian problem.

--Pakistanis are ne


Why reduce speed limit to 30 km/h? “Answer is blowin’ in the wind”. By Bobby Ramakant

Due to the Covid lockdown in 2020, though the number of road traffic accidents declined yet deaths did not decline in the same proportion because people drive at higher speeds which continued to result in fatal accidents. Every year, more than 1.3 million people die in road traffic crashes &ndash


Ghani Can Learn From Assad How to Survive. By Manish Rai

The US military is rapidly working on its complete withdrawal from Afghanistan. The US has closed an important base in volatile Helmand province. The US air force transport planes are regularly departing taking back with them military hardware. It is planned that around 1,300 pieces of equipment


Pakistan should stop 1.8 billion Muslims from expecting handful Palestinians to offer continued martyrdom for Al-Aqsa and motherland. By Hem Raj Jain

Whether people not only from Muslim world, rest of the world and especially in its arch rival (rather enemy) India like it or not, the providence has given to Pakistan the key for not only solving the Palestine problem peacefully but also to bring a fundamental change in global political order. T


Indian farmers should demand from Govt to move UN for investigation into US-China role in developing Coronavirus and for future safeguards. By Hem Raj Jain

One can only hope that India, the self-appointed ‘Vishva Guru’ (teacher of the world) will show a way to the world for avoiding in future such catastrophic pandemic as Corona 1, 2 etc.

Professor M.D. Nalapat is a renowned & respected defense / strategy expert in India an


US-Muslims can easily solve Palestinian’s problem by secular non-violent march for their rehabilitation through ‘One-State-solution’. By Hem Raj Jain

Muslims have tried so long to solve Palestinian problem through violent communal approach without success hence for once they should try effective no-violent secular approach.

The on-going all-out war between Israelis and Palestinians as mentioned at



Do not miss the writing on the wall: Managing asthma well is key to living life normally. By Shobha Shukla

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceIf essential and lifesaving medicines and proper care are available, accessible and affordable for all people with asthma, they can manage their asthma properly and lead a normal life. On this year’s World Asthma Day, Dr Guy Marks, P


Kashmir issue is screeching for the global media campaign. By Dr. Imtiaz Khan

Currently there is lot of ongoing talk about backdoor negotiations between India and Pakistan apparently facilitated by a middle eastern country, UAE. There is more than what meets the eye, as a miniscule nation like UAE has a limited clout to persuade the two nuclear powers to participate in a p


Christian majority USA should live up to pro- human-rights Christian values in Afghanistan. By Hem Raj Jain

Instead of relying on communal Pakistan, after May 9 terrorist attack in Kabul on children (mostly girls), US-Congress & Prez Biden should think of bringing Afghanistan under UN-Trusteeship

It is hoped that the blast at school on May 9, 2021  in the Afghan capital Kabul in whic


Presently China can easily win India and defeat Western democracy led by USA, if instead of mocking India dominates it politically. By Hem Raj Jain

The prominent US-media is right when it criticizes China for mocking India (with images of cremation pyre in India) which is overwhelmed by and who’s medical system has collapsed due to the coronavirus. India is widely regarded in China as an example of the flaws of democratic systems. 


Would EU Resolution be helpful for protection 0f Christian and repeal of Blasphemy laws in Pakistan. By Sardar Mushtaq Gill

It is reality that over the past some years there has been an alarming surge in the accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan. Even within the days of pandemic, many of these accusations targeted individuals particularly Christians the most marginalized sect in society. It has been seen that the whole


Leave us alone, two Baloch feminists tell Kangana Ranaut. By Ahmar Mustikhan

Two prominent Baloch feminists rebuked top Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut over her tweet about an independent Balochistan, perhaps showing the Baloch have lost trust in Indian support to their cause.

“I will definitely visit Balochistan when it becomes an independent nation, rig


Big Power Politics & The Muslim World. By Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

First of all, let me clarify that not all Muslims rebel, but some do. Not all rebellions are about self-determination, but some are. Civilization and international peace and security will pay a steep price if the only answer to Muslim discontent is bloody fists, not democratic openings. A survey


Blasphemy Laws and Religious Freedom. By Sardar Mushtaq Gill

 It is advocated that religious freedom is the fundamental right of every human being. Every religion claims to give religious liberty to others considering that one of the basic teachings of its religion is a religious freedom, but most of the religious people do not practice it. Religious

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