Deoband controversy after ‘Taliban in Afghanistan’ episode, relevant to secular-democratic-MODERN world.By Hem Raj Jain

An Islamic seminary was founded in 1866 at Deoband (in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India) which is considered one of the most conservative seminaries of Islamic teaching. As per ‘Organizer’ the mouthpiece of the RSS (which controls Hindutva forces / BJP which is ruling in many States


Why Afghan Forces Melted So Quickly? By Manish Rai

The Taliban now control almost the whole of Afghanistan including the capital city, Kabul, almost two decades since they were driven out by US troops. It was widely expected that after the United States complete withdrawal the Taliban will make significant territorial gains. But no one


Moving HIV prevention and treatment tools from the lab to all those in need. By Shobha Shukla

Description automatically generatedthe fore the promise of more effective and long-term solutions to help people living with HIV to thrive and not just survive. Today we have a buffet of HIV prevention options (such as, oral daily PrEP, once-a-month vaginal dapivirine ring for women, 2-monthly lo


Pakistan’s Mango Diplomacy towards Bangladesh: will be able to strengthen better ties? By MD Pathik Hasan

According to Bangladeshi media and Pakistan High commission office to Bangladesh, like last year, Pakistan government has sent fresh Pakistani mangoes to the President, PM and other considered person’s of Bangladesh. The president of Pakistan has sent gift of fresh world famous Pakistani ma


Would US-administration & media (especially WP) have remained silent (despite Pegasus revelations) if Khashoggi was White American Christian. By Hem Raj Jain

In the USA the European Americans are the largest panethnic group of White Americans and have constituted the majority population of the United States and they are the source of real hard & soft power for the USA. For the simple reason that they endeavor maximum to not only keep the USA a pre


A bouquet of novel compounds: New treatment options for HIV. By Shobha Shukla

Description automatically generatedIt was 40 years ago when the first case of HIV infection was diagnosed. Since then, 77.5 million people have been infected with the virus and 34 million people have died from AIDS-related causes. While a lot has been achieved in terms of providing lifesaving ant


In cold war II between Western v/s Chinese / Islamic democracy, Ghani (in Aug 2 Parliament address) underestimated Islam & China. By Hem Raj Jain

Presently the US-policy in Afghanistan is full of contradiction which is evident from the fact that the USA is giving money, intelligence, air support etc to Afghan government (with huge number of about 3 hundred thousand fighters with Afghan government as per Prez Biden) to fight the Taliban but


Without working for ‘Independent-secular-democratic-Tibet’ India can’t solve it’s Afghanistan, J&K and N-E problems. By Hem Raj Jain

After end of cold war between West led by the USA v/s USSR (which resulted war between them in Afghanistan in which Pakistan helped the West in developing militant Jihadis against USSR) these militant Jihadis from Afghanistan were sent to Kashmir by Pakistan which resulted in terrorist activities


National Mobilizations Will Push Back Taliban: General Ata Mohammad Noor: Interview by Manish Rai

General Ata Mohammad Noor, Leader of Jamiat-e Islami Afghanistan and the Former Governor of Balkh Province have been the most important strongman and commander in North Afghanistan. Currently, General Ata visited Qatari capital Doha to attend peace talks with Taliban but now he is busy in the mob


One size does not fit all: Expanding the buffet of choices for preventing HIV. By Shobha Shukla

Description automatically generatedGreat strides have been made in HIV prevention, treatment and care, since the first case of the viral infection was reported 40 years ago. Thanks to the untiring efforts of the HIV community, activists, and medical fraternity, 74% (27.5 million) of the 37.7 mill


China (for protecting BRI after Dasu) may install ‘Chinese democracy’ in Afghanistan by replacing CCP by ‘Afghan Islamic clergy’. By Hem Raj Jain

The Afghans who are wishing & praying for the victory of Afghan government forces over Taliban are living in fool’s paradise if they are thinking that recent airstrike by the USA on Taliban in support of Afghan forces ( as reported at https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2021-0


Tale of two pandemics: Follow the science and do not forget one at the cost of the other. By Shobha Shukla

Description automatically generatedCovid-19 has posed innumerable health, economic, and social challenges for all, including people living with HIV. It has exposed the fragility of health systems around the globe and has diverted political attention and funding from other infectious diseases like


US-led West pressurizing Taliban for ‘Peace’ tantamount to offering Afghanistan to ISIS with huge implications for Kashmir & Xinjiang. By Hem Raj Jain

On July 21 as per Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark A. Milley,  the Taliban has acquired much territory during the last 10 months and 212 of the 419 district centers in Afghanistan are now under Taliban control but he said none of the 34 provincial capitals have been seize


India should warn Taliban of military help to SECULAR Afghan Govt, if Doha & other peace talks fail. Hem Raj Jain

The Afghan Government and Taliban have been doing peace talks in Doha (Qatar). The chances of success of these and other peace talks will increase tremendously if India issues a warning that it will help the GoA militarily in case Taliban do not arrive at a peaceful settlement and continue to use


Without first fixing the USA, India can’t address its military concerns at Sino-AF-Pak fronts. By Hem Raj Jain

Col (Ret) Ajai Shukla is right when he says in an interview on ‘The Wire’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv258JA7RFs ) that military personnel deployed at Eastern Ladakh are worried about Chinese activities over there which Government of India (GoI) is denying hence they (as ‘

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