Bangladesh case: What is the need for diplomatic channels if ambassadors become critical in the media or in public on all minor matters? By Nandita Roy

Foreign diplomats poking their noses at the country's internal affairs does not fall within the Vienna Convention. Although the government has repeatedly expressed its enthusiasm on this matter, the foreign ambassadors are not stopping talking. The government warned the ambassadors and heads


USA becoming a death destination for Expatriate Bangladeshis. By Taslima Hyat

Gun deaths are now a contemporary global human rights concern. Anyone can be affected by firearm violence worldwide, but the rising trend of gun-related injuries in several states is alarming in the USA. The country is witnessing a surge in gun violence as the gun purchase rate has reached its hi


WHO award shines spotlight on Thailand's statistical agency and tobacco control? By BOBBY RAMAKANT

Tobacco industry has used deception and lies to market its deadly tobacco products and lure children and young people to killer addiction over the decades. But it was only data, science and evidence that provided rock solid ground to health justice and corporate accountability advocates worldwide


NYT before eulogizing HIndutva- BJP- Modi should have known their power structure is nothing more than house of cards. By Hem Raj Jain

US-christianity is not interested in becoming global religion hence let Islam do so in the interest of establishing a new global order (ii)- Despite anti-Muslim nationalism of 'Hindutva' forces in India , MBS & Sheikh Al- Issa can easily make Islam the dominant global power if they wo


Tomorrow is never safe as gun deaths rising awfully in USA. By Erina Haque

Gun violence is a contemporary global human rights issue. Anyone can be affected by firearm violence worldwide, but the rising trend of gun-related injuries in several states is alarming in the USA. The country is witnessing a surge in gun violence as the gun purchase rate has reached its highest


Strategically will prove costly to the West if Prez Biden fails to dissuade India from committing same blunder in Mizoram as it did about Kashmiri Pandits in J&K. By Hem Raj Jain

Hindutva forces prescribing the same remedy to Meiteis of Mizoram which was tried in case of Kashmiri Pandits. (ii)- Hindu majority India will repent if treats Indian Christians in its North East (supported by powerful Christian West) like Indian Muslims 

It is no secret that the U


Strong local actions are pivotal to reduce NCDs, TB and tobacco use in Bangladesh. By SHOBHA SHUKLA, and BOBBY RAMAKANT

Unless global goals do not become a reality in the lives of every person worldwide, we will fail to deliver on those promises. Local actions are key. That is why the Mayors of several municipalities in Bangladesh and other local government leaders and experts had united to form the Bangladesh May


602 people, including Bangladeshis, were killed by the police in the United States in 6 months. By Samina Akhter, human and women rights activist

Syed Faisal Arif, a Bangladeshi student of the Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the United States, was shot dead by the police last January. Ever since Faisal, a computer science student of Dattamara Union in Fatikchari, Chittagong, was killed, his family has been deman


Supreme Court ought to take suo-moto cognizance of Christian tribal women (under police custody) publicly gang raped & paraded naked in Manipur. By Hem Raj Jain

CHristian women (under police custody) could be publicly gang raped and paraded naked speaks volumes about communally poisoned State of Hindu majority India (ii)-NO surprise if the NHRC again proves itself to be a white elephant. (iii)- one shudders to think what would have happened if these wome


How can Australia be a market like the United States for Bangladesh in terms of clothing exports? By Nandita Roy

The Bangladesh Apparel Summit was organized on 18 July 2023 in Melbourne to showcase the strength and transformation of Bangladesh's RMG industry as a safe and sustainable apparel sourcing hub to the world.

This was the first summit organized abroad by Bangladesh Garments Manufactur


Why Muslim countries must unite in favor of the rights of Kashmiri Muslims? By Dr. Ibrahim Islam

Oppression still continues in Kashmir. Many images of torture are not coming out due to lack of access to impartial media. The Hindu government of India does not stop at suppressing the Muslims of Kashmir. In the name of NRC, millions of Muslims from every state have been expelled from India. Alt


UN should probe structure of torture in Kashmir. By Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General, World Kashmir Awareness Forum

‘The Committee Against Torture’ which is headed by Ambassador Claude Heller of Mexico, is having its seventy-seventh session in Geneva which will continues until July 28, 2023. ‘The Committee Against Torture’, ‘The Subcommittee for the Prevention of Torture,’ &


Are Foreign diplomats in Bangladesh playing roles like internal political activists? By Pathik Hasan, a Dhaka based security and strategic affairs analyst

Foreign diplomats become active when the election time approaches. Their activity becomes like a political party. While the ruling party protested this breach of etiquette, the opposition parties rightly took their word for it. Sometimes prompting them to be more active. They are also seen going


Midway to Agenda 2030: Why are we off the track on gender equality? By SUMITA THAPAR

 With only 90 months left to fulfil the Agenda 2030 promises made by our governments 90 months ago, we are far off the track. A United Nations report released this week shows that out of the 114 countries studied, not one has achieved gender equality. Over 99% women and girls live in a count


Burning the Quran is not pleasant. By Dr. Ibrahim Islam

Al-Qur'an is the book of guidance sent by Allah Ta'ala. In this Quran, there are all the guidelines for managing the life of mankind. From the beginning of creation, Allah Ta'ala has described the words of all the Prophets and Messengers and the descriptions of various heavenly books

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