Jesus Christ is coming soon perhaps today.


By Wilson Paul
Let us wake up and see with open eyes, how many souls being killed in our surrounding. It is not our duty to save these poor souls? Be the bold soldiers of Christ and be equipped with spiritual weapons, and erase all the satanic

A day will come soon when we will see the followers of Jesus Christ in Christ's glory those who laid down their lives to save the poor souls and never to care of their health and wealth as well as their lives for the fulfillment of Jesus Christ's teaching And commandment they have entered in the kingdom of God. May we stand before Jesus Christ on the Day of Judgment and we should not ashamed on that day. *PRAYING FOR YOU IN THIS SPIRITUAL BATTLE*/ IN CHRIST YOU'RE BROTHER WILSON PAUL (FOUNDER & PRESIDENT) UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP DO YOU KNOW? 1. Christian nation is the great minority in Pakistan. 2. Admissions are not given to poor Christian Students in missionary educational institutions and no Facilities are given to them as given to others who Belong to rich families. 3. By name religious and political leaders going to Damage the strength and talents of young people who Is the treasurer of the nations and leading them in? Wrong way. 4.Money maker leaders have made Christianity a bussiness' this act they insult the purity of Religion, and making strong the demolitionist And weakens the Church. INTRODUCTION: United Christian Fellowship is a non-profit Christian Organization Founded in July 1997 through out staff and support team .Our vision is to serve the humanity, preach and spread love among the nations with out discrimination of caste, creed and religion. VOLUNTEERS: There fore to him that knoweth to do good, "And doeth it Not, to him it is Sin." James: 4:17 Volunteers who serve their communities by providing support the work of United Christian Fellowship. Many volunteers belong to the prayer support Team that meets monthly to communicate needs and facilitate the work. OUR AIMS AND OBJECTS 1.To held the social and religious seminars to bring up the talents of the young Christians in both ways socially and spiritually. 2.To propagate the message of love and good news in all over the world and to make it effective. 3.To help the widows and the poor students those who did not complete their education due to financial problems. 4.To work for the betterment of children. 5.We also hope to setup and run welfare centers for destitute, free dispensaries as well as educational, cultural and social project. 6.It is our heartfelt desire to promote peace in the whole world and contribute the progress and prosperity among the nations and to remove social evils from Society. 7.Struggle for human rights and to cooperate with Govt. officials in any accidental events in social concern. If you wish to receive more information about Unite Christian Fellowship Pakistan please contact us and we will be very happy to assist you. MR.MUSHTAQ ANWAR SECRETARY INFORMATION & PUBLIC RELATION HEAD OFFICE# 767 STREET NO.9 AZAM BASTI KARACHI.75460 PAKISTAN PHONE: 544675-5386511

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