Bhim Singh extends Eid Greetings to Muslim fraternity

New Delhi: September 24, 2015. (PCP) Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate & Specialist in Islamic Law and Middle-East Affairs extended Eid Greetings to the Muslim fraternity all over the world with a hope and trust that the two messages of Islam; Peace, tolerance and equity shall reach everywhere in the world in the 21st century which is century of Information & Technology. Prof.Bhim Singh also invited the scholars, the intelligentsia, the parliamentarians, the academicians and the historians to study the Islamic history and its religious literature to understand the meaning and message of Islam. He regretted that the Western power today have joined hands under political interest to create confusion in the Middle-East and in the Islamic world for material and political gains which is obvious from the unrest created by vested interest in the Middle-East. Prof.Bhim Singh said that European Bloc led by Anglo-American Axis has initiated a campaign to demonize some of the Arab leaders with utter mala fide reasons and with sole interest to grab political control over the Arab countries rich in earth wealth. He quoted Iraq, Libya, Sudan and some of the countries which were doing fantastic work at home for the development of their people. He held world media as responsible for the chaos and misrepresentation about the Arab people and its leadership. He accused Anglo-American Bloc for the abuse of power and their military nexus like NATO which have been used by the white-Christian rulers to disrupt peace in the Arab World. He said it was Anglo-American Block which betrayed the Arabs in Palestine by dividing an ancient land of the Prophets. Planting a Zionist State in Palestine was an international crime committed by all the big powers including USA and USSR by using the platform of the United Nations. He held Anglo-American Bloc responsible for diverting the attention of the world on the violation of UN Resolutions by Israel by raising sectarian and anti-Arab issues. Prof.Bhim Singh, who has been a close friend of Yasir Arafat and Saddam Hussein said that they were liquidated by one way or the other as it happened with Col. Qaddafi of Libya. He regretted that India failed to discharge its international obligations after the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. In a special message of Eid-ul-Azha to the Muslims of the world Prof.Bhim Singh said that Islam means Peace, its philosophy is based on mutual co-existence and tolerance. This message the new generation must carry across the world so that the misgivings and understanding created by the vested interests shall be washed away with the waters of the Arabian Sea. Prof.Bhim Singh also expressed regrets the way some of the politicians from the ruling class are working under the dictates of sectarian groups to create a conflict among the peace loving citizens of India which is one of the most secular, democratic and peace loving countries of the world and where every religion is treated with dignity and respect before the Law and Constitution. Prof.Bhim Singh extended Eid Greetings to entire Muslim fraternity in India too from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

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