Kashmir Rallies & Conferences in the United Kingdom & Europe on Black Day 5th August


UK: Overseas Pakistani/Kashmiri diaspora organise a black day protests all over Europe, UK and Scotland on 5th August outside the Indian High Commissions and consulates in major cities.

Through a telephonic conference between President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani, Chairman Global Pak & Kashmir Supreme Council Raja Sikander Khan and the leading Kashmiri Leader & President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Scotland Baillie Muhammad Hanif Raja MBEĀ  decided and agreed by the trio leaders that President Tehreek e Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani will organise the Black day protests outside all the Indian Embassies consulates across all the major cities of UK & Europe, Chairman Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Raja Sikander Khan will organise the Black Day protest outside the Indian High Commission London and Bailli Muhammad Hanif Raja MBE will organise the seminars & protest in different cities of Scotland.

Bailie Muhammad Hanif Raja MBE President Tehreek e Kashmir Scotland said that The 5th August will be marked as black day every year in future as on 5th August 2019 last year the Fascist BJP Indian Government led by Fascist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi revoked article 370 & 35A by taking the identity of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmiri people, by revocation of special status of Jammu & Kashmir via scrapping of the Article 370 & 35A of the constitution of India and the introduction of Jammu & Kashmir reorganisation act 2019 with its demographic changes and placing curfew with strict lockdown in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir without any warning given to people of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir in order they could have stocked up with food and essentials, even their internet and phones services were disconnected, a year has almost passed but the curfew & lockdown is still in place.

Fahim Kayani President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK said that Tehreek e Kashmir UK & Europe has announced fifteen days justice for Kashmir Campaign from 1st to 15th August, 2020 in the United Kingdom and different countries of Europe. The Black Day protests will be held in all the major cities of Europe, UK and Scotland, they will be protested/demonstrated peacefully to show the world that while the world remained tackling the COVID-19 crises but India very Shamelessly increased the atrocities, the torture and human rights violations on innocent people of Indian Occupied jammu & Kashmir and the world should pressurise the Fascist BJP Indian Government to lift the curfew & lockdown and revert back the article 370 & 35A and give the fundamental birthright of self determination to the people of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmiri people.

Speaking to media today the Chairman Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Raja Sikander Khan stated that he had written to the appropriate authority the London Metropolitan Police few weeks ago with reference to the Black Day protest on 5th August outside the Indian High Commission London and have spoken with the London Metropolitan Police and have confirmed with them that he is the organiser of Black Day protest which will be taking place on 5th August 2020 at 1.00pm and the London Metropolitan Police will be providing the barriers and the police guards to maintain the law & order.

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