NPP urges President of India to call urgent meeting of all J&K recognized political parties


New Delhi: NPP Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh has urged President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind to convene an urgent meeting of all the recognized political parties in J&K to seek their opinion on what needs to be done to save Jammu and Kashmir from the present disaster created by forcing statehood into two Union Territories namely, Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

NPP Supremo has urged the President of India to call an urgent meeting of all three recognized political parties namely, National Conference, PDP and J&K National Panthers Party as there are only three recognized political parties in J&K including in Ladakh also. NPP Supremo has strongly argued with Kashmir-based regional political parties like National Conference and PDP to wash the present situation and the temperament of some national political parties in the country. He advised National Conference and PDP leaders to keep in mind that JKNPP is also a recognized political party in J&K and Ladakh and no political party shall be allowed to ignore Jammu province and its leadership. He hoped that the present situation created in J&K shall be understood by the Kashmiri political parties also who have been calling all party meeting as it is appearing in the newspapers with no political participation of Panthers Party which has a strong mandate of the people. NPP Supremo conveyed to NC leaders to consult the leadership of PDP and JKNPP also. He said that Article 370 has totally a different meaning and mandate compared to Article 35-A in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution. Prof.Bhim Singh advised National Conference leadership and the PDP that the situation deserves to be discussed in a close meeting of the leadership of all the three recognized political parties. He expressed surprise that some Kashmiri leaders claiming to be representatives of all J&K people have failed to understand that Article 35-A was not the part of the Indian Constitution as it was introduced by the Presidential Order in 1954 only to keep the control of Chapter-III on fundamental rights. Article 35-A was only a three months mandate to keep Kashmiri leader Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah without claiming any fundamental right in 1954. NPP Supremo, a Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court and Bar-at-Law has been arguing and even today his writ petition is pending in the Supreme Court against the existence of Article 35-A.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Kashmiri leaders have forgotten that fundamental rights were taken away from J&K by 35-A and that could not have lasted for more than six months though this 35-A remained an illegal law for several years. He said that J&K Public Safety Act imposed by J&K Assembly was illegal, unconstitutional and could not have survived today when 35-A is gone.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that his writ petition is still pending in the Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality/validity of Article 35-A. He conveyed to the Kashmiri leadership in NC and PDP that no democratic leadership shall allow the fundamental rights to be squeezed by any law. He said that Article 35-A was unconstitutional, is still unconstitutional and many political leaders including Ms. Mehbooba Mufti are still suffering under illegal and unconstitutional law. He hoped that Dr. Farooq Abdullah shall also remember that it was this law which had kept Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah in illegal prison after dismissing him from the power.

 He said that he is planning to hold a meeting with the leadership of all three recognized political parties first and sort out that Article 370 should not be confused into Article 35-A which is dead and gone. It lapsed on the orders of the President. Therefore, Article 370 is open for discussion and the laws created/applied in J&K since 1927 by the Ordinance of Maharaja Hari Singh cannot be shaken or thrown away by any authority of law created by the Indian government.

 The Panthers Party shall try to hold a meeting of the senior leadership of NC, PDP and the Panthers Party at the earliest and work out a joint action plan assuring that fundamental rights to the entire population of J&K and Ladakh shall continue sharing and enjoying all fundamental rights which are available to all the Indian citizens in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution. Article 35-A has to be understood by NC and PDP leadership. Let them decide.

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