NC Leaders warned: J&K rejected Jinnah in 1947, cannot work as NC wants today


New Delhi: Reacting strongly NPP Supremo, Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the power-hungry NC leadership in J&K against the Jinnah formula of 1947 which was heavily rejected by 100% Kashmiris. It was J&K Ruler who issued Royal Decree in 1927 declaring that no outsider (non-State Subject) shall be granted citizenship (Permanent Resident Status) in J&K. This formula was fully endorsed by the Constituent Assembly of India when the Constitution of India was framed in 1949. It was the Constitution of India which had clearly mentioned in Articles 11 & 12 that the concept of Permanent Residents in J&K shall not be affected/changed. It was the Constituent Assembly of India which had approved the status of State Subject (Permanent Resident) of the permanent residents of J&K.

 NPP Supremo who is also a constitutional expert who post-graduated in Law from London University commented heavily on the statement of NC leader as quoted by Hindustan Times Special Correspondent yesterday saying that NC President speaks a language against Sheikh Abdullah’s declaration to support the accession of J&K as signed by the Maharaja. Hindustan Times, unfortunately, was the only newspaper in 1953 which had been supporting Article 35-A which was introduced by a Presidential Order in 1954 which had introduced the new formula allowing State of J&K to amend Article 35 of the Constitution of India which totally in violation of the constitutional right of Parliament which could alone have tried to amend fundamental rights. NPP Supremo informed NC leadership reminding the Hindustan Times Correspondent to read the history of Jammu and Kashmir and so-called constitutional amendment in Article 35 adding ‘A’ for only six months which President of India had limited powers.

 Prof.Bhim Singh reminded NC leadership to read the history of J&K, introduction of fundamental rights in the state which continued to operate till 1954 as Presidential Order amending Article 35. Sheikh Abdullah being Prime Minister detained for nearly two decades under the Detentions Law because of this amendment. The NC leaders should read the history of the Founder of the National Conference how his political life was scuttled by amendment in Article 35-A. He wondered how the former Chief Minister and son of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah could justify Article 35A in 2020.

 NPP Supremo warned Kashmiri leadership (some of them) to refrain repeating the language of Mohd. Ali Jinnah, which he used for division of India on the religious line. He said that the people of J&K should be allowed to think in their own way in respect of Article 35-A (amended) and Article 370 today. He reminded NC leaders that the formula which Jinnah had used to divide India on religious lines cannot work in Jammu and Kashmir as it did not work in 1947.

  Prof. Bhim Singh called on NC leaders who understand that composite culture of J&K and the Jinnah formula cannot work in 2020 as it failed, not accepted by J&K, in 1947.

 He also rejected the write up in Hindustan Times as, he said, the writer had no idea about the history of J&K nor about its’ secular and composite culture. Unfortunately, the present leadership which runs the party in the name of its Founder, Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, has not understood the concept of composite culture which Sheikh Abdullah stood for and made tremendous sacrifices to keep composite and secular character alive.

 He also opposed those leaders from Kashmir Valley who have not taken all recognized political parties in J&K into confidence. He said that the so-called six parties who NC looks forward to lead have no existence except Jamat-e-Islami which shall never allow NC leaders though to lead them today or tomorrow.

 NPP Supremo advised NC & PDP leadership to hold an urgent close-door meeting with the senior representatives of all J&K political parties recognized by the Election Commission of India. That is the only way to keep the secular, democratic and territorial status of J&K. Article 370 deserves a separate meeting and discussion about its limits and boundaries. He reminded those who have no idea about Article 370. They must understand that the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh shall be under question without Article 370 in the Constitution of India. He asked the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to answer why Article 370 has not been washed away completely? There is a big international complication on the subject which shall be discussed and debated when all the secular, nationalist and democratic parties shall meet sometime, somewhere. Can the Prime Minister answer why Article 370 is still alive in the Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution?

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