Indian representative at UN should have read Krishnan Menon’s 8 hours speech in Security Council, 1957


New Delhi: Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron, J&K National Panthers Party who represented voice of the Indian citizens in Jammu and Kashmir several times urged the Union of India to train its representatives before the United Nations to carry India’s message vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir with the support of history, geography and International Law instead of counter shouting at the representatives speaking for the other side. He was referring to the baseless, immature and unaccounted charges that Pakistan representatives made in the United Nations yesterday vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir which acceded to the Union of India on October 26/27, 1947 on the basis of British Act of Parliament.  196 countries of the world represent the United Nations and this was an opportunity for Indian representatives to convey the living history of the past and present to each representative sitting in any section of the United Nations.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that the representative of the Prime Minister speaking in the United Nations yesterday on Jammu and Kashmir should have gone through the contents of the 7.48 hours speech that India’s Representative Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon made the thrilling & longest speech before the United Nations General Assembly on January 23 & 24, 1957. The issues vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir with its history raised by Mr. Krishna Menon are still living in the history and the representative before any platform of the United Nations must understand and follow. How V.K. Krishna Menon silenced Pakistan and created an international climate which divided the opinion of the Permanent Members of the Security Council. It was the then USSR (present Russia) which was emotionally, politically and internationally persuaded and decided to standby India right from 1957.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the Pakistan and its supporters in the Security Council to go through the historical background of Jammu and Kashmir and its history of Accession with the Union of India in 1947 when India was divided by an Act of British Parliament. Prof.Bhim Singh who has been a student of International Law in British University of London today made a strong plea to Pakistan and its supporters in UN that it shall do good to itself and to the country if it cares to go through the history of division of India in 1947.

First of all Pakistan should know the history and the facts that Jammu and Kashmir is not occupied territory like Gilgit & Baltistan or Muzaffarabad. J&K Ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession like other 575 rulers acceding to the Union of India on October 26, 1947. The Accession was in respect of the entire State of J&K measuring 84,000 sq. miles of territory including the entire POK, Gilgit & Baltistan also. It was admitted by the United Nations in its resolution in January 1948 that Pakistan invaded J&K and Pakistan was directed to vacate the territories it had occupied before the referendum could be organized under the rule of Maharaja of J&K in 1948. Pakistan leadership shall do good for themselves if they look at the history of J&K. It is obviously, historically, factually and even from the records of the United Nations cleared that territory which Pakistan is controlling is occupied whereas India is holding the territory which has not been defined as occupied because it was the Ruler of J&K who had offered Accession of J&K to India. This substance should have been in the mind of Indian representatives at the United Nations. The representatives are not meant to make news but they are supposed to convey the message supported by history and the circumstances in cases like Jammu and Kashmir.

Prof.Bhim Singh made a strong appeal to those who have started talking war or capturing disputed territory by force or like that. The dispute is before the United Nations about the occupied territory by Pakistan in POK, Gilgit, Baltistan as well as Karakoram sector of the territory illegally transferred by Pakistan to China in 1963. Both Pakistan & China have occupied Jammu and Kashmir Territory by force and in violation of the Resolutions of the Security Council.

This is the subject matter which should be taught to the Indian representatives while they speak on Jammu and Kashmir before the United Nations.

The Panthers Party Supremo announced that the Coordination Committee of all sides of J&K shall hold third Intra J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talks at the earliest in India or in Pakistan in case the Govt. of Pakistan accepts the proposal. Both India & Pakistan should trust the people of J&K on both sides and allow them to continue 'Heart to Heart' Talk. The legitimate representatives of both sides of J&K had an opportunity to meet in New Delhi, India in 2005 & 2007 on the initiative of Panthers Party Founder, Prof. Bhim Singh, with the cooperation of the political and social leaders of both sides of J&K including Dr. (Maharaja) Karan Singh, Sardar Mohd. Qayyum Khan (POK). Senior leaders of both sides of J&K participated in both the conferences.  He said that the representatives of both sides of J&K have conveyed their resentment for the reduction of J&K as a Union Territory. The representatives of J&K have conveyed to the Union Govt. that the Indian leadership including Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi had declared that J&K shall not be kept as a Union Territory. It is more than one year that Prime Minister Modi and his government is failing in its commitment to allow the revival of statehood to J&K. It is only that way that the United Nations can be persuaded to force Pakistan to implement UN Resolutions vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir in 1948 to vacate all occupied territories by Pakistan. This is UN Resolution which shall have to be pursued before the UN by the Indian representatives. War/battle is no solution nor it is expected that two brotherly nations, India & Pakistan shall ever take such a step in future. This was a mission extended by the leadership of J&K in those conferences that war is no solution. The solution lies in promoting a healthy/brotherly dialogue between the two sides of J&K including Gilgit & Baltistan which has been approved by the Security Council.

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