Stuck Pakistanis in Bangladesh to get Bangladeshi citizenship


The Bangladesh government has started the process of granting citizenship to Pakistanis stranded in that country. The process has started as per a judgment in the high court. The court ruled that interested Pakistanis living in Bangladesh could become Bangladeshi citizens. The court has canceled the refugee status of Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh. However, many did not take Bangladeshi citizenship even after the High Court verdict. Again, many have taken. Their names have also appeared in the voter list. In 2003, the Bangladesh High Court ruled that all Pakistani or Bihari nationals in the country could apply for Bangladeshi citizenship if they wished. The verdict in this case gave them a chance to become voters. Since then, they are no longer legally called refugees. According to a survey by Saudi-based Rabita Al Islam, there are 275,000 non-Bengalis in six camps. Those born in Pakistan are more reluctant to take citizenship. They speak Urdu in the camp. And those born in Bangladesh are interested in getting citizenship. They speak Bengali, not Urdu. The Geneva camp in Dhaka is home to 30,000 to 40,000 people. Of these, 11 thousand have become voters. Since independence, several initiatives have been taken to bring these non-Bengalis back to Pakistan. The repatriation process came to a halt after the repatriation of 1,26,943 Pakistani nationals. When General Ziaul Haq was in power, several initiatives were taken. But in the end Pakistan did not come forward.

After the establishment of the Rabeta Trust in 1988 under international pressure, it was decided to build 40,000 houses for the migrants from Bihar in the Punjab province of Pakistan. But after taking 63 families, it suddenly stopped. Many blames Pakistan's frequent political changes for this. Relief supplies have stopped since the High Court ruling. As a result, those who have no job, no work, are spending their days in great misery. Lack of drinking water in the camp, dirty environment, limited job opportunities. In the midst of this struggle for survival. Boys and girls are growing up in an unhealthy environment by crowding inside the camp. It goes without saying that they do not have an education system. They are also deprived of health care.

After the announcement of citizenship, the Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management prepared a list for rehabilitation in 2016. It was said then that there are 14 thousand 212 families in Mohammadpur of Dhaka. Where 1 lakh 8 thousand 19 people live. According to the Ministry of Disaster Management, 526 acres of land will be allotted for rehabilitation at the rate of 3 per cent per family on the basis of this list. But the initiative got stuck in the 'plan'. After that, several letters were sent to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on behalf of the Bihari Bangladeshi family. Bangladesh Prime minister ordered the officials to take an effective step. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is very kind to refugees. She Sheltered more than 1 million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh in 2017.  However, at one stage, in 2019, the Planning Commission prepared a rehabilitation project worth Tk 8,101.23 crore. As part of this, there is talk of constructing five 20-storey buildings. At that time, it was planned to give flats to 152 families in long term monthly installments.

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