There is written in the Bible that no one can enter to heaven with out me because I am the way. Jesus showed us a true path of life and salvation in the midst of misery and tribulation. All the followers of Jesus Christ commemorate the X-MAS because Jesus was born at that day. Jesus makes us free fr



In 1996, I had the pleasure of sharing several hours with Allama Sharar in England after the World University Conference, where I had presented a paper. Those hours are still alive in the caves of my memory. I still remember enjoying delicious foods in a cosy atmosphere with a hospitable family. Tha


Bush - Our Leader

One thing struck me during the campaign, that difficult, roller-coaster campaign that now seems years ago. It was that George W. Bush never seemed to get ruffled. Whether the theft of
a campaign debate video or the sudden (some would say, vicious) release of a DUI arrest two decades ago at a key mo


How can we uplift christian commnity in pakistan?

Pakistan came into being in 1947. Christian commnity contributes tremandous efforts to build this country. But unfortunatly, they have always been down trodon in every field of pakistan. They have not been given much importance in legislation and other activities of the country.


Jesus Christ is coming soon perhaps today.

A day will come soon when we will see the followers of Jesus Christ in Christ's glory those who laid down their lives to save the poor souls and never to care of their health and wealth as well as their lives for the fulfillment of Jesus Christ's teaching And commandment they have entered in the kin


Bombay churches in protest strike:Hardline Hindu groups have been blamed for attacks.

The police have arrested 15 members of a hardline Hindu group, Bajrang Dal, in connection with the attack.
'Apology demanded'Bajrang Dal activists are alleged to have attacked the priest, Oscar Mendonza, in Thane district last week.
They demand an apology from him for the murder of s


Archbishop renounces wife for Catholic Church.

"I am convinced he is a prisoner," said Sung, who married Milingo at a mass wedding organised by Moon in May and says she could be pregnant with the prelate's child.

"I have tried to move the consciences of people who are holding him. Now I think it is time to go to the police," she told a


Apeal of deserving blind student to complete his research educations.

I am doing doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat senior faculty member Dept. of Sociology University of Karachi and prominent Sociologist of Karachi Pakistan. I want your support in terms of having literature and research work that your organizations or your counter or y


Women's ordination is not authorized by the Bible.

[The UPCP] will keep the fight on till the bishop repents and the court gives him due punishment under the law." He claimed that "the radical feminist movement, homosexuality and lesbianism -- all approved by World Council of Churches -- are linked to this [women's ordination]." Nasir claims that


<b>Daniel Scott, a Blasphemy Victim, on Evangelical tour of North America.</b>

In his sermon, sharing his victimization, he told the congregation that his true story is an example about caring of Jesus for human beings.

Mr. Daniel Scott who is the one of them who has been victimized under blasphemy law in Sohany Dhartty Pakistan. Mr. Daniel Scott is among the first ones tri


<b>Presbyterian church voted in favor of homosexual's marriages.</b>

The vote is a victory for the liberal side in the conflict over homosexuality that has divided U.S. Presbyterians for 24 years. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has 3.6 million members.
The result was announced on the Internet news site, which has closely monitored the voting. The of


Indo Pak united church of Christ inaugurated in New York. . June 23,2001.

Mr. Skinder Samuel is son of famous pastor of' church of Pakistan' Mr. Emmanuel. His efforts came true on establishment of this new church.
The newly elected board of directors, Mr. Yaboob Bhatti Mr. Maqsood ul Haque, Dr Edger Wilson, Ms Salma Shaheen, Shahid khokhar and Bahawal Bhatti welcomed the


F.D Kandara on tour of. North America Participated in international conference in U.K.Los Angles.<br>June, 23,2001.

In United Kingdom, Mr. F.D kandara, participated in an international conference on 'expression of the Asian christian for justice, peace and love' organized by the United Kingdom Asian Christian fellowship. The president and secretary general of fellowship Rev. Isaac Masih and yaqoob Masih welcomed

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