Dozens of Christians killed in recent Christian Muslim riots in Nigeria.

``There were so many bodies,'' said Muhuyiddeen Jibrin, a Muslim stall owner, who said he watched six people - one, his neighbor - gunned down in a single exchange between Christians and Muslims. ``I don't know how I'll ever sleep.''

Jos, a predominantly Christian city of 4 million with a large


Followed by Pakistan the Afghanistan begins Blasphemy cases against western Christians. Preaching Christianity is crime under capital punishment of death. Charge sheet filed by Taliban against aid workers in Supreme Court.

Taliban officials have said converting Muslims is a crime punishable by death but any final decision on punishment is up to supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. Taliban officials in Kabul said the trial would begin soon. But the Taliban ambassador in neighboring Pakistan, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, s


Leaders of CRWI vows to file appeal against Lahore High Court Division Bench bail denial to Parvez Mash arrested under blasphemy laws.

The CRWI leaders added that they have been successful to gain 67 square acres of agriculture land in Toba Tek Sing and rehabilitated 126 Christian families. The said that millions of acres of Christians agriculture land through out pakistan has been illegally occupied by Muslims after independence i


Parvez Mash bail application denied like Ayub Mash. Except Imam the Testimony of Ordinary Muslim is ineffective in blasphemy Laws Division Bench of Lahore High Court.

During the bail hearing at Lahore High Court, the Muslim groups demonstrated and gathered around the court room, chanting slogans ' Hang the Blasphemer ' to press upon the judges to reject his bail, according to the reports More than 200 Muslims poured into the courtroom of Justices Khalilur Rehman


Vajpayee statement has created feelings of insecurity of Life and property among religious minorities of south Asia.

He added that Hindu Muslim riots in India have been witnessed by the international communities since 1947, the independence of sub continent from British colonial rule, killing thousands of Muslims on controversial religious issues by the Hindu majority. The sad and inhuman incidents of burning miss


They want to kill me. Pastor Ciniraj Mohammad.A voice of Indian Pastor in wilderness.

To me the only important thing about living is Christ, and dying would be profit for me. So I don't care about their pledge and warning, for I don't afraid of people who can kill The body but cannot kill the soul. For the Only One I fear who can destroy the soul and The body in hell. And I'm sure th


Police raids on TJ chief house prove doubts that city governments system is triangle of feudal lords, armed forces and bureaucracy against poor people of Pakistan.

Mr. Bhatti, added that Feudal lords and religious parties have capture the Nazism and naib Nazism seats in all the district in local body elections by military government, under proportional democracy, new system of city government, neglecting peoples representation act of 1976 have proved that loca


Lesson for western NGO's to free Afghanistan from Russia. Taliban say diplomats can meet Christian detainees.

It was unknown whether the diplomats would see the 16 detained Afghans, who possibly face the death penalty if found guilty of either deserting Islam or proselytizing .Shaheen added he expected to receive visa clearance later on Thursday or Saturday for the diplomats from Australia, Germany and the


Lebanon rounds up Christian opposition.

One of those arrested is Toufic Hindi, a leading member of the Lebanese
Forces who was picked up from his home without a warrant.
Another of those detained is retired Lebanese army commander Nadim Lteif,
who is the coordinator of the FNC.
Many people were arrested in


Revival of Liaquat- Nehru Pact and establishment of Minority Commission in Pakistan demanded.

In a statement he said that, major law enforcement agencies in pakistan are famous for ill behavior, corruption, wrongful confinement and extra judicial killings of Christians under the administrative excessive powers, now involved in discrimination on religion with fellow christian trainee constabl


<b>Muslim Christian Dialogue Forum. Investigation Report by Post Team.</b>

PCC and Seminars.
The 4th amendment in Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, Ahmadi, s claiming to be Muslims were turned to be non-Muslims. The
Controversy of being a Muslim and non-Muslim originated creating
Hat rate and despair, assuming the phenomena of believer and non-believer


Blasphemy victim Saleem and Rasheed Masih,s Sister in law raped.

The up to date of cases from 1999 to 2001.


* April 1, Christian teacher Pervez Masih was arrested on charges of blasphemy. Mr. Masih, who ran his own high school in Chailayke village, Sialkot district, was accused of uttering blasphemous remarks against Muhammad during tutoring sessi


Muslim editor jailed on blasphemy charges.

``This case shows how dangerous the blasphemy laws can be for any Pakistani journalist who tackles the difficult topic of religion,'' said the CPJ executive director, Ms Ann Cooper. ``These four journalists have been jailed for more than a month and face charges that could result in the death penalt


The World Bank has officially evinced interest in J.Salik's suggestion of launching international lottery scheme to raise funds for IMF debt relief of poor countries including Pakistan.

In a letter addressed to the convener of World Minorities Alliance and former Federal Minister J.Salik, the World Bank said "Your suggestion about rising money to launch a Fund to retire external debts of the poorest countries (Including Pakistan) is interesting, and we are grateful for your concern


Christian’s representation in meeting with Mushraf before Summit not from Christian people.

He regretted on those Christian religious leaders invitation in this meeting, who have been praising the military government since 1999 take over in Pakistan and on international forums to safe guard their personnel interests and true representation of Christians was not present in that important me

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