US-KPs should solve problems of KPs through secularism in mini-SAARC by fulfilling need of USA to re-dominate post Ukraine-war world. By Hem Raj Jain


Merely super-charged environment created by like of ‘The Kashmir Files’ will not help Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) (ii)- Relying on ‘Hindutva’ will also not help because ‘Hindutva’ was not a friend in need when KPs needed it the most. 

— Two developments this month in India have charged the communal atmosphere in India. One is the spectacular electoral victory of the BJP (of 'Hindutva' forces) especially in the State of U.P. which as per PM Modi has already assured the victory of BJP in 2024 Parliamentary election too. It has sent fear and insecurity in the minds of Indian Muslims. 

The second is due to extreme emotions aroused (by the recently released movie / documentary ‘The Kashmir Files’) in favor of suffering Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) and against Kashmiri Muslims and militant-Jihadis (supported & sent by Pakistan including militant-Jihadis got free from Afghanistan post cold war) who all were responsible for the terrorism-caused exodus of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley. The social and mainstream electronic media of India are extensively carrying out programs for arousing such emotions in favor of KPs and as per this media against militant Jihadis (some given as  and and even PM Modi spoke about it ) but in effect against the entire Muslim population of India and Pakistan.

Many KPs have appeared in such media to give their stories (of horrible violence and injustice inflicted on  them and their family members and friends by Muslims in Kashmir) which are serving the political interests of the BJP hence the media is free to do it with renewed vigor. But the KPs should know that mere garnering support of Hindus (and of some Muslims too) which otherwise also they have been getting for decades, the KPs will not get relief, worth the name. The KPs are such naive people that they don't realize a simple fact that 'Hindutva' sent Lakhs of ‘Karsevaks’ in run-up to and for demolishing Babri-masjid but during same time not for protecting KPs in Kashmir .

For the KPs and for Indian Muslims and even for Kashmiri Muslims [who are being harassed (not only by Parliament & GoI) but even by Supreme Court of India which did not entertain their writ petitions including for habeas-corpus after August 2019 when Article 370 of the Constitution was amended, Article 35-A was repealed and the State of J&K was made Two Union territories] now is the opportune time when they can solve their problems once & for all if they collectively endeavor to solve Kashmir problem and other problems (which are the result of India’s partition on communal basis). Other Indians (including many Hindus) would also join them in this mission if they see chances of success for this mission which will be ensured only when the USA takes interest in it because (whether some people like it or not) no problem between two countries can be resolved without good-wishes of the USA. Fortunately now is such time because of two reasons:-

(i)- Due to Ukraine war the USA greatly needs mini-SAARC of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan (which does not accept Durand Line) on its side and can't afford to see it under the influence of China + Russia because mini-SAARC not only has population of about 1.9 billion people but also has two nuclear countries, namely India and Pakistan and what is the importance of nukes, has been amply shown by Russia during on-going Ukraine war.  Moreover the USA knows that if there is no mini-SAARC and if Pakistan remains separate then Pakistan is bound to come under the influence of China and India will also be under constant threat (of China + Pakistan) which will render India useless for the USA.

(ii)- Pakistan PM Imran khan is facing a formidable challenge to his power due to a no-confidence motion against him which (whether he wins or loses it) will seriously damage his political capital in Pakistan. By temperament Imran will not go down that easily and (in contrast to other Pakistan-politicians) will try anything possible to retain his power (whether in government or in opposition). This he can easily do if he champions the cause of ‘Federation of Secular Democratic mini-SAARC’ (FSD-mini-SAARC) under one political arrangement in which he can easily negotiate for securing an important & prominent position (more or less reportedly offered to Jinnah by Gandhi before partition). 

This of-course sounds to be very difficult on the face of it but it is not that difficult if the mission / mass movement (sponsored by KPs, Indian Muslims, people of J&K and other Indians actively supported by Asian Indian Americans ) can bring military pressure on Pakistan & Bangladesh  as given below:-

(1)-  The sponsors of this movement should launch a NGO (registered in India) which will take displaced KPs with it (in a long march) for physically rehabilitating them in Kashmir by providing a protector companion to each KP in order to provide a sense of security to the to-be-rehabilitated KPs. The KPs in the USA should take the lead for mobilizing other Asian Indian Americans who should have a major role (directly or through their links in India) in this NGO because it will be helpful in winning the confidence of the US-establishment which will make the success easier for this NGO.[contribution of meager $ 20 per month from about 1 million Indian families in USA will be helpful in taking care of food & other expenses of  hundreds of thousand protector companions and even of KPs (if needed)]

(2)- This NGO should file a writ petition in the SCI to direct the GoI for ensuring  plebiscites in united J&K (mandated by IoA of J&K to India) and in Balochistan (who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan by military pressure despite contrary resolution by its Parliament / Jirga). 

3)- This NGO should file a writ petition in the SCI to direct the GoI for ensuring  ‘dual citizenship’ to about 160 million Hindus. Sikhs and Muslims (and their descendants) who were forcibly displaced from their motherland during partition [from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh when united India was a member of the UN (on the soil of the USA) even before India’s so-called independence]. This forced population transfer not only communalized the Indian subcontinent, thoroughly but has also made partition of India illegal because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’. 

(4)- This NGO should file a writ petition in the SCI to direct the GoI to move the UN for ensuring even military intervention if Pakistan and Bangladesh fail to provide proper law & order to these Hindus and Sikhs who would go there with ‘dual citizenship’

[The implications of all these writ petitions are sufficient to make not only the task of Imran easy (in the interest of unification of India) but also to constrain the other politicians of Pakistan & Bangladesh in the interest of realizing the said  FSD-mini-SAARC].

(5)-  This NGO should file a writ petition in the SCI to direct the GoI to move the UN for constituting ‘UN Judicial Commission’ (UNJC) because unlike Indo-Pak dispute (which is political, on united-J&K), the Indo-China dispute is legal hence the Indo-China border dispute can easily be  resolved through this UNJC  by keeping human rights of the Tibetans in view. This  UNJC will also keep China out during this entire mission when this NGO will endeavor to realize said FSD-mini-SAARC. 

(6)- This NGO should also (as per laws of the USA) do lobbying with US-administration and US-Congress and should also try to convince the other elements of the US-establishment (including media, think tanks, academicians, political commentators, HRNGOs etc) about the need of the said FSD-mimi-SAARC in the best interest of the USA too.  

(7)- This NGO should also persuade the USA to bring-about a change in global order where countries practicing secular democracy should be given advantage by the USA over authoritarian regimes (in the UN or in any other similar world body, with teeth) otherwise (this NGO should tell the USA that) there will not be sufficient motivation for this FSD-mini-SAARC to accept the USA as the leader of the free world.

It is hoped that the Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Muslims, Indian Muslims and other Indians who are suffering due to communalism and don't like communalism in constitutionally secular India would endeavor to realize FSD-mini-SAARC (for the peace, justice and prosperity of the entire region) with the active support of Asian Indian Americans (with US-KPs taking the lead), which now has become very easy due to (as a blessing in disguise) Ukraine war because NOW this FSD-Mini-SAARC is more in the interest of the USA than for the people of this region.

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