Shariat Court issues pre-admission notice on J. Salik petition.

The bench comprised Chief Justice Fazal Elahi Khan, Allama Justice Fida Mohammad Khan and Mr Justice Ijaz Yusaf.

The petitioner's counsel Dr M.Aslam Khaki referred to verses of The Holy Quran on Adl which ordained equality before law and contended that while Muslims elected their own representati


Pakistan Election's Likely Effect on Christians. By David E Bhatti. Scotland

The president has convened the parliament on Friday, 8th November. Pakistani press has devoted itself to discussing pros and cons of various developments that have taken place since the conclusion of the election. The constitution is so amended as to enable the government's reform programme, parti


Handicapped missionary attacked and robbed in Karachi. By Robin Fernandez. PCP report

The pastor's home is less than half a kilometer away from the scene of a bloody shoot-out between Pakistani security forces and Al-Qaeda members some weeks ago.

After committing the burglary the robbers left a note for the wheelchair-bound Pastor Glenn Potter with the apartment building watchman.


Methodist Church of Pakistan registration renewed after 30 years.

We are very happy to join the international Methodist Community and hope you would welcome it to the International Methodist Community. We direly need your Spiritual and Economic Help for Rehabilitation of The Methodist Church of Pakistan.

Legal Status:
The Methodist Church of Pakistan is


An open letter to government of Netherlands. Doors are closing in Holland for Pakistani Christians

Two recent developments have seriously aggravated the situation of Christians of Pakistan origin seeking asylum in the Netherlands. Firstly the government has recently tightened the controls on the admission of asylum seekers into the community of the Netherlands. Secondly the recent election in Pak


The 1984 masscres of the Sikhs; Feb-March 2002 massacres of Muslims in Gujarat. Ishtaq Ahmed.

Shabnam Hashmi (member Asiapeace, New Delhi) visits Gujarat and assesses if the hearts will meet again.

Best regards,

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Moderator Asiapeace - An electronic discussion group
Affiliate of Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA).
Associate Professor
Department of Pol


IDA aims at uplift and betterment of interfaith communities in Pakistan. Nazir Ahmed

He said that we were working for these poor people with one N G O from 15years.But for the more betterment of these miserable persons. We established an N G O named (I D A) which is registered with Social Welfare Department of government of Pakistan.

We are running two primary schools and we pro


Minorities seek role in future setup. "Dawn Reporter"

The APMA, a representative body of all the religious minorities of Pakistan, had already entered into an electoral alliance with the PPP. The PPP won 35 NA seats and 67 provincial from Punjab. After the landslide victory of the late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1970, this is the first time that PPP c


MMA to safeguard minority rights, says Qazi Hussain Ahmed

Qazi Hussain Ahmed, who cobbled together a six-party alliance this summer along with Jamiat Uleme-e-Pakistan chief Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani, told reporters on Sunday that minority groups ought not to be alarmed by the alliance's sweep of polls in two Pakistani provinces that border Afghanistan. It


Religious parties call for countrywide protest against remarks of Rev. Falwells

The Imams are asked to make it the topic of their sermons on Friday, and instigate people for violent protests against Christian pastor's blasphemous remarks against the prophet of Islam. This seems to be turning into a country wide anti-Christian protest, and obviously Christians are very scared of


J.Salik challenged the validity of minority reserved seats election in supreme courts.

The Bench comprises Chief Justice Shaikh Riaz Ahmed, Mr Justice Munir A.Shaikh, Mr Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiqui, Mr Justice Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry and Mr Justice Qazi Mohammad Farooq.

The petition had been admitted on Thursday. The petitioner had contended that the genuine representation of th


I am Bishop of APCC. Salamat Khokhar

I am compelled to write the following statement after an on-going defamation campaign against me in your net newspaper.

Before going into detail, I confirm with all the authority and responsibility that I, Bishop Salamat Khokhar S/O Sharif Khokhar resident of E - 39 Defence View Karachi, am the l


CLAAS UK appeals for safety of Robin Piranditta.

His family and other community members are very concerned about his safety as instead of arresting the real culprits, the police are investigating him and are trying to divert the attention of Christians and the international community.

As you have helped us at a number of times, especially to re


Canadian Pakistani Christians on dialogue moot with local Muslims on Oct. 5 to resolve situation.

The Consul General of Pakistan, Toronto will be attending and giving out the view of the government of Pakistan.

Mr. Khokhar have further added that the persecution of the Christians is on the rise since the implementation of the 'Blasphemy Law', introduced by the army dictator General Zia ul Haq


CLAAS invites UK Christians in Open Discussion Forum to end terror against Pakistani Christens.

People from all walks of life are invited to join this open forum to take necessary action to stop the future expected attacks on Christians and their institutions. As Christians in Pakistan are going to hold rally on the same day, 5th October 2002 to mark it an anti terrorism day and will be mourni

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