Please Help to Free a Pakistani Christian. By James Reese, Grand Prior Officer of Knights Templar of Scotland. USA

However, the religious freedom of the United States and Western democracies stands in stark contrast to that in most Islamic and Communist countries. Simply being a Christian can bring the threat of death or imprisonment in such countries as Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, and North


Supporting Our Armed Forces: An American Muslim's Perspective. It's time for Arab- and Muslim-Americans to stand up and be counted in their support of democracy and our troops.

FOR MONTHS, ARAB- AND MUSLIM-AMERICAN lobby groups have passionately spoken out against war with Iraq, citing the potential for everything from the mass murder of Iraqi babies to the creation of tens of thousands of baby bin Ladens. Warnings of dire consequences have flooded underground Internet cha


A Response to Mr. Andrew Harwood: By James R. Reese, KGOTJ, Grand Prior of the USA, Scottish Knights Templar.

It is also correct to say that many Christians slaughtered innocent persons in the name of God, but it is also correct to say that Muslims did the same. Most of the "secular" knights were in fact seeking plunder and lands, but the religious Orders of the Knights Hospitallers and Knights Templar we


"FOOLS VS WISE." A Sad Tale of Third World Christians. By Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir

Being defamed, we intreat: we are made as the filth of the world, and are the offscouring of all things unto this day."(1. Corinthians Chapter 4 Verses 8-13) The Apostle has thus depicted the Christians of Third World countries especially Pakistan as we are branded by the churches in West. I write t


Gill and Faiz. Dr. Stephen Gill, A poet for Peace. By: Dr. Rashid Gill.

He has received many distinctions. Last year, 2002, the Board of Governors of a university decided to confer him with an honorary doctorate for his contribution to literature and global peace. The same year, a cassette of his songs/ poems on peace was released.

Dr. Stephen Gill is a bitter enemy


"Blackened man, blackened woman" ("Karo-kari"). By Ardeshir Cowasjee. Member Asia peace.

For most of these women, legislation and representation are a totally new phase in their lives, unknown ground whereon they have not trodden. So political orientation is called for if they are to make any mark in the assemblies. Though it must be said that at the present moment, with the amazing sce


A Poetry in Motion. Lincoln's Fields. By Byron Kocen.

Bright, faithful sun,
show the path
where soldiers never die.

Dry the tears
from Lincoln's fields
where bones of young men lie.

Hush the clang
of armor's steel
glistening in your light.

Help us all
to save our souls
to tell the wrong from right.

Still the drum
within with heart


Unjustified War" A message for the President of the United States of America. By Bishop T. Nasir.

How bad any regime may be, no one has any right to impose its will of the people of any independent and sovereign state any where in the world. We do sympathize with America and the victims of "terrorist attacks" on 11th September 2001. Yet we believe that fighting terrorism with greater terrorism


WHO IS DR. STEPHEN GILL? By G.S. Chauhan, ed. Predesi Panjab.

I remember the evening vividly. It was cold. Stephen Gill was giving a talk to a literary gathering in Mississauga, Ontario about his writing technique. During the coffee break, I introduced myself, offering my hand for a shake. His hands were really warm. That day laid the foundation for our friend


Christian Women's Experience on Christian Muslim marriage. Part 11. By Jeanne Swartz.

Thank you so much for posting my entire letter on PCC. Because I chose to remain anonymous I was not sure if the letter would actually get posted or perhaps only in parts. After I sent the letter I could not get my mind off of the subject and believe this was God prompting me to send some other imp


Reverend Parvez Masih and the Blasphemy Laws. By James R. Reese, Knight Grand Officer.

Rev. Parvez Masih is not in jail for a crime of violence. He has not been charged with stealing or fraud. Nor is he suspecting of dealing drugs, breaking any traffic laws, or even littering. No, Rev. Parvez Masih is in jail for a crime most of the world cannot even comprehend: the crime of "ins


Lahore or, the Islamic gale Commentary by David Warren

(In the traffic circle that lay between them stood the gun, Zam-- Zamah, familiar to readers of Rudyard Kipling's wonderful tale, Kim.) My father earned a Pakistani wage, later, when he worked for the United Nations, we were rich and in my early childhood we could hardly afford to live the life asso


The ISIC Briefing. Human Rights and Human Wrongs. Sharia can't be an exception to international human-rights norms. By David G. Littman

The debate centered on which "rights" - political, economic, and social - were to be included among the Universal Instruments. In the 1960s, with the arrival of a large number of third-world states that had not been present in 1948, there were discussions as to whether new states were bound by those


Why are you bent upon to destroy Pakistan? AN OPEN LETTER TO QAZI HUSSAIN AHMAD, Amir-e- Jamat-e-Islami. By Bishop Timotheus Nasir.

I shall take up this statements mad by you latter on. At this time I want to take you back in the history of Islam and Pakistan. And yet before I take up the history of Islam and Pakistan, your own history and the history of the Islamic religious/political parties. Your predecessors Jamat-e-Islami a


Why Christians live in FEAR? By Bishop T. Nasir.

Though every nation got involved in war against terrorism, the Christian world and Christians of the world have not come out of the dilemma of fear and terror. The so-called Christian America and other Christian states have spent billions of dollars to ensure safety, yet some where in the world an a

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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