Quest for the Real Jesus: Sermon by Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, Rector Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, Wisconcin

The human appetite to learn about Jesus is insatiable -- never satisfied. In spite of all the skepticism of the human mind, there persists compulsive interest in the person Jesus, who continues to fascinate, intrigue and draw people with his wonderful life and teaching.[1][1] CNN, Associated Press


Peace in Sahir Ludhianvi and Stephen Gill By Prabhat Kumar ‘Sarwar Lakhnavi’

Sahir Ludhianvi, and Stephen Gill, born in Panjab, shared the same language and culture, though they were born in different parts and in the families of different religious backgrounds. Sahir was born in Ludhiana that is still in India. Stephen Gill was born in Sialkot that is now a part of Pakis


Why Dominant Caste Hindus All of Sudden Started Opening Ups For Dalits? By Mr. Madhu Chandra

After 3000 years of dominations and oppression on Indian Dalits, why has all of sudden Saffron brigades started opening up? Where was Art of Living Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar all these years? Why he needs to wake up now and start calling Indian Dalits to compromise with dominate caste Hindus?


How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam; Is it racist to condemn fanaticism?

Once I was held captive in Kabul. I was the bride of a charming, seductive and Westernised Afghan Muslim whom I met at an American college. The purdah I experienced was relatively posh but the sequestered all-female life was not my cup of chai â€" nor was the male hostility to veiled, partly veil


Ludhianvi and Stephen Gill: Prabhat Kumar ‘Sarwar Lakhnavi’

Sahir Ludhianvi, and Stephen Gill, born in Panjab, shared the same language and culture, though they were born in different parts and in the families of different religious backgrounds. Sahir was born in Ludhiana that is still in India. Stephen Gill was born in Sialkot that is now a part of Pakist


Time for Christians to Step Up, The Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine Canon and Commissary to the Archbishop of Sudan in the USA

Mundokooro-Mundakooro children were shouting with alarm as they saw me approach the first primary school for children in the diocese of Juba. I asked my host, Rev. Enoch Tombe, the reason for the children’s reaction. Rev. Tombe is the Secretary General of the Episcopal Church of Sudan. He t


Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vyshya, Soodra and Dalits no more exists in India: Submitted by Madhu Chandra

The Government of India continues to defy commonsense by refusing to accept caste based discrimination is discrimination defined in the International Convention on Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). The Indian delegation to substantiate this position also made a statement that Brahmins, Ks


Muslims in Australia: A Report

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.
A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders pledged loyalty to Australia and her Queen at a special meeting wit


We Have No Place to Offer Sacrifice: By Evans K. Chama

The priest piously swings the censer that doles out spurts of white smoke, saturating the entire church with fragrance. The silence graced by the regular, gentle click of the chain of censer charges the atmosphere with holy fear. I‘m thrown into adoration. Isn’t the same feeling of Isa


True extract/ context of the constitutional writ petition filed on behalf of the Ten million Christians of Islamic Pakistan by GPFP to Visit Israel.


Const. Petition No. / 2007

1. M/S. God’s People Fellowship of Pakistan
Through it’s Secretary General,
Asharf Pervez Butt
S/o Ch. Murad (Late),
Christian, adult, R/o Block-A
16/11, Qayoomabad , Korangi Road, Karachi…ââ


A Joseph Calling ( Excerpt taken from Prime Time with God by Os Hillman)

And he sent a man before them - Joseph, sold as a slave. - Psalm 105:17
God is doing a unique work around the world today. He is rising up Josephs throughout the world. Some are still in the "pit" stage of their pilgrimage, while others are heading toward fruitfulness. What does it take for a man t


The Unofficial White Paper on Violence Against Christians in India – 2006: (An act of violence against Christians every third day in 2006 in India) Source link

[John Dayal`s Note: India, a Constitutional Secular Democratic Republic, continues to be not a very safe place for its tiny Christian minority. A mere 2.3 per cent of its 1.20 Billion population, and concentrated in Eight of its 30 States, the Christian community registered at least a crime against


Milap and United Christian Hospital celebrate International Day of the Sick: Report by Margaret Piara

Lahore Dateline: The Catholic Milap Organization and the Untied Christian Hospital organized the celebration of the International day of the sick at the call of Pope Benedict XVI at the United Christian hospital in Lahore on the 11th of February, 2007.
Forty five nurses and the hospital staff joi


Domination of church by state: by Ted Byfield

Canada`s ideological left, confident of its control of academe, the Supreme Court and the federal Liberal Party, appeared this month ready to declare war on its most formidable enemy of all, namely conservative Christian churches that refuse to make their teachings conform to the Charter of Rights a


Three Faiths at One Gate. By Evans K. Chama

200 years ago Jesus entered Jerusalem as king. Coming from Bethpage, he descended the slopes of Mount of Olives to the Kidron valley and then ascending towards the Temple Mount, he entered the city by the east wall gate to the Temple.
Christians all over world commemorate this royal entry into Jer

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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