Dr. Stephen Gill on “Valentine Day “ that falls on February 14 is to celebrate love. Dr. Gill says “I wrote the following poem in honour of love. SG


You are
the softness of the dulcet
that melts the mist in the air
stirs the soul of clouds
pushes down the rain showers
which kiss the dry lips of earth
in the imperishable harmony
that I cherish to sip


Religious Minorities and Pakistan Politics. By Nasir Latif

The whole world utilizes a lot of finances and resources every year to curtail the population through different Family Planning Programs but still waiting for desired results. In Pakistan the only masses who accomplished these achievements are religious minorities. This reality came to the surface w


Dare To Achieve Grand Things. By Karen Duffy

How often do you dare to do something grand and reap the rewards by telling yourself, ‘I did it?’ You know, that something you have always wanted to do but were afraid you would fail. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book, learn to fly an airplane, go back to college, or bec


Religious complex unearthed near Stonehenge. By Thomas H. Maugh II

Working near Stonehenge in England have discovered what appears to be an ancient religious complex containing a wealth of artifacts that may finally illuminate the lives and religious practices of the people who built the mysterious monument 4,600 years ago.
The circle of massive stone blocks on Sa


Are The Christians Kafir? By Stephen Bahadur

Like most of the Christians in Pakistan, my family also has its roots back in the rural area of the Punjab. My maternal family belongs to a small village of Multan where all my cousins are hardly running their families nevertheless they are filled with the passion to educate their children. They sen


The Tyranny of Pakistani Christians. By Nisar Khan

In my wonder less mind, I yarned to see, my fellow bellowwith eyes to seek, would you be there to see me through, at the end of my race, have I touched or dawn to pew.
I have always been intrigued to see myself, watching the winter blues when the nights are long and days are small. I have often won


Follies of Dr. Zakir Naik. By Bishop Timotheus Nasir

Dr. Zakir Abdul karim Naik, a so-called Muslim scholar is in reality a tongue twister. He can “Twist” any word of any religion to his liking and to show his shallow knowledge. I call Dr. Zakir Naik a Hafiz or Memorizer as most Islamic scholars are. Today while speaking on an Islamic Tele


Only Sins Committed Last Year? By Evans K. Chama

Lent is beginning soon. Strange enough, of all things what comes to mind is a Yom Kippur. Memories of the day come vividly. What does this have to do with me or Lent? Does conversion begin like this?
I remember Waking up that morning, I switched on the radio. Nothing! What demon damaged it in the


Remembering those killed on the missions in 2006

In 2006, 24 priests, religious and lay workers are known to have been killed in the course of their missionary work. This is one less than last year. Fides News Service has sent us their stories below.

Fr Elie Koma, Society of Jesus (SJ), a Burundian aged 59, killed in the capital Bujumbura, in t


Sermon on First Sunday after Christmas at Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse by Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine, Rector

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being. What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shine


Ghalib: The Dominant (on celebrations of 209th Birth Anniversary) By Mohammed Akmal Pasha.

Ghalib; genius and a masterminded poet par excellence, a paragon of Urdu poetry and an identity of the Eastern literature, inhibiting perhaps many institutions in unison, and beyond any artifice of ceremonial comparison, a crude personification of a superbly refined creativity. For, such are the men


Christmas 2006 "Birthday of Jesus Christ" By Bishop Ijaz Inayat Masih

Celebrating birthdays is an established ritual all over the world with cake, clothes, bounties, invitations, gifts along with sharing and showing love at the basis of it.
However, I hereby raise a question to all the Christians of the world. What gift/present would you give to Jesus at this Christ


Christ in the Muslim World. By Kristin Wright: Reflections from a Week in Pakistan

I felt the scorching heat of the sun on my face as I walked outside the airport in Muscat, Oman, and onto a Gulf Air jet parked in the middle of the runway. My next destination was Karachi, Pakistan, where I would catch a connecting flight to Lahore. I was traveling with a team of Christian attorney


Muslim Ellison should not sit in Congress. By Judge Roy Moore

Last month Keith (Hakim Mohammad) Ellison of Minnesota became the first Muslim elected to serve in the United States Congress and shocked many Americans by declaring that he would take his oath of office by placing his hand on the Quran rather than the Bible. Can a true believer in the Islamic doctr


A story of courage and determination. By George Sadiq

There are not many who decide to lead by example after having been afflicted with a lethal disease
BACK in 1990 when Nazir Masih was found to be HIV positive in the United Arab Emirates where he was working, it was difficult to accept the veracity of the news. In this respect, a question that has r

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